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  1. You can use you Post 911 GI Bill for any flight training you want as long as it is Part 141/142. I have yet to find a qualifying school for the Seaplane rating in the Northwest. Lost of schools you can get extra type ratings.
  2. No, but it will not be far behind.
  3. no, he said "almost", I have no problem with that.
  4. Yes, the promised land where the grass is greener! http://youtu.be/DXmWQG0j8Gc
  5. "And the Doctor said.. Rectum? Damn near killed him!"
  6. You should watch where you put you CAC, that will solve most of your problems. The 500 error is a strange one that comes and goes and is usually not tied to the email address. I had one whith no address on it and it worked. Best guess would be to have the CAC workers at the AD base change the email. If that doesn't work try the Google chrome browser, worked for my to get to DCO.
  7. Funny how rumors get started. Where the fuck did you hear this? No, the AF never did any such study. Gen Selva wrote a paper when he was at ACSC saying that they should get rid of flight pay and bonuses. Then put 1 Million Dollars in an escrow account when you graduate UPT. It collects interest over your career and you only get it if you finish out your 20. If you separate early it is GONE! That would be cheaper.
  8. They are overmanned. Lots of retirements, but the line for people wanting in is longer than the one going out.
  9. Put in the school info, high school to masters. Did not put any jobs before military. No supporting docs. Somewhere in the instructions it says not to upload anything except in rare circumstances.
  10. Ok, now I see it, was looking at it before on my phone. No, you check Chapter 30 MGIB. You are saying as of this date I elect to stop Chapter 30 and go with 33. The no other benefits would be checked if you never bought into MGIB. Man they make this complicated.
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