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  1. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Sorry, had to fly a trip. Not AD anymore so all of my free time has gone away. Meerly pointing out, like I always do, that just because the company is giving you money doesn't always mean it is a good thing. Hell, I am beyond excited AA got a raise. We are in mediation and the market rate for 737 pilots just went up. Our company better hurry up before someone else gets a raise. Also if you don't follow what is going on Horizon pilots just sued AAG over the bonus they started paying because they did not do an LOA for it. It was just out of the kindness of their hearts. I did like flying for the airlines, always knew I would. I just work harder now and get paid less than I did my last 8 years of active duty. That should all change soon. You know good and well I was never anti airline. I was against people saying that there was no downside to the airlines and no upside to AD. That seems to have calmed down lately. You all are welcome.
  2. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    I would not go spending that money. The company is not contractually obligated to keep that raise in place. If they decide later this year that was a mistake, they can go right back to the old rates. While everyone is happy they got a pay raise many are sceptical that this could become the norm... hey sign this contract, we will give you pay raises out of the kindness of our hearts later. Works great until it doesn't.
  3. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    That is if they don't fire you. http://pilotlawcorp.com/2017/02/16/userra-class-action-lawsuit-delta-air-lines/ On February 13, 2017, we filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of potentially thousands of Delta Air Lines Inc. pilots who are members of the Reserves or National Guard. The allegations in the Complaint identify Delta’s continued pattern of harassment and discrimination against our service members including actions and comments aimed at coercing and intimidating these military pilots into performing less military service while employed by Delta or risk being fired. In fact, one of our named plaintiffs was terminated because of his military service obligations and two others have been threatened with termination.
  4. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Man, thats not even funny. My wife has worked there for 10 years and she has always had 7 different bosses. Hard to keep up.
  5. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Completed Submissions Safety Pilot Manager - Full-time United States-Washington-Seattle Job Number: 1600013026 Job Status: Active Submission Status: Under Consideration – Updated: Aug 17, 2016 Not yet, still "under consideration".
  6. U-2 Crash

  7. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Hey guys.. I can't find my car keys. Have any of you seen them?
  8. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Everything Smokin said.
  9. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Whatever dude. They are still picketing, that makes your argument invalid.
  10. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Don't know if you have been keeping up on current events, but we can and we did. They have tried several times to change the retirement system for those serving, we spoke up, and they listened.
  11. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    That is exactly what they are doing and I know you know that. This directly contradicts your statements that everything sucks on AD and is great in the airlines. Delta will get a pretty good contract eventually, but not what they want or deserve. Why? Because the pilot union is not unified and airline management will screw you over just as much as AF Leadership will.
  12. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Well, if Toro is going to call me out, guess I will come back. Not sure what I ever did to him. Any Idea why these guys are picketing? Thought the airlines were awesome and you only had to fly and go home... I never remember doing this on AD..
  13. Nope, can't do both! Well, I could go to one then the other... Long story short I may not be able to work at BT&E due to Nepotism rules. Good, because if that is the case the Boeing check that goes in our account is getting bigger. My choice to do airlines now rests on the fact we want a bigger boat. I can be a QOL guy and make that happen. If I go stay at home dad I have to keep my 45 foot boat. Choices... Oh, and there was a 7 hour line for United at NGPA, thought the airlines would have hired all these pilots by now? PNW Aviation conference had over 600 people taking to Alaska trying to get 80-130 jobs. Pilots shortages suck.
  14. Retire in December. I will let you know.