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  1. "The Sun Flyer 2's three dollar hourly operating costs are 10 times lower than traditional piston-engine flight trainers, with no carbon emissions and significantly reduced noise." http://sunflyer.com/2018/04/11/bye-aerospace-announces-first-flight-of-sun-flyer-2/ $3!!
  2. Tonka

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    YMMV, but I know a good amount of O-5 through O-7s that at one time claimed they were getting out... some were disingenuous, many more really weren't as decided as they presented, and some just had major changes in life. Some are pessimistic and are concerned of another 911 and layoffs... all depends on your crystal ball. That being said, the more examples of positive outcomes for folks to look at does not bode well for the AF. But there will always be a regression to a mean, there will be layoffs at some point...
  3. Tonka

    VA Loans

    Thanks! It is on top of wood subfloor... same issue probably? I'm guessing we just cant paint subfloor to make it good?
  4. Tonka

    VA Loans

    Looking to buy a house with VA and the carpet is trashed and the seller has a lower price because of it (and some other mostly cosmetic stuff) will large chunks of carpet missing stop the appraisal/inspecroon? I don't want to ask him to fix it, because I'd rather do it when I own the house.
  5. Tonka

    Pilot Math

    If you mean because someone will burn you as a result? Maybe... but there is some margin built in for making corrections. If you drifted down wind you'll need enough control power margin to correct for that error... if you were downwind (porking it), not correcting, and then got a gust then you might be hosed... depends on the width of the runway and how white the knuckles are on your ungloved IPs hands.
  6. Some speculation, some more pertinent than others: MWS is better than a white jet, IP in an MWS is better than a white jet IP, especially UPT base, AC in an MWS is PROBABLY better than a white jet IP, especially UPT base 2 aircraft are better than 1, 2 MWS aircraft are better than an MWS and a white Jet... IMHO: I would try hard to get the MWS IP, and wouldn't consider going white-jet (unless there is some other compelling reason, i.e. family life). There is a reason we make make first assignment IPs in the training jets... for you it wouldn't help the resume much. But you probably need to be an IP to be competitive as a heavy bubba. But those are really secondary to: Can you handle the academics of the course. There are minimums for the above, and which of the above is better might only come into play if everything else is pretty close between you and the next guy (look at the application reg and see the break down of requirements, flying experience isn't overwhelming). If you can't get the minimums or you can't get out of a white jet (other people reading this thread), do something academic and impressive somewhere else. Get something with "test" in it, go test a new flare load out (that the last WIC guy wrote a paper on), go "Test" a new procedure in the sim, go "test" the new urinal, etc... tell your CC and DO what you want to do, tell them you want anything "Test" that comes down the pipe for your aircraft, etc, etc... Even if something is ground based-only, show the initiative, the willingness to learn and try something new. Job titles matter too, Exec and "Chief of X" are PROBABLY better than assistant chief of flight safety. Show leadership. When you're young put it on your OPR -"Our Best candidate for TPS"... shows you didn't just start thinking about this last year. Non-technical Masters is PROBABLY not helping you dramatically... especially if it is a "Box-filler" school. If it is an MBA from Harvard-sure that helps. Last note: the board, like the school and AFMC, has a higher percentage of fighter dudes then anything else... just like you don't speak fighter, they don't speak heavy. Even within those community, the same terms have different meanings. They don't care that you can do something special in your MWS unless you help paint the picture of it... no one but other E-3 pilots know how hard something is to do in the E-3... There is not a high chance that an E-3 knowledgeable person will be on the board.
  7. "naked security" has too much potential to be used in this manner.
  8. It depends... they choose the best from those that apply... if no one applies except you, you are the best. (This goes for the rest of the AF!) Age waivers don't happen much, degree waivers depend on a lot of factors... might as well try.
  9. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    All the important ones do.
  10. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    AKA "boom strikes"... boom hitting aircraft outside UARSSI.
  11. Tonka

    Stop over point

    We really are a bunch of dicks...
  12. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    yeah, but we're extrapolating data to say it'd be something we'd want. Being a great platform in civilian airspace with maybe a half dozen receivers doesn't mean it'd be good at what we need it for. The control surfaces on the boom are probably too small for our range of receivers... it'd take us 5+ years to certify all our mds, assuming we could. Want defensive systems? Another couple years. 46 sucks and Boeing will deliver a useless, non - mission capable aircraft to meet the contact... I bet it sits 6-9 months after the ferry flight. If we're smart, we will renegotiate the contact and fix everything now and take our losses. But we won't. We don't want it unless it's fixed and Boeing won't fix it. Boeing walks away and then we start all over.
  13. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    Catching up is valid, but the KC-30 is not amazing either... and it was late too. It still has problems... Here it says it just reached FOC after they contracted for the aircraft in 2005? http://www.defense-aerospace.com/articles-view/release/3/181585/raaf-declares-final-operational-capability-for-kc_30a-tankers.html It still doesn't have an impressive list of receivers yet. Don't get me wrong, it is light years ahead of the KC-46, but I wouldn't buy the KC-30 either.
  14. I'd say those are pretty good odds, what are you going to do... not try?
  15. Can we earn enough from these programs to eventually receive an Active Duty retirement? Say 18 years AD and I pick up an IMA job that provides 91.25 days a year, it will take me 8 years to accumulate the 2 years of points... but will I receive the Active Duty retirement with $$ in my pocket immediately? Same for CAP and ALO?