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  1. Gotta comment on this first: oh yes, that absolutely MONSTER ops tempo that the CV-22s have. Lest we forget that the gunships have been less than 1:1 for over a year now. If you treat the rescue mission like it is supposed to be (niche, special operation) then it belongs in AFSOC. If you want to advertise them as a group of dudes who are sidelined and won’t offer them true freedom to maneuver, leave it in ACC. I have never thought, as an AFSOC guy, that I would ever be picked up by an AF -60 during a CSAR event if that means anything.
  2. Pilot watches

    Can it be produced without the quiet professional slogan? Any appetite for replacing the 12 index with the SOCOM spear?
  3. Hurlburt info

    Shameful plug: wife and I are off to new adventures. If anybody is looking to rent a new (first owner in 2011) 4B/2.5B home in a desireable Navarre neighborhood send me a PM.
  4. Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    Not trying to rip-off the ole gubment, just want a nice play to stay for 5 months. We have been living out of a suitcase for the last 7 years and would appreciate accommodations with more than just a queen bed and microwave. Rock on!
  5. Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    Looking for some advice here. Short version of the story: wife and I attending PIT at the end of the month. Lodging booked us into separate rooms which is a foul. I called today to fix it and their solution was to just consolidate us into one room. I told them that jamming us into one dorm isn't the solution. I also told them we have a pet and they said no pet-TLFs were available. I subsequently asked if they had ANY TLFs available and they neg-responded to that. So...is lodging considered adequate and available in this situation? The lodging reservation lady refused to cut a non-a because I mentioned "pet" even though they have no TLFs available anyway. New JTR has 3 situations to verify non-availability and I am fairly certain separating us to fit into one room or condensing us into a room meant for 1 doesn't qualify as adequate.
  6. Mk 82s and a mini-gun...not what I had pictured for light attack but sign me fvck the up.
  7. Probably exposing myself, but both the wife and I will be going through PIT which presumably means double the monies for lodging. Can anybody recommend a crashpad or short-term rental that has a garage and an outdoor freshwater source? Hoping we'll get a chance to do some fishing out of Corpus and cleaning fish blood becomes difficult when living out of a hotel or the like.
  8. Changing/Switching airframes

    You sure about that? faipmafiaofficial is a hell of troll...bravo dude.
  9. Did some digging and it looks like they implemented a $500/mo special pay for individuals that were selected for stop-loss back in the 2009 timeframe which was also paid retroactively. Seems as though the USAF last utilized stop-loss in 2003. Congressional Research paper on Stop-Loss - Army policy was to stop-loss individuals/units for deployments with a termination at re-deployment + 90 days. - No mention of USAF policy Separating as soon as possible seems like a logical choice now. Not sure how the IRR works -- I wonder how long they can keep you on if they brought you off IRR.
  10. Might be shining my ass a bit here but...are EFBs allowed in the T-38?
  11. Hurlburt info

    It's also one of those places where turtles and birds have more rights than humans. We took routine motorcycle trips on the road and late night romps in the sports car but just be careful. Lots of blown sand across the road and the speed limits are low. Even lower during bird nesting season.
  12. Hurlburt info

    You must sit in a different queue than I do. Main gate from 1530-1730 is gridlocked. I don't even try to leave during this time window as it takes me 45-60 minutes, without fail, and I'm east of the bridge. I will say that the morning traffic is almost non-existent now (precluding accidents) most days regardless of time. The evening traffic is atrocious. To put it into perspective, it takes me 15 minutes door-to-door during the wee hours in the morning or if I flew the midnight land time sortie. Here's to hoping that the OR survey will yield improved traffic flow.
  13. Hurlburt info

    I can't speak to the family piece as I have no kids, but FWB and Mary Esther tend to have older homes. That being said, I would much rather live in the FWB/ME area over Navarre right now given the commute time and proximity to the Destin Pass. I fish offshore so anytime I could shave off my commute while still being faster offshore is a win/win. If I could do it all over I would have purchased a smaller/older home in Destin. We were actually looking to purchase a home in Destin with water access but that has since dried up given that we'll be heading to our white jet tour.
  14. Hurlburt info

    Overpass hasn't done shit. I am moving away from Navarre this summer. Shoot me a PM if you want info on our house.
  15. How's Guam

    Guam is a poor man's Hawaii. If you think you could live in Kaneohe for 2 years you can do Guam. People that hate Guam tend to fall into two categories: those who hate the ocean and those who would hate anywhere they are stationed just because they are miserable.