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  1. Some questions for any Eagle drivers who feel able to comment: c.270 hours of total time, and only 60 or so in the Eagle. Is that enough for what was being asked of him? There's no mention of JHMCS, so I assume he was not wearing it. Why not? And had he been, does it give substantial SA cues that might have given him a chance to recover earlier? Hard deck of 4,000' seems very low, especially given the WX. Is that standard? He pulled just over 8gs to recover. Presumably, had he thought he was going to hit the sea, he would have pulled as many as he could - was the limit therefore his technique, or simply a function of what the jet could give him at 570 knots?
  2. The article contains an interesting line: "[the idea that there is a link] between a football game and patriotism of the country does seem a bit disjointed". It's called American Football. How much more concrete of a link could you ask for?
  3. Happy birthday, Air Force! (the detail-driven folks at Dover have obviously been enlisted to help our the DoS).
  4. It’s irrelevant as to whether the Russian/Chinese FLANKERS are on an American military unit emblem because of a mistake or because or regulation. What matters is that it makes you look stooopid. Surely it’s someone’s job in the Air Force to give a shit about that, even if it does mean having to know your arse from your elbow?
  5. That's an interesting observation. I thought longer was better (STS), but perhaps I need to chop the interview up a bit more. Glad you enjoyed it. Huggy, thank you for giving me your time and trust. Thanks also for being forgiving of my belated understanding of the difference between Z and BST! Yes, Part 2 will be out in two weeks, and then there'll be the concluding AMA/Part 3.
  6. Many of you will know Huggy, so he needs no introduction here. Here’s Part 1 of my interview with him, released to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the U-2’s first flight.
  7. Anyone know whether there is a viewing area at Mildenhall. Tried to find one today, but the old one seems to have been removed.
  8. I hear ya. I imagine that if you don't hear these accents all the time, the sort of blend into one another - an unintelligible mess. I wonder whether your mam likes Rab C Nesbit. It's fun to watch some with the YouTube captions enabled to see just how badly it 'translates' his speech:
  9. None of the guys in that video is Scottish. Do you mean Paddy (the tall one?). He has a Lancashire accent.
  10. Somebody who did an F-15S exchange tour once told me that one of the Saudi pilots had taken hard copies of the -34-1-1-1 and 3-1 to Kinkos and left them there to be scanned onto a thumbdrive... so that he could have the manuals on his computer at home. Apparently, this was just one incident in a long line of incidents of this sort, and the RSAF (and DoD!) did nothing about it. I get that there's a balance between selling hardware to gain access to oil, and resigning yourself to the fact that some of your secrets are going to get out as part of that process, but I don't understand for a second why you would take that risk with the F-35. I hope the partner nations speak up on this.
  11. Tough to beat Brick's briefing, but two that standout to me: 1. RAF test pilot. "If we have to eject, I'll call EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! and you should pull the handle. If you haven't gone by the third time I've said it, the words EJECT! are written on the bottom of my boots, and you'll be able to read them as my seat leaves the aircraft". And an altogether different tact: 2. USAF test pilot. "If we have to eject today, you are going to die. You'll break your elbows on the canopy sill and will drown in the sea because you won't be able to swim or get in your raft. I will try and swim over to you, but because you'll leave the jet first and are heavier than me, you will enter the sea before I will. Questions?".
  12. Evil It looks that way because I edited it out. I shit you not!
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