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  1. The Gen 2 is very different from the Gen 3. I'd say the Gen 3 is a lot closer to the Vette in terms of refinement (it has a cup holder!). The Gen 2 was stupidly fun to drive and a completely unpractical car. In short...I loved it. I daily drove my Z06 through UPT and it was a great car for that purpose. But once I got a daily driver I wanted something more extreme, thus the Gen 2. Then I replaced it with the Gen 3 which was modded, supercharged, and fast as hell. I imagine a stock Gen 3 and a C6 Z06 would have been pretty similar, but everyone has a Vette. So the Viper definitely gets more attention and sticks out from the crowd.
  2. Not a fighter pilot, but I am a car nut. I used to do lots of auto cross and drag racing, but now I've graduated into a car that is too pricey to race but is more for cruises (9 deployments and no wife/kids gets you a nice car BTW). There is a huge social aspect into cars: clubs, racing, meets, etc so if you find yourself single and bored on the weekends cars is a great way to spend a morning amongst like minded enthusiasts. I also value having friends outside of the Air Force so every social encounter didn't end up into the inevitable bitch fest about work...but we can instead bitch about how dumb the new Mustang SUV or Tesla truck is.
  3. StoleIt

    Latest Movies

    Saw Midway today. Not a bad flick once/if you get past the early 2000's quality CGI. Pearl Harbor crushed it in terms of graphics and that came out when again? Otherwise the story started back in the mid-30's, then Pearl Harbor, then touched a tad on the Doolittle Raids, and finally onto the Coral Sea and Midway.
  4. Noper, there is push to make OSA a bit younger now. Pretty sure they are tired of 3rd assignment punching when their PCS/ADSC ends right around the 2 year time on station mark. Downside, this discriminates against the shorter 1st assignment guys where it's basically impossible to make IP on your first gig. KC10s and C5s have a leg up over C-17/C-130/KC-135 IMO. Less bases = less PCS = upgrade sooner. 89th has an hour requirement...Hickam/Ramstein/Scott doesn't have the dog & pony show associated with the OSA application. No AC's because of the 2 year track to upgrade. I finished upgrade recently, should Palace Chase in March, dude "behind" me has same arrival date to the unit but will be Palace Front in Dec and isn't gonna upgrade. We are all former IP's or EP's but upgrade is slow. Not sure how the other C-40/C-37 units do it but there is a major slow down with the TFA. From what I know of the C-21 guys, it's a way different upgrade timeline. Definitely apples to oranges.
  5. OSA is bleeding talent like crazy too. Only two guys in my Sq are staying and they wanted (and got) school. Then there are fours Lt Col's just waiting to get 20. Otherwise, had one school select say fuck it and is Palace Fronting. 3 other guys (me included) are Palace Chasing. Not gonna have a single active duty AC in the squadron come March...just co pilots and two IPs.
  6. I was bottom of my ROTC class, had a gentleman's 2.7 GPA, and (still) questionable leadership...but I did somehow manage to fly a bunch of members of congress around the world and pass my OME last week. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Curious, it's been a year or two now, but the reduction in ancillary duties...has that actually hit anyone? I'd say every single extra duty that was removed has returned plus maybe one or two extras now (voting officer, records management, CNO, gate guard, DDRP, etc). The only one I was happy to see was PT testing being done in Squadron...but I honestly can't think of a single extra thing that has actually gone away and not come back.
  8. Unless something changed, the belt is optional on the A2CU. It has the old BDU style cinches on the sides of the waist to it tighten up.
  9. StoleIt

    Latest Movies

    Capt Marvel wasn't bad. I was expecting a lot more Air Force presence though. If you watch the trailer then you basically saw every Air Force related scene. The AF PA is really milking this one IMO.
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