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    My dad flew tankers, fighters, and helos. It can be done and has been done by quite a few people. Some dudes in tankers now would make great fighter pilots. Some pilots flying fighters now should be on tankers. Your assignment out of UPT is exactly that; an assignment. It’s not your destiny.
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    ”I better not catch you looking at the damn sky NAV!” OK, just shut up and drive me to work. Point the jet where I tell you to, follow the bars, and mash that pickle button when I say so. We'll get along just fine. 😎
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    Heads down like prison rules... ”I better not catch you looking at the damn sky NAV!”
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    I have 950 hours in the F-4 pit, mostly E and G. That was hard physical work, but I liked the G a whole lot because its EW system was 30 years ahead of its time.
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    Because Uncle Sam only lets us fly jets when he wants us to.
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    Their planes won't last more than 2 years if my TV is any indication
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    They are in the process of combining COT with the rest of the population here at TFOT starting with class 19-03. Everyone will attend the same 8 week course minus a few COT AFSC's that will only have to do 6 weeks. From the way the staff here has been explaning it, the merger is still in the works and is an ongoing process to iron out some last minute details. But, sure as the sunrise, everyone will be mixed together this coming January. Also, Det 12 is no more, we're the last class. Leadership and Cadre from the 12th will still be around, but will no longer be autonomously owned like they have been for many years (separate leadership from the 24th and 23rd guys). Might explain why you're recieving these emails. Best of luck.
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    Seen it fought and lost...you will not be able to retire until the 4 years is served. If you can't stomach 4 more years in the AF, then don't transfer your GI bill.
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    No you cannot remove the ADSC, they will make you serve it out. I transferred to my daughter and then a month later changed my mind. I revoked the transfer and tried to get the ADSC removed and the AF refused. I took this all the way to the AFBCMR, it took about 18 months for their decision and I lost the case. I argued that this commitment is the only one where the AF has spent no money or resources and the implication on the application that the ADSC can be removed with revocation of benefit. When you apply for the transfer there used to be some language in the application that said something like "Revoking this transfer does not AUTOMATICALLY remove the ADSC." This language implies that there is a way to remove the commitment, but it just doesn't happen automatically. In the end, I served the entire 4 year commitment. I would not count on being allowed to retire before the commitment is up.
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    Let’s be honest, there’s no plan.
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    What Yaweh said. I had my PPL, but going to IFS and getting a general idea of how the UPT structure works was helpful.
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    There has been a rumor that if you have your PPL you have a choice to attend IFS/IFT (whatever it's called now) and if you do have the choice, is it worth it to hold off on the PPL, or just go through with it? -Sophomore-Embry Riddle Prescott-about to attend FT/LEAD. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    Haha no! She was just a random lady at the bar who got mad at me presumably because she thought I was hitting on her friend or something. I don’t wanna get kicked out of this thread for being off-topic though so I’ll just leave it at that for now lol. In any case I’ll leave that out of the cover letter then I suppose!
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    This is definitely a troll account. He just downvoted UPTapplicant2017 10 times in a row after being called out, and he also sent me a PM claiming to be infamous [aspiring] fighter pilot extraordinaire Derek Polkamp while badgering me to send him my application video. Derek Polkamp is a commercial pilot and this dude claims he failed 4 PPL checkrides, two of which were in the last three days (as if that wasn't already unrealistic enough). 100% troll, 0% smooth about it.
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    Sure man. And you expect everyone here to also believe you took a checkride two days in a row. As if any CFI, crappy or not, would ever approve that, and as if it would even be possible with wait times.

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