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  1. Right Seat Driver

    T-38 Down @ DLF

    Damn, that was probably the toughest read since Shell 77.
  2. Right Seat Driver

    AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

  3. Right Seat Driver

    AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

    Wasn't he an aide de camp for a 4-star? If so, that's what got him BTZ. Not AFPAK.
  4. Right Seat Driver

    ?s on ADSC (Active Duty Service Commitment)

    Same here. Fortunately our Sq SARM troop is shit hot and continuously checks all of the products (ARMS and Jaspersoft Go/No-Go reports) against paper MARs that we log with him that is tracked in his OCD compliant system. We only use GTIMS for FCIFs, monthly Boldface and quarterly/checkride testing because everything else with that system is Code 3.
  5. Right Seat Driver

    Aviation Continuation Pay (ACP - The Bonus)

    Dudes, there is something way better than a bonus that doesn't require you to sign anything AND you get an extra $500 a month. #StopLoss
  6. Right Seat Driver

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Are dudes seriously stopping you to make sure your crew matches? So glad the CSAF's statements on focusing on "multi-domain warfare" have reaches the masses... Oh wait, I forgot. It is the war on Airman.
  7. Right Seat Driver

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Shit, IAB was only giving out 1x green flight suits to inbounds in 2009.
  8. Right Seat Driver

    Fly-Only Track in AMC

    HPO status may have been a retention tool in the past, but I know a growing number of HPOs that are now flying for the majors.
  9. Right Seat Driver

    “Red is the new Green”

    Correct, I wasn't there. If my post is off-base then just say so.
  10. Right Seat Driver

    “Red is the new Green”

    I wanted tankers out of UPT. That aside, the tanker community needs to stop using the excuse that most of the dudes weren't the best studs in UPT to not act like professional military aviators.
  11. Right Seat Driver

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Also to replace all of the dudes jumping to the airlines.
  12. Right Seat Driver

    “Red is the new Green”

    M052 is a bullshit bean, especially because the C-17s can establish currency in the sim while other MAF aircraft can only maintain it with DMO (how's that working out MAF-wide?). You can't sit there and tell me to accomplish a sortie with a tactical scenario all at the UNCLASS level with 69 caveats that the process is worthless. Not to mention I have to coordinate with outside players such as TAC C2, DCA/OCA and ISR, etc. You think I can get a four-ship of Eagles and an RC-135 to magically show up for my little training requirement? And if I can't get external support to help out with my shitty M052 requirement I can just say the external support to the MAF mission is "notional." UFB. How about the MAF starts to actually care about Red Flags, WSINT support and the other LFEs out there. And when I say care I mean setup MPCs at both home-station and at the TDY locations to actually start getting crews to think smarter about their mission set and focus on integration. The minimally staffed AMC/A3D/V barely put in the work and pushed this pile of shit on the units. I get AMC/A3D/V is struggling, but the execution was rough. Put the time in the process before you push the product. You know get the MAF to focus on readiness and proficiency? Get rid of the risk averse atitudes that values the CFC, Christmas parties and the CGOC because they are too scared or ignorant to employ their aircraft. Fire commanders that can't execute, instruct an advocate for their unit's mission and replace them with those who can. Oh yeah, and slash the MAF Vol 1s and replace them with RAP.
  13. I assumed you weren't being sarcastic, guess the tone was lost in translation. Excellent data on an old post!
  14. Hah, it is the best I could muster at the time. No doubt the TSA agent's due diligence make me feel extra safe flying that day.
  15. I was caught off guard and basically said "I travel a lot on orders, but thank you for your service." I also didn't have the energy to expend on the discussion with the TSA agent.