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    Trend item: dudes are afraid to divert, go around, or eject. First step is admitting we have a human factors problem...several years ago I randomly had a bro in the backseat during a sortie (he MND'd, decided back seat was better than queep); a standard shitty wx approach to mins with rain/wet runway and extreme canopy pooling - it was his, "we just passed the 5 board" that made me go around. I was fixated on trying to land and time distortion made me feel like we couldn't possibly be more than 1.5K to 2K down the 10K runway. No good divert and the next try he called my flare off the RALT. Only time in my life I was glad to be in a D-model. Point is, canopy pooling is a real bitch and we have a cultural problem to some extent regarding decisions to divert, go around, or eject. Now that I"m more experienced I feel like it's less of an issue personally (but not totally gone), but I see it fairly strong in the younger guys - it's a thing. Monday morning QB'ing is great and all, but it's better to acknowledge this issue and be proactive in teaching the less experienced to understand when to divert, go around, or eject and more importantly, make them truly feel such actions are the right thing and not looked down upon.
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    Long live Midnight Hot. How that was some of the highlights of being up late over there.
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    I guess Midnight Hot means nothing to you?
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    I went from 73 to 89 in the <80hrs or whatever section after retaking the TBAS. During that time period I had accumulated a little flight time and increased my GPA at school, but only by a bit. I think I just did a ton better after learning from the first one.
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    Saw recently that the 2016 averages for AFOQT score from AFRC boards were: Pilot - 91 Navigator - 76 Academic - 69 Quantitative - 63 I think with some studying you could move yourself into that ballpark if you really applied yourself. It's a standardized test - there are strategies and methods that will help you succeed. Work on your weakest areas and put a lot of time into mastering the pilot and academic sections if you can. There are tons of free and otherwise cheap resources out there. Practice a bunch and figure out how you can do your best, efficiently with the time limits. In the time since I took the TBAS in 2015 (and signed the non-disclosure paperwork about the test content...) I've seen some flashcards have emerged online that can help you get better at certain parts of the test. Not bashing anybody's integrity, but smoke em if you got em I guess. Read more about how the multi-tasking portion is scored and stuff. I retook the TBAS once, and I found that just taking it a second time helped tremendously. My PCSM went from like a 73 to an 89.
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    He will be treated as the flavor of the month by the liberal rags. I bet he will be signing huge advances for books and movie deals and get all the Starbucks coffee he can drink for free. Manning and himself will be appearing as husband and wife at Gay pride events.This is what happens when you lower enlistment standards to fill the ranks, hell he washed out of Coast Guard boot camp but made it to Sgt in the Army ,WTF.
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    Below average IQ and brass balls, I imagine.
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    I'll add on to the C-130 pile. All AD slick C-130s are J (Yokota is in transition). So you have Dyess, Little Rock, Ramstein, and Yokota. Oddly enough, I've done more cool shit in the C-130J during my last assignment to the 61 AS than previous two assignments in the E and H.
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    Two dudes in the active duty where I am a guard guy just got approved pc with non concur from sq/cc, wg, and AFPC. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums