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  1. T-38 Down @ DLF

  2. IRC (Instrument Refresher Course) Info

    The local SARM shop just kicked out the due dates based on the reg change.
  3. IRC (Instrument Refresher Course) Info

    I stand corrected.
  4. IRC (Instrument Refresher Course) Info

    IIRC July of 2017 was when the new AFI was published directing the 17 months for IRC.
  5. 1801 Handling Question

    There is plenty of airspace in central Washington all the way to the eastern side of Montana. AMC should have flown the majority of the iron from another location other than TCM, such as Moses Lake. Moses Lake would have loved the extra business and it would keep everyone out of Seattle's busy airspace. The MPC should only spend .69% of their time on flight plans.
  6. KC-46A Info

    You can thank the Air Force for that one.
  7. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Hah, I am sure DFAS could handle that.
  8. C-5 Gear-Up Landing at LERT

    The 135 has landed with the nose gear retracted twice without any major damage. It is entirely different if a 135 hits a bunch of cows with the nose gear on a touch and go.
  9. Tanker to Fighter

    Perhaps, that would be par for the MAF course. However, my previous Wg/CC didn't look at what job dudes had. He wanted to see how good they were as pilots and bros and what kind of attitudes they had. One can hope that happened in other MAF wings as well.
  10. Aviation Continuation Pay (ACP - The Bonus)

    That was a rumor I heard two years ago from some senior leaders but have yet to see anything in writing. BTW, two years ago a few MAJCOM/CCs were flipping out because their Patches that happened to be school selects were leaving in droves.
  11. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The word I got from AAFES is the contractor that made the flight suit/BDU rank went TU, and AAFES is looking for a new contractor now. I had to order my rank from Vanguard. It is a lot more expensive than the AAFES brand. O-4 Vanguard runs $3.55 versus the AAFES $0.95. Good luck.
  12. KC-46A Info

    Expect the KC-46 to CHOP.
  13. U-2 Crash

    A toast...
  14. Showed up to my first operational KC-135 unit in May 2009 and was an AC by April 2011. But I volunteered to go TDY, deploy, and took weekend lines and flew my ass off. Also sought out SOAR and RT co certs to experience the other mission sets of the 135.