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    Here at a major airline, if I think about flying my flight duty period has started ....
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    It isn't worth the breath to even try and rationally discuss use of force philosophy with someone trying to attack the treatment their violent criminal relative received from a fellow citizen.
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    Dude....stellar. With those scores and your resume, I'm certain you could get an interview at any unit in the country. I'm not sure about the ETP, though. I know a unit near me was doing age wavers for prior commissioned, so anything is possible. One of the more experienced guys will have to answer that, though.
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    No bro, if you’re just having coffee and waiting for brief time to start. Am I not allowed to look at mission slides before official brief time? some of you guys are so official it’s amazing anything gets done.
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    Interesting to hear from other corners of the AF about this policy. We all have our own context, which I think affects the perception of whether this change is good or bad. For example, it never occurred to me that I should factor in transit to/from a hotel into my 12 hours; I'm accustomed to living a 5 minute walk from my aircraft. There have been times weather was rolling in and the whole crew is awake sitting around looking at mission slides, and if we don't move takeoff time 45 minutes left we'll be stuck on the field while an op is happening elsewhere. Of course we asked for a crew rest waiver-- we're all feeling great and if we don't leave earlier than expected, we miss the action. I see this change as enabling those situations, but that's my context. I haven't experienced a CC pushing me to fly when I know I'm unsafe. I guess some folks are afraid they'll be pressured into flying an extra leg when everyone is beat, or worried they won't have enough time to check in/out of the hotel. I don't have any response except: be a professional, know your limits, and speak truth to power. From my viewpoint, this change pushes authority to people with the best ground truth of a situation. If you have no faith in those people and have been previously relying on regs to protect you.... well, that sucks.
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    This change is going to work people to the bone and possibly kill them, what a terrible idea.
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    Yes it is your right, and unfortunately I've seen good people get burned for exercising good judgement. Allowing waivers for crew rest at lower levels even when PIC is final authority weakens his ability to do so without possible reprisal in the form of poor feed back on OPRs for not being a "team player". Sure I've said no to many, but I've also had really good commanders 90% of the time that backed me up each time, I've seen many whom have not been so lucky. This is a bad idea, more rest is always better even when you request a waiver your probably better off going to the hotel that night. The only time I'd even entertain a waiver is if we were stuck in a less than ideal situation for crew rest and continuing on would set us up better in the long run, but that's rare.
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    The only reason Cleared Hot made it to where he is is because of his rank and position. It had nothing to do with his talent, drive, or personality. Nor with his ability to think big. Plus, it's not possible to network with others until you get command and/or O-6+. As someone who also never made SQ/CC, I recommend you give up and accept something less.
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    I think that pegged the fabulosity meter at full rainbow.