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  1. Eh...something isn't making sense. How long ago was this? The "number sign/hashtag/pound sign/tic-tac-toe board me too" movement has got to be damn near 3 years old now.
  2. Sorry, should have clarified, we are heavies. So looking to see if they are superior to the 2PFDU not the bag.
  3. Anyone have any experience with the ejection seat approved OCP? I saw one recently and it looks way better than the current A2CU/2PFDU/WTFISITCALLED. I really hate the current version with my collar velcro getting stuck on my massive shoulder velcro, it fitting like a bag of ass, etc. I'm projected to move into a new job with some pull on the purse strings so hoping (if warranted) to try and get all the aircrew the new version rather than the current turd.
  4. It's about damn time North Korea had a strong minority female leader. I hope she destroys the patriarchy. ...she also gives off a total praying mantis vibe.
  5. I mean, Russia tried to flex with their carrier participating in operations over Syria...and how did that work out for them? Clever timing for China to run this...but is anyone actually scared of their floating casino?
  6. Unless there is a crazy cleaning or 3 day wait between changes...I don't think that will work. Isn't COVID-19 pretty resilient outside of a host on normal surfaces? And I've tried to think about this too for my Command Post. We paired up people to minimize our normally constant changing partners (2 people a shift, 2x 12 hour shifts a day). But...it's my understanding that if someone get's it then basically everyone going through there has a high chance of catching it because it survives for ~3 days on normal surfaces. Oh, and base supply is out of cleaning products so our current supply of lysol, hand sanitizer, and klorox wipes are all we have.
  7. Bah, I was looking forward to attending the MacDill AFB...hope they don't cancel it.
  8. A lessons learned I'd like to pass on from my PC process: The medical approval process for the Reserves / Guard is a lot longer than you'd think. BUT, it is fairly easy to get your "1288's suspense of 60 days after tentative approval" extended. Just talk to your ISR and I ended up getting mine extended an extra 30 days. I was sweating it pretty bad with the nightmare of them cancelling my PC if I busted the suspense.
  9. Don't play games with your availability. Until your PC is approved, then your date of availability should be the end of your ADSC (be it PCS, UPT, or GI Bill Transfer). When your PC is approved THEN move your DoS.
  10. And I still had to lug around a 100lb bag of nearly-useless flip at the same time even though I had an iPad and some GO already took credit for saving the eleventy-billion dollars of fake money in fuel savings.
  11. Where you seeing that? The -46 should have the same wing as a 767-200/300 at ~156 feet. The -400 has a bigger wing.
  12. Congrats on the assignment! Second assignment is tough...usually the good deals become available on the 3rd go. Work hard, be a bro, and if you can manage it try and make IP while you are out there. The Phoenix programs are your best bet to cross flow. C-21's happen but I wouldn't bet on it. The occasional good deal on MyPers comes along for a mechanical cross flow as well. But, assuming you have a normal duration, I'd say OSA/EA isn't going to happen for a first assignment KC-135 guy.
  13. I believe it had something to do with weight. They couldn't put the MPRS pods and winglets on without beefing up the wing spars more...and I think Boeing/AF was doing everything they could to keep the weight down (ie: carbon floor, removeable shitter, no T/Rs, etc...which ironically has also caused more issues than anyone could have guessed).
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