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    "For the Air Force, the majority of the Class C mishap increases came from cargo aircraft such as the C-130H Hercules and C-17A Globemaster, particularly from physical injuries when airmen were conducting maintenance or loading or unloading the aircraft." Sweaties! I knew it! Remember folks...don't lift with your back...always lift with your E's!
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    I’ve told him to his face why at one of his “CGO round tables” on why pilots are leaving. It’s time he starts firing some wing commanders who are still propelling the queep monster while their pilot exec minions’ 90 day time is in the low tens.
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    How about when investigators find TS/SCI information on an unauthorized , unclassifed, and unprotected email server?
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    I bought the David Clark H10-13.4 for my PPL training. It's the same one they use for SIMs here at UPT. I think its pretty durable and made well but won't break your wallet like a Bose headset. I wouldn't buy anything crazy expensive until you know for sure that you will be doing GA beyond a PPL.
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    Odd, I seem to recall Comey saying Hillary should not be charged...
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    Good details to know. Most military dudes -- even those who are somewhat light on multi PIC time -- won't spend very long at the regionals (6-24 months), and could get caught in one of these traps.
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    The 2nd and 3rd order effects of cancerous leadership philosophies and a lack of mission focus sometimes take time to manifest themselves...especially when many of the problems were being masked by commanders (and line bros) who are conditioned/socialized to never say "no" or "can't". I always giggle about the "fields of friendly strife" quote from MacArthur that the AF loves to use, and how the Air Force conveniently forgets its corollaries about what fruits are later borne by mediocrity.
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    Two issues here: 1. Sitting in on TS/SCI meetings without a clearance is troubling....HOWEVER, the President of the United States is the ULTIMATE declassification authority...IF he approves the adminstrivia is meaningless. Is it a bad optic, absolutely...illegal, nope. 2. Lying or emitting details on an SF-86 - 100% a crime that should be punished.
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    I bought my David Clark H10-30s 19 years ago, and they are still going strong. Don't get sucked into the gadgets. They are nice if you fly 500 hours a year, but a quality set of passive DCs will work great for your PPL and occasional GA flights down the road.
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    https://www.amazon.com/KORE-AVIATION-P1-Aviation-Headset/dp/B01CBJ29C4/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1523414589&sr=1-4&keywords=aviation+headset https://www.amazon.com/KORE-AVIATION-Silicone-Replacement-Aviation/dp/B017ZMU20I/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1523415547&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=ORE+AVIATION+Ultra+Plush+Silicone+Gel+Ear+Seal+Replacement+for+Pilot+Aviation+Headset If you'd like to minimize what you spend on a headset that will easily get you through your PPL and beyond, consider this one from Kore. I have two of these for when I take passengers and have never had any complaints, and the price is hard to beat given the quality and reputation Kore continues to build. The Amazon reviews speak for themselves. The ear cups that come with them are okay, but I'd recommend the gel cups in the link above. With that said, I've worn the same set of DC H10-20s since 2003 and probably do about 30-40 hrs of GA flying each year and they're still going strong. They're comfortable and for GA flying, I actually prefer NOT having noise cancelling due to the fact I can hear subtle changes in power better. In my opinion, spending money on something along the lines of the A20 is overkill, unless you can afford it/think you'll use this headset for a long time or professionally down the road. I don't know what Herk guys fly with, but I believe KC-135 guys are issued A20s. C-17s still fly with DCs but hopefully they'll eventually get A20s down the road, so depending on if/when you get hired with a unit, you may get a pair anyway that you can buy the civilian adapter for.
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    It's hard not to form opinions regarding behavior. What is a rational person to think when classified information is found on a home brew server and nothing comes of it? Was that server subpoenaed and searched by the FBI? No. Did the FBI conduct a dawn no-knock raid of the home to search for documents/computers/etc. that contained classified information? No. Did legal advisors, also under investigation, to the person who concocted the home brew server have their home(s) raided and searched? No. Those persons were also given legal immunity. Did the FBI record any interviews with the people connected with the improper handling of classified information? No. Again, the legal counsel that was under investigation that was given legal immunity also served as legal counsel to another person under investigation. Were any indictments brought about after requested phones and computers were destroyed by those that were under investigation? No. Lastly, does the legal statute governing the prosecution for improper handling of classified information contain the word "intent" anywhere within it? No. A common thread through this process and the lack of prosecutorial interest happens to be a couple of names who happen to be investigators with the power to drive the scope and direction of the investigation. I'm sure that it's just coincidence. If you have any doubt of this, I would suggest you duplicate the home brew server in your house and store some classified information on it. Tip off the FBI and let us know how that works out.
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    You mean besides an aging fleet and all your experience sprinting to the door when their ADSC is up?
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    For those considering a gig in the regionals, here's some info on Air Wisconsin's "up to $57k" bonus. It doesn't incur any contractual time obligation; however, there are points at which the money is considered "earned" and no longer subject to payback, as detailed below. $5k paid on first paycheck. Earned following IOE. $26k paid upon completion of IOE, with a potential additional $8k to be paid as detailed below. If you leave the company less than one year prior to date of hire you owe the entire amount back. If it's paid back in the current tax rate you repay the net, BUT if it's repaid in the next tax year, you owe the gross. This can be a BIG deal. at 13-24 months you would owe back a pro-rated amount based on the months with the company to 24 months, after which it's considered earned. $10k paid on first anniversary, earned on a pro-rated monthly basis. Remaining $8k paid quarterly after year 3 if you haven't upgraded to Captain yet (unlikely, as upgrade times are 18-24 months, probably less) The additional $8k on the post-IOE bonus is tricky for military guys. Everything published says you need to have an ATP when hired and come from a part 121, 135, or 91K job, with a type in a CREW aircraft >12.5k MGTOW. For military guys you just need the ATP and type rating in the crew airplane >12.5, no requirement for 121/135/91K experience. That means if you flew the T-1 (and got the type) and have an ATP in hand, you get the money subject to the payback schedule detailed above.
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    C-17s, T-6s, and C-208s.
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    You are fine for LASIK. You won't qualify for pilot applicant unless you get LASIK. You might qualify for CSO applicant.