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  1. Standby

    Space Force

    Memes. Not that anybody gives a shit about my opinion, but I think a space force is appropriate. The future will be interesting, better to get our force structured now than to be reactive after the fact.
  2. Standby

    Space Force

  3. Standby

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    We will just ignore the entire AC-130/KC-130 mission as well as the MQ-1 and MQ-9.
  4. Standby

    What's your favorite mission?

    AAT mainly, but I revert to other “inside the jet” crutches like heading bug when it’s inop.
  5. Standby

    What's your favorite mission?

    Teaching T-38 students tactical formation even though I’m not an 11F. It is either that or airborne quarterbacking closehold missions in places that Americans don’t belong at.
  6. Standby

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    Copy, 11F not required to instruct T-38s.
  7. Standby

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    Who gives a shit what you flew before? T-38 tac form has probably been the same for two decades. It doesn’t take an 11F to teach what LAB, 4-6k and stack level looks like. I think some 11F representation in the SUPT T-38 squadron is valuable, but why not drop those guys into IFF instructor seats or B course billets?
  8. Standby

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    Let’s not get carried away now. The AF controls your destiny, you only think you do.
  9. Standby

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    Can’t disagree with you there either, cheers.
  10. Standby

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    ...but who in their right mind would throw away the opportunity to fly the T-38 when the drop pool increases? I am not the type of dude to bag on the T-1, but I’m SURE it’s not nearly as fun or rewarding to fly. Don’t listen to people who tell you to track T-1 regardless of intent...you will most likely regret it in the future and spend every waking moment telling your friends/family how you could have gone T-38 if you wanted but chose not to even though you are a young Bob Hoover.
  11. Standby

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    Regardless of the flavor of pilot training, try to end up in the T-38. If you go to Sheppard, this obviously happens automatically. Regarding ENJJPT vs SUPT for AFSOC follow- on: I wouldn’t focus on that aspect exclusively at this point because either one can take you to that promise land.
  12. Standby

    DoD Being Sued

    Article must be fake news, he doesn’t look like Magic.
  13. Standby

    Promotion and PRF Information

    It was kind of awhile ago, but I faintly remember something from SERE about your own government fvcking you and the media. Could be wrong though, I have been before.
  14. Standby

    Promotion and PRF Information

    That’s criminal. I am not one to fall on my sword often, but this instance would be totally worth it to expose the fvckery going on.
  15. Standby

    Columbus T-38 down

    I am not sure if you mean “flown either black jet” or either T-38...no to the former, yes to the latter. I stated things the way I did because I find it amusing whenever A models show up on the ramp, they look brand new. In my head I conjure up a scenario where people who would be fixing things that are C-specific now spend their days on the line with a wash bucket and wax rag keeping em shiny. This wasn’t a knock on the people who use the A model, but when you compare A to C for UPT (THE primary function for the trainer) there is no question which is undeniably better for the intended use.