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  1. No doubt. The pilot crisis and retention issues also bode really well for passed over navs and other terrible officers who had no shot at O-5 or leadership positions in the old AF. You really aren't reading, seeing, or hearing. Admittedly, I've unknowingly taken vaccines grown or developed with fetal stem cells derived from abortions (discussed in detail in my RA). I sure as hell didn't know it was in them or used in development. I've also grown in my knowledge, understanding, and commitment to my faith, and it won't be happening in my body every again. I still don't understand why that offends you so much or you act like people like me are a threat. I've flown in the same airspace, been in the stack, probably bumped into you somewhere stateside...I literally can't fathom the vitriol and fear you have, it's kind of sad. Approving an RA for me would be the same situation as we were in for the first 1.5 years of the COVID outbreak before we had vaccines. I still haven't caught COVID (verified by T cell and antibody tests), and my honest observation is the military did really well overall (the huge impacts I observed were due to ROM & precautionary quarantine). My opposition is to both fetal stem cell use and RNA/DNA....both or either are a no-go for me. Whether you agree or like it, RNA/DNA/viral vector technology is brand new (logically consistent that this is different) in humans and also brand new as in never been used or injected into my body. Your argument that people can't change, grow, or do better in any type of belief or practice is also false and stupid. I'm not arguing or disputing whether or not it works or if it is healthy (even if it cured death and prevented all sickness I wouldn't be touching it). I'm 100% convinced through prayer and study of scripture that the method for how this technology works is abhorrent and wrong before my God (reference Genesis chapters 6 & 11...topic being humanity thinking it can ignore and do better then their creator). Every one of us will stand before God the creator in judgement and accountability for what we do in this life...your feelings and opinion don't change that. Good luck chasing wealth/health/pleasure in this world and thinking you can live however you want without accountability; I truly hope people like you will wake up to the truth.
  2. I addressed that in my RA with a whole page. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act and supreme court case Frazee v. Illinois clearly establish legally that there is no denominational or previous track record metric for establishing that someone has a sincerely held religious belief. Like alot of people, I had no idea that vaccines were routinely developed, researched, tested, and grown/produced using aborted fetal stem cells. I can't go back in time, just apply my beliefs now and in the future. I won't be taking any vaccines in the future involved with aborted fetal stem cells, but the RNA/DNA is also a no-go for me. I wouldn't say it is a "weak" argument. The real question for the air force is the whether or not the opportunity cost of approving my RA and keeping the leadership/aviation/mission benefit I have outweighs the benefit for health/readiness afforded by a 100% vaccination rate. We all know how it is going. I don't expect the DOD or AF to make a critical decision here when careers and perceptions are involved...the slim chance for a win will come in Federal courts or from congress. Hence...delay/degrade/deny as long as I can. Dude...people acting like you (and others on here) make it much easier for me to walk away and hold true to my own personal integrity and faith. This isn't just my loss, it's a mission capability and leadership loss. Fellow officers, pilots, Airmen, and American's are ripping each other apart as things decay around us. I may be in the 1% asking for an RA, but my personal observation is around 30-50% aren't happy with any of this. I've served pretty dam successfully and well as an officer and pilot for 13+ years now. Instead of anything substantial, you attack me to make me sound like a quaker or flat earth retard because of my faith. I would say no....all of modern medicine doesn't do this to you. Humans have never been injected with synthetic ribonucleic acid (RNA) before these COVID-19 vaccines....most modern medicines puts chemicals directly into your blood stream, they've never hijacked and replaced cellular protein production at the individual cell level (you don't seem to have even an elementary understanding of how it works comparing it to "modern medicine"). **Cue the "RNA" vaccines have been tested for 30 years, they are amazing!!! Guess you didn't read about ADE or all of the animals that died with the RNA vaccines they tested on animals only (the reason they never went to human trials).** And guess what, based on my secular health opinions and faith I (and my family) avoid pharmaceutical medical options unless they are the last/required option. We minimize x-rays, minimize processed food, and try to use hygiene/health products that are naturally derived without chemicals. Guess what....I've been a successful pilot and military aviator hacking the mish for 13 years even if you would rule me out for not being born with wings. I'd encourage you to review how ribosomes work with cellular protein production...you would see that no other modern medical process or product has ever messed with this or used synthetic RNA. That specifically is my objection. The cool part about the constitution and religious freedom is your opinion doesn't matter as long as my belief is sincere according to the law of the land. 100% bro...probably the first post I've agreed with you on and I appreciate the respectful comment. I considered MLCOA/MDCOA/threats heavily before going down this road, I'm aware of where it will likely lead. It's worth it for me.
  3. I took a break from baseops for a number of months, so I'm pretty late into this conversation. It was a challenging few months spiritually, professionally, and personally when I first began grappling with the COVID-19 vaccine in terms of the conflict between my faith and career. I've seen a lot of comments acting like those of us seeking RA's are criminals violating lawful orders, politically driven selfish trouble-makers, willful granny killers, etc. I'd like to provide cliff notes with what a believe are a strong legal and policy justification for approving religious accommodations in the AF/DOD. The reality is the DOD and any employer could choose to approve medical or religious exemptions while still mitigating and complying with the mandates/law. I did the job for 1.5 years before there was a vaccine, and I'm deployed flying in AFCENT/USAFE right now with my temporary admin exemption while my RA processes. ----------------------------------- United States Constitution: The First Amendment provides that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” This amendment clearly prohibits Congress (and the DoD as an arm of Congress) from using a specific test or requirement (religious dogma, denomination, doctrinal view, or opinion from a religious leader) to validate the sincerity or legitimacy of a sincerely held religious or faith-based belief. Further, it prohibits passage of any law (or lesser policy) that prohibits the free exercise of religion. Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA): Congress passed this law in 1993 which states “The Congress finds that- (1) the framers of the Constitution, recognizing free exercise of religion as an unalienable right, secured its protection in the First Amendment to the Constitution; (2) laws “neutral” toward religion may burden religious exercise as surely as laws intended to interfere with religious exercise;”. It further states that “(b) EXCEPTION.-Government may substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion only if it demonstrates that application of the burden to the person-(1) is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest; and (2) is the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling government interest.” Frazee v. Illinois (Supreme Court Ruling): On March 29, 1989, the US Supreme Court in Frazee versus Illinois, ruled that it is a violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment and illegal to fail to recognize a sincerely held religious belief based on the fact that it isn’t built on “tenets or dogma of an established religious sect”. In this ruling, the supreme court establishes that it is not the government’s role to question or discredit a sincere belief based on where the belief originates, rather the government should be asking 1) is this a sincerely held belief that places a substantial burden on a person…and 2) what is the least restrictive means of furthering the compelling government interest? DoD Instruction 1300.17 (Religious Liberty In The Military Services): DoDI 1300.17 “Establishes DoD policy in furtherance of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, recognizing that Service members have the right to observe the tenets of their religion”. This instruction “Implements requirements in…“The Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, and other laws applicable to the accommodation of religious practices for DoD to provide, in accordance with the RFRA, that DoD Components will normally accommodate practices of a Service member based on a sincerely held religious belief.” Paragraph 1.2.e states “In accordance with RFRA, if such a military policy, practice or duty substantially burdens a Service member’s exercise of religion, accommodation can only be denied if: (1) The military policy, practice, or duty is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest. (2) It is the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling government interest. Paragraph 2.3.b.(2).(b).3 provides the Military Department (delegated to AF MAJCOM/CC) the specific authority to approve a religious accommodation request for immunization in particular. Air Force Policy & Governing Directives AFI 48-110 (Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases): Paragraph 2-6.b.(3).(a) addresses administrative immunization exemptions and states “Immunization exemptions for religious reasons may be granted according to Service-specific policies to accommodate religious beliefs of a service member.” It further states “For the Air Force, permanent exemptions for religious reasons are not granted; the MAJCOM commander is the designated approval and revocation authority for religious immunization exemptions.” This instruction establishes a process and precedent for approving this accommodation request for a vaccine exemption, and it also provides an option to revoke the accommodation approval if or when it is no longer the “least restrictive means” of preserving the compelling government interest of mission capability, readiness, health, and safety. AFPD 52-2 (Accommodation of Religious Practices in The Air Force): Paragraph 1.2 of AFPD 52-2 states “The Air Force has a compelling government interest in mission accomplishment and will take this into account when considering Air Force members’ requests for accommodation of religious practices. This interest includes military readiness, unit cohesion, good order and discipline, or public health and safety for both the individual and unit levels.” Paragraph 1.4 also states “The Air Force will approve an individual request for accommodation unless the request would have a real (not theoretical) adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, good order, discipline, or public health and safety.” Further, paragraph 1.4 states “Airmen have a temporary exemption from compliance in the cases of medical practices or immunization while the request is pending.” DAFI 52-201 (Religious Freedom in The Department Of The Air Force): The DAFI 52-201 adequately addresses the government requirement to ensure the “least restrictive means” of meeting the compelling government interest. Paragraph 2.2 states the following: “As the right to request religious accommodation is based on the U.S. Constitution and federal statutes, it is critically important to fully consider and appropriately value an Airmen’s or Guardian’s request.” It directs reviewing and approving officials to ask two questions: · “The first question to answer is whether the request is based on expression of sincerely held beliefs (e.g. conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs). If it is based on a sincerely held belief, the relevant expression can include any religious practice…” · “The second question is whether the policy, practice, or duty from which the member is requesting accommodation substantially burdens the expression of that belief.” “A governmental act is a substantial burden to a Service member’s exercise of religious if it: o “Requires participation in an activity prohibited by a sincerely held religious belief; o “Prevents participation in conduct motivated by a sincerely held religious belief; or” o “Places substantial pressure on a Service member to engage in conduct contrary to a sincerely held religious belief.” Adverse Action & Punishment: Paragraph 1.3 states “A member’s expression of sincerely held beliefs may not be used as the basis for any adverse personnel action, discrimination, or denial of promotion; and may not be used as a basis for making schooling, training, or assignment decisions. Failure to Accommodate: Paragraph 2.7 states “If, after a thorough analysis of the above factors, the religious accommodation of Airmen or Guardians cannot be met, administrative actions that may be considered include reassignment, reclassification, or voluntary separation.”
  4. The big thing would be the usage of fetal stem cells to develop the COVID-19 vaccines. Anything beyond that is stretching their religious freedom IMO, because yes, what about all of those other vaccines? Disagree as an officer and pilot going through the Religious Accommodation process for all RNA/DNA vaccines. I have major faith based objections to how mRNA, DNA, or genetically modified viral vector vaccines accomplish what they are doing Exerts from my RA: My DNA naturally provides custom tailored instructions in ribonucleic acid (RNA) to all of the mitochondria in each of my cells. These mitochondria produce various proteins based on the natural messenger RNA received, yielding incredible results including regulation of metabolic activity, growth of new cells, tissue repair, detoxification, blood and hormone production, among many others. The fact is mRNA, DNA, and genetically modified viral based gene therapies deliberately undo and hinder my God given natural cellular processes by forcing cells throughout my body to produce a known disease-causing toxin, a spike protein very similar to that found in the COVID-19 virus. Not only would this stop my cells from performing the healthy, natural, God given functions mentioned in the previous paragraph, but I would be willingly defiling my body by accepting a modification to my natural genetic cellular function." My conviction starts with the fact that abortion is a sinful evil act, there isn't any situation it is good or right (I know most don't believe that). By using, promoting, or even tolerating products or industries that use abortion derived products, I would be creating future demand for more abortions being as the abortion industry creates billions in profits each year. The bottom line is it is wrong; I'm willing to use financial, political, and social pressure to stand up for the truth and what is right. Maybe it won't stop until Christ comes back, but I'm willing to do anything I can to reduce societal acceptance and the number of procedures...to include laying down a military pension, AvB, and stable income to maintain my integrity and honor my God while sharing my faith when I get the opportunity. Evil existing doesn't provide moral or logical justification for tolerating something that is wrong. I firmly believe a nation that tolerates and promotes the killing of innocent unborn children in the name of sexual freedom and "life-saving research" will continue to fall under harsher and harsher judgment. To me, the issue isn't HEK292 in a vacuum. All of the officially documented cell lines in use by the US medical industry have been developed by purchasing and using hundreds (I believe many more that aren't documented) of aborted children. Even more though, tens of thousands of abortions are conducted and sold for profit in the US every year. The data is very poor on where aborted fetal tissue is actually sold and used. Spontaneous abortions don't work for a medical quality product, so abortions are planned, scheduled, and modified to meet the research needs that exist. If anyone is legitimately open to learning about the magnitude and practices of the abortion industry (starting in the 60s and up to today), this research white paper written from a Christian perspective is VERY well documented with cited scientific sources for all claims. It completely debunks the 2 abortions' in the 70s claim. https://avoicefortruth.com/abortion-the-human-fetal-cell-industry-and-vaccines/ (Click the white paper link) God calls for his people to be holy and never tolerate sin. I could buy the "turn evil" into good argument if the abortion industry stopped at 1 or 2. This isn't the case; it a genocide in the millions with a growing demand and profit in the billions from the medical industry. The morality of this for me would be akin to accepting money to cure world hunger from a growing organization that was actively acquiring and selling slaves for use in the sex trafficking industry....or money from a hitman actively murdering innocent people. I've killed over 200 enemy combatants in the GWOT, and I believe I've helped hinder evil and save US and coalition lives. I've also had to tell a General and a JTAC to pound sand because a target wasn't lawful and it didn't comply with ROE, LOAC, or achieve our national strategic objectives. If I had been forced to take that shot or it became a normal thing, I'd absolutely say no and step down like I'll likely be doing in the next year. I've reached the point where God's guidance in my life through a personal walk, prayer, and scripture doesn't permit me to take these COVID-19 vaccines; my faith and following Christ are higher than any job, career, or financial incentive. On judgement day, Christ has me covered...I'm way more focused on eternity following this life than preserving my life now.
  5. I wouldn’t call myself a vax-doomer. I personally am very convinced the mRNA will be harmful long term (I hope it isn’t), but I couldn’t care less what the herd does to pursue immunity. More of a I’d like to finish my military career and be left alone by the “anti-vax-doomer SS” pushing to force me to violate my faith/integrity and advocating to keep people like me from working, traveling, etc. because they are so scared (happening in Israel of all places right now). Let me take vitamin D and Ivermectin knowing I’m 100% safe and Covid free, and I’m happy.
  6. If anyone is interested in how poor third world countries completely mitigated Covid without vaccines, shutdowns, or quarantines while the US government and medical community ignored science, this is a pretty awesome fact based scientific video from Dr Ryan Cole. Hint: Vitamin D / Ivermectin https://youtu.be/wPbxOeYAC7s For those of you that rave about the vaccine safety, you apparently aren’t concerned about facial paralysis, young healthy people dropping dead within days, miscarriages, long term headaches, etc...I’d encourage you to check the reported deaths and negative side effects in VAERS (in the tens of thousands). There isn’t even a year of data on the safety or effectiveness in a large population (that’s why you are literally part of a medical experiment). I know, the next argument will be percentages despite the fact that covid has a .4% ish fatality rate for all of us under 60. I’d also encourage you to look at how COVID has hit the Air Force: https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2184415/air-force-update-for-covid-19/ 2 hospitalizations with 0 deaths in the AD USAF force.
  7. I’m honestly surprised at how many supposed critical thinkers and skeptics on here clearly haven’t put any real effort into seeing if there is any evidence of widespread fraud. If your using google, good luck finding anything besides the official mainstream narrative (recommend DuckDuckGo.com as an unbiased search engine). I challenge anyone actually interested in data to do your own research on official absentee ballot numbers in Pennsylvania (hint...1.8 million mailed/1.4 million returned in the mail/2.4 million counted) or the four vote spikes that occurred after midnight (the largest was 330k+...97% for one candidate) with over 600k votes instantly showing up. The vote spikes are easy to find in graphs or live on any news station after midnight.
  8. Again, The messenger RNA vaccine technology used by Pfizer and Moderna is brand new...as in never(key word) used in a vaccine previously and never studied for long term effects. Sounds like a lot of people are ignorant of this fact. They aren’t putting live/attenuated/dead virus in you, they are providing messenger RNA (genetic code sequences) that provides “instructions” for your own cells/ribosomes to create COVID like proteins that lead to an immune response. https://horizon-magazine.eu/article/five-things-you-need-know-about-mrna-vaccines.html https://m.jpost.com/health-science/could-an-mrna-vaccine-be-dangerous-in-the-long-term-649253 https://www.bulatlat.com/2020/08/21/hazards-of-the-covid-19-vaccine/ https://oftwominds.cloudhostedresources.com/?ref=https%3A%2F%2Fduckduckgo.com&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.oftwominds.com%2Fblognov20%2Fcovid-vaccines11-20.html https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/coronavirus-vaccine-covid-19-cure-doctor-moderna-novavax-oxford-a9523091.html
  9. 2. Count me as a hard no for #2. If you all haven’t heard about it, Moderna and Pfizer are using genetic therapy/modification technology that has NEVER been used for a vaccine (believe it’s called CRISPR) ever before. Most currently approved vaccines use attenuated or dead virus cells to create an immune system response. Modified RNA (mRNA) used in these two new COVID vaccines will reprogram (essentially changing targeted parts of your DNA) cells to produce Covid and Covid like proteins/enzymes/etc...Add to this, it’s the first vaccine that hasn’t had trend data for at least 3-4 years to verify safety before approval for use. Moderna also hasn’t produced a single vaccine in the past. I’m not a doctor/biologist/virologist, but I’d encourage all of you to not take my word for it. Check it out on a search engine besides google. I’ve seen I Am Legend, doesn’t seem like a great idea to me.
  10. My WG/CC talked about this a little, and it sounds like AETC is issuing this guidance for any student who already belongs to AETC. If a student is owned by another MAJCOM or PCS/TDY to training at another MAJCOM, it's still a work in progress.
  11. Let’s be honest, this decision wasn’t made in a vacuum with the Corona virus. Leadership decisions and failures before are forcing this.... Considering the only “fix” to the retention issues box they put themself in is producing their way out of it, there isn’t really another option in their eyes.
  12. Believe it or not, I have an Atta-Boy for AFPC with a big personal victory. I dropped RPAs by choice out of UPT 9 years ago and re-categorized as an RPA dude in 2016. I've loved the mission and people I've worked with, but life/career/family priorities changed big time for me in 2018 (O-6+, progression, and box checking quit being the goal). In light of that, I've been pushing hard for 1.5 years to get back in the cockpit by any means possible to learn a new mission, breath some fresh air, have an adventure, and challenge myself as an aviator (while keeping family, health, and personal priorities higher than they'd been). I hit a lot of road blocks (and sacrificed what my military career had been if I'm honest), and I was in full on cards out Palace Chase job hunting mode. After being told no for a year, AFPC and my SQ/OG leadership made me an offer to return to fly on AD with the other UPT Direct dudes who were 3 years out of UPT. I've kept it close hold because it's been word of mouth only for 6 months...but they sent me to SERE, I'm flying in a T-1 refresher course right now, and I have orders for PIQ in the -135. I'm super stoked for the new opportunity and moving to Fairchild. Thanks to the bros here on Baseops that helped me navigate through Palace Chase options, cross-training, and AFPC stuff. School is out of the picture and making O-5 isn't likely (not sure promoting is the best option for me at this point anyway)....but I'll be taking a 3 year bonus along with the initial qual ADSC. And being a free agent taking it assignment by assignment is awesome so far. I have no idea what I'll be looking to do in 3-4 years, but I'm pumped to be flying again and there are ALOT of varied options I'm excited thinking about.
  13. Haven't dealt with an accompanied TDY enroute to a PCS...The plan (confirmed with my functional and commander) is to outprocess/move, head to Altus for 6 months of training with the family, and PCS to Fairchild. I'm confused on what my orders should look like (formal training & outbound assignments were clueless). I received a RIP for the training course to Altus (and a change from status 1 to 3...PCS enroute), but it didn't mention anything about my report date to Fairchild or my family. Ultimately, my immediate concern is getting orders squared away so I can setup the move with TMO. Here are the questions I have: Should I expect a second set of PCS orders with my report date to Fairchild and my family? Or does this RIP for the TDY enroute training to Altus need to be amended to include my family and Fairchild as the destination? With my family on the orders for the TDY enroute, will this change/increase the lodging per diem at Altus? Either way, we have a family crash pad setup. I'm just curious what the official number is going to be and what the source document is.
  14. So I've got some different flavor questions regarding promotion to Lt Col on the Guard or Reserve side. I'm an 09 AD dude (10.5 years exactly right now) with my IPZ board in 2023 (yea, I'm tracking the new system about to roll out). Assuming results would drop mid/late 2023 and promotion increments would go through 2024. Would being selected for O-5 on Active Duty just before or a few months after transitioning to the Guard/Reserve have any impact on promoting to O-5 after leaving Active Duty? My guess is it would be way harder to get hired into an AGR slot as an O-5...would this also likely impact being hired into a TR or Technician position? Depending on the risk here and where I'm standing in 2.5 years, tactically not finishing ACSC online to avoid O-5 on Active Duty could be a viable move (aware I may not have to with the new 5 look IPZ system). How would being passed over once or twice for O-5 on AD in the current system impact being hired into the Guard/Reserve and promoting to O-5 eventually? Is it correct that Guard/Reserve Majors automatically promote to O-5 after a certain time in rank as a Major (thought I remember seeing 6 or 7 years time in rank)? Is this only on the TR side, where as you need to roll into an O-5 billet to promote as an AGR? You have to serve as an O-5 for 3 years before retiring in that rank? I know I'm kind of all over the place...thanks for any insight.
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