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  1. I did find this Gem, for other folks looking: https://lovebookonline.com Make a book (and can personalize each page and even a quasi-avatar for you and the spouse, and I believe kids)... definitely worth looking at.
  2. We are doing a trip! But a photo book is a great idea... Lot of work, but might be great.
  3. Not a very exciting thread I'm sure! What do folks get their family members when they retire? Everyone does flowers at the ceremony and I'm guessing it is like a funeral at the house with many sets of flowers for all the woman-folk... I know it is not typically a time to celebrate them, but I'd like to make this as much of a day for at least my immediate family as I feel they have put up with a lot of sacrifices along the way. Thoughts? Obviously jewelry, but is there something that is a bit unique? Anything besides jewelry? Kids are nearing or in teenage years. Thanks!
  4. I wonder if the wingtiprops are tied into the flight controls somehow, or at least utilizing an FADEC/FCC to minimize Beta. Probably will work fine, until it doesn't.
  5. I'm assuming you are still not licensed in Ohio yet? Curious, if I get a VA loan (re-finance) and get a disability rating after I retire (next year)... can I get the funding fee refunded? Thanks!
  6. Backdoor RIF has served its purpose... sometime in the very near future, "hey, I hear a bike test is a great way to determine if you're fit and it won't kill a few folks each year and you keep taking the test until you pass."
  7. "Break rules and go fast... but don't break MY rules"
  8. Well, In his defense I was told I couldn’t grow up to be a pilot because most people can’t do both. Hence 90% of the threads.
  9. she was over the top... Even in the cockpit, no one could do things correct "enough" for her. Consistently tearing people apart who were trying to help her/the msn succeed... It wasn't just a periodic thing when someone slipped up, it was all the freaking time. If someone is consistently doing things wrong you either find ways to help them do it right or you find ways to get them out of that job... Problem was she couldn't get rid of everyone. Years of mental abuse from leaders like her, who only know 1 way to lead, is precisely why we can't keep good people. Good riddance, 20 years too late. Stop promoting these people.
  10. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-marine-corps/2019/04/25/marines-fire-squadron-commander-of-hornet-involved-in-fatal-crash-with-kc-130j-that-killed-six/ sq/cc of hornet unit that had mid air with kc-j.
  11. former Sq/CC as well... PCS ADSC, no tasking, CC supported...The stupid form on MyPers doesn't allow much room to do any explaining, it is limited to a very small number of characters... not nearly enough to explain your reasons. I'm medically non-deployable and thought I was doing good by not being that "guy" that collects the benefits and can't pay the dues... and since I won't be able to fly I was looking to enter into training/school to give me a better skill. Who would have thought 2 months out of 20.5 years would be so important, apparently there is a pilot shortage and even keeping pilots that can't fly "counts"!
  12. I was recently denied for a 2 month waiver... I tried "benefit of the AF" and hardship. Long story but fell right in line with "deploy or get out" and I can't deploy for various reasons. It's a clown show, with a TSgt making the call and he could care less what some policy outside of his regs says.
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