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  1. Yes, it does. 7.33 unless you hit a button on the stick, and then you can have 9 for as long as you keep the button down.
  2. Given that the primary concern here seems to be that the Russians would have been able to improve their systems if Turkey had operated the S400 side-by-side with the F-35, what level of threat does Turkey now pose if it decides to handover what it knows about the F-35? Seems odd that Turkish pilots were allowed to start training at Luke, and they presumably now have a treasure trove of secrets to share...
  3. I can't argue with that! Regarding the Swiss guy? I will try to find the link. He was a CPL whose day job was dropping parachutists from a Twin Otter (or some such). He got hired to go and fly Mirages, and got shot down by a MANPAD almost immediately on flying combat sorties, IIRC.
  4. It's well known that the Libyans have been hiring mercenaries who don't have prior military or even fast jet experience. I am also aware of a Swiss national who morted flying the Mirage F1ED/AD a year or two ago. As for laughing at someone because he looks like a "goofball", how old are you?
  5. OK. I think you should share the story.
  6. Word is that, hungry for a kill, the Bison pilot chased the PAF Viper into Pakistan in order to get him into an R-73 WEZ.
  7. Has the Air Force explained how an operational Navy pilot (whose experience appears to have been mostly in an FBW fighter) and a non-fighter AF WSO, came to be flying asymmetric weapons release tests in an ejection seat equipped aircraft with manual controls? And just how wise was all this when they collectively had only about 10 hours' experience in the Super Tucano? Are these questions people are asking, or able to answer?
  8. True. Have added alternative version, but it replaces ads with shitty propoganda editing. Can't figure out how to embed YouTube video.
  9. Great restraint by this Eagle driver. It must have been tempting to have pulled up and rolled back inside the turn. Russian propaganda version https://youtu.be/i7iyDCchsg8 British tabloid version https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1853224/Russian-fighter-jet-banking-USAFs-plane-Baltic-sea.html
  10. While luvvy actors and the liberal elite give each other a pat on the back for being so wonderful (i'm talking about Oscar nominations, if that's not clear), this video reminded me of the people who really make the world go round.
  11. No, that one happened about eight years later.
  12. Interesting to see Gene Jackson at the end. Jackson was one of the early HAVE IDEA pilots, flying MiGs out of Groom Lake back when that stuff was properly super secret squirrel. He was later killed when his F-15 experienced a flight control issue on take off.
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