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  1. Steve Davies

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    U-6A Beaver? Or too small?
  2. Steve Davies

    Su-25 Down in Syria

    Go to 6:48
  3. Steve Davies

    Su-25 Down in Syria

    Brave mother fucker. Took himself out with a grenade following an exchange of rounds. https://t.me/directorate4/1433
  4. Steve Davies

    F-22 Pilot's comments after flying the F-4

    No mention of getting caught out by adverse yaw? He obviously didn't do it 'right'.
  5. Steve Davies

    Pilot watches

    Bremonts are OK for guys who do a time hack every day, but if you want a watch that keeps time for, say, a week, then I would avoid. I have a Bremont and love everything about it... apart from its ability to actually keep time.
  6. Steve Davies

    RIP Doc

    I interviewed both of the widows of the two pilots killed in the Constant Peg programme. Their stories are heart wrenching and their emotions were raw even after the passage of so many years. It took 30 years for one of them to find out how, where and what her husband was doing when he died. The other had a pretty good idea what her husband was doing, as I suspect the Schultz family does, but that's not the same as knowing for sure, and it's not the same as getting real answers. "Doc" Schultz may have made the ultimate sacrifice, and I doff my hat to him, but his wife and five children are the ones who must live with the consequences. In my mind, they are the real heroes. My thoughts go out to them.
  7. Steve Davies

    Syrian Su-22 Shot Down by US Aircraft

    For those who don't get to see the VTRS: https://livestream.com/wab/tailhook2017/videos/162478715
  8. Steve Davies

    "We're not training commercial pilots."

    Well, to make the experience less unpalatable, you could akways ask him who he thinks barrel rolls better: airline pilots or AF pilots (or maybe ex-AF airline pilots)?
  9. Steve Davies

    Syrian Su-22 Shot Down by US Aircraft

  10. Steve Davies

    Paging Steve Davies

    No, it was never considered by us. Until the mid-80s, the French and Brits were working together on the Future European Fighter Aircraft programme (alnong with Spain, Italy and West Germany). When the French realised they wouldn't get the aircraft they wanted from a collaboration with multiple air arms from multiple other nations (who'd be stupid enough to do that!?), they smartly went off and did their own thing. They ended up with Rafale, while the original FEFA nations ended up with Eurofighter Typhoon.
  11. 100 T-45 IPs are apparently refusing to fly because of fears over the safety of the jet's OBOGS. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/04/04/navy-instructor-pilots-refusing-to-fly-over-safety-concerns-pences-son-affected.html I am curious to know, is there something about the effects of this OBOGS issue that somehow makes it different to the Raptor's OBOGS issue? While I appreciate that one is a training asset, the other a front-line operational asset, it just strikes me that response from the two communities is startlingly different. In one case, an entire community refuses to fly, prompting a 3-star Admiral to publicly state that there is no policy of 'Fly or else...', in another a meagre two pilots speak out (one of whom is still trying to resume his AF career), and a one-star General refuses to make it clear that his pilots have a choice to not fly.
  12. Steve Davies

    Parting Qs for Hawk Carlisle?

    Good. I got answers to all your questions except the stupid ones, but rest assured I asked them all. I'll write up the interview for Combat Aircraft magazine and post a link to it here when it's out.
  13. Steve Davies

    Parting Qs for Hawk Carlisle?

    You can be sure I am going to ask all of these questions.
  14. Steve Davies

    Parting Qs for Hawk Carlisle?

    All I am interviewing Gen "Hawk" Carlisle, ACC CC, next week. He retires this Spring. Any questions you think I should put to him?
  15. Steve Davies

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Does the new one break your neck when you have to get rid of the jet, or will that be a thing of the past?