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  1. So our Sq is soliciting volunteers for COVID vaccine volunteers. I guess our base is getting a limited number and it's a trial run. What really makes me scratch my head is that nobody can answer if it will DNIF us, if we will get sick/symptoms, how long the trial is (besides the fact that it is two doses), and several other seemingly obvious questions/answers. Not sure if this because nobody knows or if it's just bad communication from the top down on this tasker. If it doesn't DNIF me, I don't get stupidly sick, and I can avoid ROM/prison lodging rooms on my TDYs I think I'd rather roll the dice with the vaccine.
  2. Another COVID retention here. Had a CJO, TR job, and a sep date all lined up very neatly. CJO got turned off and I was luckily able to turn off the separation. Signed the bonus and now gonna try and stay til 15 years and then give the airlines another try and then see if I can get 5+ years of AGR somewhere and still fish out an AD retirement.
  3. More so they added non-flying deployments to the list because they are "flying related."
  4. I think the OCP would be a great uniform to bring back the black undershirt in also. Especially considering there is some black in the pattern itself.
  5. Speaking of...when are the green boots and ABU/sand color tshirts banned from wearing while in the bag?
  6. Okay got it. I had both of those but was also expecting a back payment for a couple months tax free...figured the $7800 was that. I was wrong, guess it's all the ACP! Now back to waiting for my tax free. 😂
  7. Seriously...I figured 22% "bonus" tax from the feds and my HOR is Illinois so I've never paid state tax...that's why I partially think this $19k isn't bonus related. But if Moose is right then I guess that's the only logical explanation and I'll just have to figure out how the hell I got into the ~40% tax bracket.
  8. The ACP is supposed to pay out monthly, right? I signed for the 3 year option ($35k/yr) about 2 weeks ago and I just received a sizable deposit from DFAS today (~$19k) and I'm under the impression that is incorrect.
  9. Sorry, should have clarified, we are heavies. So looking to see if they are superior to the 2PFDU not the bag.
  10. Anyone have any experience with the ejection seat approved OCP? I saw one recently and it looks way better than the current A2CU/2PFDU/WTFISITCALLED. I really hate the current version with my collar velcro getting stuck on my massive shoulder velcro, it fitting like a bag of ass, etc. I'm projected to move into a new job with some pull on the purse strings so hoping (if warranted) to try and get all the aircrew the new version rather than the current turd.
  11. It's about damn time North Korea had a strong minority female leader. I hope she destroys the patriarchy. ...she also gives off a total praying mantis vibe.
  12. I mean, Russia tried to flex with their carrier participating in operations over Syria...and how did that work out for them? Clever timing for China to run this...but is anyone actually scared of their floating casino?
  13. Unless there is a crazy cleaning or 3 day wait between changes...I don't think that will work. Isn't COVID-19 pretty resilient outside of a host on normal surfaces? And I've tried to think about this too for my Command Post. We paired up people to minimize our normally constant changing partners (2 people a shift, 2x 12 hour shifts a day). But...it's my understanding that if someone get's it then basically everyone going through there has a high chance of catching it because it survives for ~3 days on normal surfaces. Oh, and base supply is out of cleaning products so our current supply of lysol, hand sanitizer, and klorox wipes are all we have.
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