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  1. Thanks for all your responses. Maybe they're trying to make it a "natural" phase out, hoping folks will choose to go to the 2 piece over the bag, hence when/if they require the two piece, it'll be an easier/smoother transition with less backlash. Who knows. But hopefully that won't happen.
  2. Saw a thread on this a while back but thought I’d get an update on the 2 piece flight suit. I’ve heard the 2 piece is mandatory for combat missions now, but what about otherwise? Will the green bag eventually be phased out, or will it remain a personal choice? Haven’t been able to find a very solid answer online other than the 2 piece now being authorized in-garrison and deployed. What about UPT? Thanks!
  3. Are FC1s still being cleared by AETC with this whole coronavirus? Already did my FC1, just waiting on the clearance/approval. I assume so, but thought I'd double check.
  4. Does anyone know how long it generally takes for a waiver to clear AETC after FC1? A waiver not related to height (which I've heard that one takes 3-4 months)? The docs at Wright-Patt were saying I should know in the normal period (30-60 days), but just wanted to hear general timelines for folks. Thanks.
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