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  1. He was awesome as a squadron commander. Great leader, great pilot, great guy overall.
  2. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/01/29/airmen-killed-in-afghanistan-crash-identified/?utm_expid=.jFR93cgdTFyMrWXdYEtvgA.0&utm_referrer&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=Socialflow+AIR&fbclid=IwAR3_PbqvkKjUb1NGk0HiS_nrdCruR14pL6_Fu0qlOJUhPduGgAAy2I-AwaM
  3. As of right now, the P-8 =/= 737 type rating as far as the FAA is concerned. The Navy did some backdoor deal where it's not the same type, even though it's the same airplane. I know guys that have gotten letters from the FAA rescinding their type rating. Shady shit really.
  4. I handed them my single page ARMS summary...they looked at it for a total of 10 seconds max and never asked any questions about it.
  5. And, there's no limit on the extra trips you can volunteer for at time and a half pay (as long as there's extra flying in your seat).
  6. Agreed... I thought we were going to be eating ramen noodles during year one, but I wasn't making much less than I was as an O-4 on active duty. We were prepared with cars and other debts paid off and we rented a house and had a little bit of money saved. But, we still had a zoo membership and a membership to the children's museum, went to concerts, movies, etc so we still lived a fairly normal life. My first month of second year pay, I cleared $25K, so it really did instantly get better when second year pay kicked in.
  7. I got out at the end of 2015 when the bonus was $25K a year. Exactly one year later, for my first month of second year FO pay, I cleared $25K...for the month. It was that moment I realized “the Air Force is fu*ked”.
  8. I fly with my '75 Seiko 6139 automatic chronograph all the time. I figure Col Bill Pogue took his up to Skylab in the 70s, mine will do alright banging around in a T6.
  9. I misplaced my small black jepp logbook (the one that you get with their private pilot kit) not long after I got my PPL and I never kept up with my flight time once in the AF. So here I am sitting in my first (and thankfully only) airline interview handing one of the interviewers my single page HARM summary. They looked at it a total of 6-9 seconds, set it aside and didn't ask me a single question about it. When I was in indoc, I mentioned that I finally made it to the big-time and I wanted to get a nice, professional logbook where I could finally start tracking of my flight time and keep it prominently displayed on my mahogany bookshelf with the other leather-bound books in my study. The instructor says to me "Why? Are you planning on getting another flying job?" LOL....nope. So now, to this day, I still don't keep a logbook, but if I could go back and start over, I probably would.
  10. "I can't offer you the compensation that Delta Airlines can," Holmes said. "What we can offer you is a life of meaning and purpose. You know, while I had this week off from work, I had time to think about how my life was devoid of "meaning and purpose". Well, I better get going...I have a busy evening. Got to take the kids to soccer practice then scouts...in my brand new Porsche.
  11. The Navy still teaches ELPs. However, there are a lot of airports under the Pensacola North MOA. You have your choice to PEL down to 3 or 4 of them at all times depending on your altitude and position in the MOA.
  12. If there's not a runway in the range of your airplane falling out of the sky, ejection is the go-to method of getting on the ground. You would only "perform and off field landing" if you couldn't eject.
  13. Well, since it's right there, the squadrons can dictate what they want from their new IPs depending on the squadron's workload. For instance, a lot of them don't do formation at first. They might just get them to the squadron first and have them start flying instrument flights if there's a lot of instrument students. Then, when time allows, send them back through for formation or even do it in-house. I believe the syllabus is basically the same. 8 flights and then the equivalent of a form 8 checkride. Then each phase has a certain number of flights and a stage check. I think it took me about two and a half/three months to go through. And, I started instructing the day after I was done.
  14. The Navy does their FITU (PIT equivalent) at the wing level and it's fairly efficient. A big upside is that there's only 1 PCS.
  15. I thought that too until I was dropping a deuce in the BACN at FL500. Still rolled up my sleeves though because eff the man.
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