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  1. https://www.moldex.com/product/sparkplugs/ Much better than the 3M yellow foamies. If shooting, double up with cheapy Peltors.
  2. That could be fixed by dissolving the T-1 UPT IP manning and generating more MWS sim time. I honestly can't recall how much attention I've given to di1630s posts before, but I hope you are still serving and in a position to affect the current model. As alluded to earlier...too many get off my lawn types running around. Also good to see hindsight still writing 200 IQ responses to internet chat blabber.
  3. "Put out my hand, and touched the face of God." Gone too soon, RIP brothers.
  4. Are you a street junkie or do you track/participate in HPDE? If you are just out for a Sunday drive, no car on the road should compare to flying a fast jet or you are probably being reckless. A proper M car or an AMG GT would certainly get you pumped on the track. Driving the C7 Grand Sport to the limit on the track ranks equally with the most engaging sorties I've had. If you want a performance car skip the euro brands and get a C7 Vette. If you need 4 seats, get the ZL1. Even better, get a kart if you are close to a supermoto or karting facility.
  5. Hey folks...picked up a new assignment and giving the FSBO deal a shot. If you buy my house, I'll give you the Cub Cadet lawn tractor (and some Heinekens that fit perfectly in the cupholder) at no charge. Built in late 2017, semi-custom ranch home set in a the northern part of Ceniza Hills/Buena Vista. Easy commute to Laughlin, perfect access to the loop when it re-opens. No HOA so Wild West rules if you are into keeping junker cars and a barely-functional trampoline in your backyard. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/504-Silver-Sage-Dr-Del-Rio-TX-78840/228422165_zpid/?view=public
  6. Standby


    Thanks for the words of wisdom Dr. Phil.
  7. Resistance is futile, the future is here. I'm not senior enough to have an aid (AIDS is different, recently got educated on that through green dot training) but if someone wants to log 69+ ORM cuts a day for the remainder of my time in the seat, I'll give you like...a couple bucks or something. I have done that in the past, but performing a manual input and parsing that amount of data isn't feasible. For the haters...I guess be glad you have your current system and don't need to endure the shittiness that will be inflicted upon the squadron.
  8. I want to port our paper ORM worksheet into the digital world and dont have a lot of coding skills. Looking for a single product that allows pilots to quickly complete ORM with a database back-end for safety data analysis. Anybody currently use this process in their unit or have files they could send me to poach from?
  9. Makes sense that attrition was higher when everybody flew the T-38.
  10. Whatever you say dude. You left the white jet world 5 years ago and it sounds like you did so with a chip on your shoulder. Of the T-38 CRs I have loose knowledge about, all but the internationals were eliminated or deferred to other training pipelines. I can't speak for all of UPT but I know at our base the standard is just that. You clearly believe that a large portion of recent T-38 graduates did so without meeting CTS. Maybe it's time to re-blue and show us how to actually grade these kids and demonstrate what honest CTS looks like. Side note: since when did IFF students get Form 8s?
  11. When a T-38 student graduates from SUPT, he can fly instruments and formation per CTS as directed in syllabus. If said student magically forgets how to do these things at IFF, they should be washed out. Don't make this into an argument regarding the quality of instruction because a fucking monkey could develop these skills even in the shortened syllabus using YouTube and some words of encouragement. The burden of training FIGHTER pilots rests soundly on the shoulders of the IFF and FTU courses. The commanders of those units are also fighter pilots. You (11Fs in training command) are the gatekeepers of your community, choke yourself if your wingman can't figure out how to fly wings level parallel to flight lead in the ops squadrons because the buck was passed by your peers several times over.
  12. A lot of emphasis here on SUPT T-38 training for future fighter pilots. You don't need a fighter or bomber pilot to teach T-38 rejoins or tactical. MIF is MIF. There is a reason why IFF exists. If the product after the FTU is shit, you have nobody to blame but the 11F community. Only 11Fs teach at IFF and FTU.
  13. Which courses tag you with an S prefix and increase your deployment opportunity?
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