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  1. Unless something changed, the belt is optional on the A2CU. It has the old BDU style cinches on the sides of the waist to it tighten up.
  2. StoleIt

    Latest Movies

    Capt Marvel wasn't bad. I was expecting a lot more Air Force presence though. If you watch the trailer then you basically saw every Air Force related scene. The AF PA is really milking this one IMO.
  3. Where does one get the scratchy ones that smell like JP8?
  4. So my unit is taking a jet to the Travis airshow and figured this would be a good opportunity to try and help out our morale fund/booster club and sell some swag. Anyone have any advice on what actually sells? Zaps, patches, tshirts, water bottles, etc? Any big differences between civilian airshows and ones on military bases? Thanks.
  5. I call BS. How many 750 hour mil pilots have been picked up by a major? I bet zero. Edit: Yes, the regional's are probably drooling over it but how many military fixed wing guys are seriously considering a regional?
  6. Looks like they edited their FB post and it no longer mentions anything about death/injury... so hoping everybody made it out.
  7. The pain of dealing with the Aeroclub was not worth the cash saved IMO. Leave it to the AF to make FCIF's, mandatory all calls, and an ops limit/bold face for a 150hp bug smasher.
  8. Gotcha, they dropped the "Advisor" part on definition in the 2903. So...can we lobby to get "AIRCREW" patches made?
  9. Anyone know, under Authorized Duty Identifier Tabs (Table 5.4), what Combat Aviation/CAA entails? I wouldn't mind having a big fat patch on my shoulder that screams "AIRCREW/former zipper suited sun God." Example:
  10. You're telling me the enemy, in the middle of a gun fight, could tell the difference between the ABU and the ACU? I call BS on that. I remember shopping for ABU's when they first came out and everyone was laying them on the floor to try and get a matching shade of gray and one Lt Col tried to buy an ABU top with an ACU bottom. They look really freaking similar.
  11. Not sure exactly what you mean by quals...but IP in your MWS is a must and I'd say the majority of us were EP's as well. Expect a 6 month non-flying deployment as repentance for this good deal. Otherwise 1 local a week (1 hr flying/2 hours other/3 hours total time) and maybe one TDY a month (usually 4-10 days).
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