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  1. Tonka

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I agree with the sentiments on some levels, but i thought the "weapon" was from the MWS acronym. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Tonka

    Career Skills Program

    "Interning"= not getting paid? Would probably work, i don't recall anything about working for govt agencies... as long as your not getting paid. Id ask the mpf. Terminal leave also includes leave you earn while on terminal... i believe most folks combine their PTDY with it (typically up to 20 days, AFI36-3003). But its intent is for house/ job hunting, so be careful if you already have those.
  3. Tonka

    AF215 Non Fillable

    https://af-form-215.pdffiller.com/ ?? save it then add the signature after? Whoever is requesting should be able to tell you how to do it.
  4. Its an entry level understanding to some top level human motivations.
  5. 1) Take a look at Freakonomics, perhaps the economics of drug dealers/crack cocaine... (and no, there is not a 1-1 comparison between drug dealers and fighter pilots). When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, a few typical answers include - fire fighter, cop, fighter pilot... the first 2 typically or traditionally don't pay well. Why? Read Freakonomics. 2) Now thankfully you'll never be able to demonstrate this, but if you could - go down to the local fire house and find the first non-fire fighter (NFF) there and tell them (and the rest of the fire fighters) that the NFFs are just as important as the Fire Fighters... that their high school diploma and 2 weeks of OJT is as important as the years of training, studying, testing, learning, working out, and fighting to be luck enough to get an interview and to do well on the exam and to make it through probation, etc... that the fire fighter went through... then give the NFF a patch, even call them a "fighter", give them awards/medals/promote them for doing stuff that seems important in the station while the real work/sacrifice is being done on location, put them in charge of the fire house because you have to be "Fair" to everyone. Tell them that they can take 2 hours for lunch, 8 hours every other Tuesday to get better at their job because they don't have time to get better at it while they're doing it, tell them 9-3 is pretty decent work hours... then tell the fire fighters that, sorry we don't have enough of you so it will be 36 on/12 off, sorry if we put you away wet and put you back in before you can go home and see the family (you know they love their job, that they live for it, so why make life better for them?). Make up tremendous amounts of accolades for crap that means nothing and give it to the NFFs with great pomp and circumstance because we're all equal. Oh and their jobs? those jobs that NFFs do that are meant to support the fire fighters? Yeah, let them write instructions/rules that pretty much puts the responsibility on the fire fighters. When the fire fighters come back after a 36 hour blaze, delirious from the excitement and exhaustion, wanting to celebrate with their fellow fire fighters - force them to let the NFFs be a part of it. When they push it up too much - criticize them and kick them out for frivolous reason. Don't allow them back into the station until their uniform meets regulations,. When they save 3 kids but step on a cat - make sure you publicly flog them for it... when the NFF fails to show up on time for weeks on end and never gets the job done, be sure to do nothing about it. Obviously a bit black and white/extreme example... there are plenty of non-fighter pilots (myself included) in the AF that do amazing and incredible things for the fight and deserve the accolades and spoils (not myself) and this is not a bashing of support roles... this is an attempt to show you were the rot started. You/they/we can try to fix the symptoms (is it $, is it additional duties, etc.) but until you address the rot - the dis-mantling of (for lack of a better term) the glory, prestige, and respect that goes with a professional doing a professional job, that takes probably a decade to get good at (including a degree or 2, USAFA, ROTC, UPT, IFF, etc...) WE WILL NEVER FIX IT. Do they want medals and be on the front page news? No - they want the respect/honor for doing what they do, something the AF stopped doing a long time ago. There are important roles everywhere, I have no doubt that we need 99% of the people in the AF to do the job... but I can not think of another organization in the world that would try so hard to put everyone in the same lime light, all the time. What if Taylor Swift had all the roadies, ushers, back up singers come up and be on stage for every performance and give them a microphone? Do we diminish their jobs if we don't? To some extent everyone is replaceable, but I'm guessing there are not too many fire fighters serving excessively long commitments to be fire fighters. I have a few in my family, some of the most humble/honest/best people I know... I have never once heard them complain about being a fire fighter... why is that? 3) Fighter pilots are just the first and most prolific demographic... the rest of the pilots, the rest of the pointy-end-of-the-spear isn't far behind, add to them the maintainers, engineers, doctors, nurses, and any other professional that would be treated as a professional outside of the AF... appreciated for their knowledge, years of education, years of sacrifice to get where they are, etc... they'll be gone too, unless/until there is another recession.
  6. I'm already on my 3rd RILO, and they keep calling me fit! If I had known the Flight Surgeons would try so hard to keep me in/flying, I would have gone to them much sooner in my career. I'm really surprised the light bulb hasn't come on for them yet... I think that is the rub, how and when... 20 years, 20 plus a little less than my ADSC, or 20 years + my ADSC? I believe anything besides the last one will require a "hardship" explanation on the website before I can submit (haven't tried it yet) and I wouldn't want to stay in longer if they deem my medical worthy of further exploration.
  7. Would love to fly but I'm also a realist and 20 years of flying has broken me... im not really close to a domicile and the thought of commuting doesnt sound fun to me (yet!) either. @threeholler- we needed to get out of a bad situation (family was really struggling)... i agree i would probably be out the door if i was in a flying billet, but im in a desk job - out of my community. Not sure how i "volunteer" to get out to help make the OSD mandate.
  8. Anyone have good advice/examples on what qualifies for "Hardship" and/or "Best interest of the AF"? PCS ADSC is ~7 months past 20 years. Probably not looking for much, just a little over a month off... which will move retirement date up ~60 days (ADSC is early in the month and have to retire on the 1st of the month... which effectively adds an additional month to ADSC?) With FY changeover effects (have to use 30 use/lose this FY, before hitting terminal) - will make the transition a whole lot more enjoyable. Can medical issues for the member be spun as "hardship" for them (pain management) or would that be more of a MEB concern? If permanently non-deployable would it be "best interest of the AF" to get rid of someone to make the metrics better?
  9. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    Are we talking evolutionary or revolutionary? Not next year, but the technology is there (probably not to the extreme of your examples) to defend/hide/use a tanker in such environments... no need to refuel bombers that close as they typically have the legs. 2 things to focus on - slow, long endurance (unmanned) and fast, short endurance. Both are dramatically benefited by a tanker that can get close(r).
  10. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    A counter simplification- the closer the tanker is to the fight, the more effective the offensive aircraft (more time employing, less time getting gas). The future of the tanker needs to be different then our past. Might not see a stealth tanker soon, but we need to start thinking that way...
  11. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    let's see - they have 3 business days (of course Boeing doesn't really understand the concept of days off)... to deliver an airplane. https://www.bizjournals.com/wichita/news/2018/12/21/report-boeing-to-deliver-first-kc-46-tanker-by-the.html Might be a few people missing holiday leave to make it happen. Boeing will push for a 30th arrival, Air Force will balk, Boeing will go to a few Congressmen, AF will be directed to accept it on New Years eve (or weather will delay it)... it shall be glorious.
  12. Tonka

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I'm pretty amazed no one died... " The report made recommendations for the base to improve its communications about drill exercises, and inter-operability with state and local first responders. "
  13. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    Key words being "ton of money" It is freaking expensive to modify airplanes. Especially FAA certified ones.
  14. Tonka

    Herk Down

    Im no expert in human physiology... but i would imagine/speculate the forces involve would be incapacitating. i dont know what the force required to liberate the whole prop assembly is, but it has to be high.
  15. Tonka

    KC-46A Info

    In this case, no. Been too long since they built a boom and took too much for granted, designed it wrong. And they cheaped out on the vision system and they're not ready to fix either the right way... Yet. Somehow the AF really isn't to blame on this one.