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  1. Apparently no one in the Air Force actually works with aircraft that are owned by the Air Force...
  2. Meh, id call that a stretch... The grown ups that get to act like theyre kids (O-6s wearing logoed t-shirts with blazers), think it's the easy new way to climb the acq ladder and they like him... But, flipping the process from "what does the fighter need" (i.e. Requirements) to "that looks new/flashy how should the fighter use it" is a gutsy move... Trusty me, I get it... He's trying to bolster the civilian market (agility prime) so it'll drive competition and lower prices, but there is less than 50/50 chance that his replacement will follow it if he doesn't show success... The "powers that be" move mountains when it's time to change, he's kicking pebbles up a hill that'll roll back. Maybe I'll eat my words. But how many plasma tvs should we buy so that we can eventually buy LCD screens at the same price... Maybe i should learn economics again. He's not well respected, the acq community just isn't a combatant command that stands up to poor leadership... They usually just wait for them to go to jail.
  3. That sea fog there is no joke... one time went from flying a vis pattern, to having to pick up an ifr clearance, to a mis approach on an ils in under 15 min. Glad he is safe!
  4. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/04/24/air-force-will-have-answer-pilot-cancers-next-year-study-goes-despite-covid-19.html?fbclid=IwAR0oUKteQhzkT-THoxSQohMLNbxXVx72u_kE4rZ3Fz1lrb-msUa0JJvxXKM Results of the study-next year...
  5. https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/a31021542/planes-altitude-contrails-climate-change/ better link Some correlation between contrails and decreased delta between local high/low temps. 3 days after 911 provided good evidence of that with an increase delta of 2 deg. https://globalnews.ca/news/2934513/empty-skies-after-911-set-the-stage-for-an-unlikely-climate-change-experiment/
  6. Yep! Obviously need some details... decent human, not an amazing officer per se, always professional, but nothing was ever inappropriate or worthy of "misconduct". He was a pretty straight shooter... obviously he was never corrupted by the flying community.
  7. Any push back on/requirement for providing "proof" to get it listed on the form? Vouchers good enough, or mission histories required?
  8. Any thoughts on Block 18, "Remarks"... I've been contemplating putting in some of the areas that I was TDY to, just in case this "burn pit" thing affects me later in life. Is there anything else I should, or even can, put in there? Working it on vMPF right now, I don't have a draft or anything else. Any other "Gotchas" to pay attention to?
  9. Sounds cheesy, but I always liked the blank home-made cards. Made mailing a note to family, friends so much easier and the recipient always treasured it more, became a keepsake. My girls still have a few that I sent over the years... Those and the USO books that you'd read to the video camera always made me feel a little more loved by the folks donating.
  10. I did find this Gem, for other folks looking: https://lovebookonline.com Make a book (and can personalize each page and even a quasi-avatar for you and the spouse, and I believe kids)... definitely worth looking at.
  11. We are doing a trip! But a photo book is a great idea... Lot of work, but might be great.
  12. Not a very exciting thread I'm sure! What do folks get their family members when they retire? Everyone does flowers at the ceremony and I'm guessing it is like a funeral at the house with many sets of flowers for all the woman-folk... I know it is not typically a time to celebrate them, but I'd like to make this as much of a day for at least my immediate family as I feel they have put up with a lot of sacrifices along the way. Thoughts? Obviously jewelry, but is there something that is a bit unique? Anything besides jewelry? Kids are nearing or in teenage years. Thanks!
  13. I wonder if the wingtiprops are tied into the flight controls somehow, or at least utilizing an FADEC/FCC to minimize Beta. Probably will work fine, until it doesn't.
  14. I'm assuming you are still not licensed in Ohio yet? Curious, if I get a VA loan (re-finance) and get a disability rating after I retire (next year)... can I get the funding fee refunded? Thanks!
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