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  1. Among all of the institutionally-biased informed and uninformed opinions on the matter, this is really the bottom line. War is an ugly business -- and it is meant to be.
  2. Can't speak for the Growler, but when I was leaving the F-15E they were retrofitting the fleet with solid-state digital recorders that simultaneously recorded all of the displays and all the comm for debrief. Sort of a digital super-VTR. I'm sure that's what they're talking about, and not a "CVR".
  3. Danerys has needed to hire an ALO for quite some time. Her dragon tactics have been ass for more than just this season.
  4. Every day is a safety down day at the airlines.
  5. Oh, no, I got your mockery of the post you quoted...I was steering that part of the convo in a different direction.
  6. The speculation that I've heard was that there was a combination of basically spatial D and poor airmanship. The spatial D was the minor upset while IMC, perhaps with a somatogravic "head-up illusion" where the FO perceived the acceleration as a more dramatic pitch-up than what actually occurred (and requiring a more dramatic pitch-down to counter). It may have also been combined with a flight director commanding something that also didn't add up in the FO's mind. The poor airmanship was just the inability to fight through the startle effect, turn off the automation, get on the dials, and just fly the airplane. One of the 767 sim instructors I know said it was like a 4-5 second duration, full-yoke-forward input required to get to 49 degrees nose low. The only way I can see that is with the FO just basically becoming frozen by the startle effect and unable to mentally sort out what was happening. Sometimes good pilots make huge mistakes. Sometimes poor pilots make even bigger ones.
  7. IMHO all of the AAMP videos are excellent. Saying so, especially among non-military background airline pilots, is guaranteed to generate a response.
  8. IMHO, that summary -- if correct -- is grossly under-playing the FO's control inputs that placed the airplane (reportedly) 49 degrees nose low. That's not just a minor erroneous response to an upset.
  9. Pictures of neat stuff that ISIS probably demolished.
  10. Junior Short was a good fighter pilot and a good Squadron CC back when I flew with him. Yet another lost to the General Officer lobotomy.
  11. Just like two years of Trump-Russia conspiracy theory tv coverage pumping out more smoke than a Saturn V rocket launch.
  12. Hacker

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    I agree -- under-rated flick, partly because of the ridiculous political-pop culture "controversy" about the lack of a flag-planting scene. Well researched and well filmed, sort of reminds me of The Right Stuff in feel, but obviously much smaller in scope and more intimate. My problem with First Man is that Gosling plays Armstrong like a robot in an attempt to show him as intellectual and introverted (both of which were undoubtedly true). Does Gosling even smile once in the movie? I think that really portrays him a bit unfairly, as he is emotive and funny in the public appearances I've seen. Period interviews -- and even ones from later in life -- show him differently.
  13. Although the "regional airline flying on a major airline pay scale" thing isn't really my cup o' tea, I have a neighbor who has been at SWA for about 8 years now and he loves it. Lives in base (Vegas), bids reserve, and at least during the non-summer months, doesn't appear to do much work at all. Every time I go running past his house, he is out in his garage restoring a late 60s Mustang. He loves it and makes fun of me for (apparently) only flying nights and working too much, at that. Different strokes.
  14. The AF has long since become not just a "One Mistake Air Force", but actually a "One Perception Of One Mistake Air Force." You'd be surprised how frequently a CDI, conducted by someone basically untrained and containing evidence and information unconstrained by any functional legal standard, is used for quite severe administrative actions under the authority of the Commander -- actions which, too, have such a low legal standard for evidence and justice so as they may effectively be given based on the whims of that Commander.
  15. It was 200 & 1/2 in USAFE for an experienced pilot when I was there.
  16. No, there is no such nuanced definition in the AF.
  17. Just like when the internal combustion engine but the entire horse-transportation industry, the entire steam engine industry, and others out of work forever...the world was never able to recover.
  18. Yang’s plan is dead in the water being funded by a 10% VAT, without removing any other tax burdens. Think about your monthly discretionary spending and how close to $1000 a 10% cut of that would be. Even worse he admits that $12,000/year wouldn’t actually fix anyone’s financial woes, but it might make them “feel better”.
  19. What do you think the things to consider for someone looking at finding a career flying job are? For some reason, a lot of people seem to equate the entrant of a new competitor into an industry to damage/destruction of the other competitors. 40 years after Southwest disrupted the passenger airline industry, (and deregulation opened the door to endless start-up airlines) there have and will continue to be fruitful careers in the legacy airlines.
  20. Well, this must be the first time that someone who reads Baseops.net has been the subject of a roiling speculative discussion about some publicly embarrassing, scandalous event that happened to them, and that person has had to just sit back and watch the spears get baselessly thrown around. I don't know anyone who has had that experience.
  21. The AF has always had bros doing funny stuff that leadership disliked: What The Captain Means
  22. Which media source aside from the military aviation fanboy sites even cares?
  23. Copy of it on a filesharing site: https://k2s.cc/file/c173df3841b24/Golden_Breath Mint For My Balls.mp4
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