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  1. Good old school video on the B-58 Hustler. It would have been awesome to see these things take-off with 4x J-79s in full blower.
  2. What a sweet jet. You can never watch enough videos of the F-106.
  3. Color me fucking surprised. Buy your jackets from Pop's Leather while you can dudes.
  4. Yeah, the way the AF manages assignments is mind-blowing. We lost a bunch of IPs with the 2014 VSP and overnight our IP numbers went to shit. So, AFPC starts scrambling to fill IP slots in the 135 only to send the the IPs that are still flying the jet to UPT or staff...only to keep running low on IPs.
  5. 135 dudes are for sure building hours like crazy. I've been in the jet for 10 years and have almost 3100 hours, and that is on the low end compared to some of my bros flying the 135 (non-flying TDYs and my four month ADO deployment cost me about 400-500 hours). Another benefit of the 135 flight time-wise is you rarely fly augmented. I've only flown augmented 6-9 times across my three ops assignments. Also, depending on crew compliment, you will probably keep you other time low. I only have about 250 hours of other time.
  6. As Lifer pointed out, the 135 is undermanned and we’re supposedly plussing up on jets and crews. The AFPC 135 functional briefed at a few bases that if you want to keep flying forever, have that conversation with your Sq/CC. Flying forever may mean Altus or UPT, but gone are the days of the rigid path of two ops assignments followed by staff. At least in the 135. I have a few bros who’ve min-turned their staff assignments to get back to the jet. It also helps if you can work an in-house re-qual versus taking a slot at the FTU post staff. RUMINT is the 135 bonus take-rate is below 16.9%. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  7. God, I forgot about this guy. While I was fortunate enough not to have too much interaction with him, the couple I had were bewildering. He stormed into tanker ops one day pissed that he had a showtime prior to 0700. My crew and I just landed after flying a 14 hour sortie only to see this short dude complaining about having to get to ops at 0700. We had no idea who he was until his crew stepped to their intel brief and Rat parked his ass in the Sq/CC's office and closed the door. The ADO filled us in that the short dude complaining about banker's hours was our warrior OG. Fast forward a week later and an FCIF drops saying crews can't wear baseball hats. No shit 6-9 days later I'm doing the walk around and across the ramp is a B-1 crew stepping to fly all wearing baseball hats. Rat is with them to fly real combat with the Bones with a baseball hat on as well. A second hand story I heard was the 340 EARS/CSS troop had to clean his O-6 parking in case the dude showed up to the squadron. Rat would apparently lose his mind if there was any sand on his spotless O-6 sign. Lead from the front gents.
  8. I remember sitting in on a wing staff meeting at EGUN in the 2015 timeframe. The comptroller was saying the wing would get a check that was going to be about $125k. He did not specify if that was for the quarter, year, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  9. Yeah, pricey for sure. eBay has some but are roughly the same price. There are a few MBU-5/Ps on eBay that are mostly complete for less than $100, but they’re missing comm cords and bayonet clips. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  10. http://www.flighthelmet.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=FHL&Category_Code=OXYM Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  11. Not to mention the Marines are weaponizing their KC-130Js. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  12. Complex answer. KC-10 Mx/MR rates are abysmal compared to 135s and the nuke mission. Side bar: I’d love to see the 135 go on forever as a 135 driver, but she’s got to retire eventually. Still, I do see the value in a 135/10 mixed force scenario. The AF needs to figure out how to replace the 10 in capability. The 46 doesn’t come close. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  13. Is this based on YG or STRDs? Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. 2! I’m not in the Army. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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