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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone know of a place in Pueblo Colorado to known out the remainder of the PPL requirements after IFT is complete? I'm looking to take leave to get that knocked out, preferably on the same air frame (DA20) while it's all fresh. One place I found there was giving me email kick backs, which is never a good sign.
  2. Hey everyone, I've been considering applying to OTS for a while now. I've been studying various AFOQT books, reading about things online, talking to pilots, etc. I contacted a recruiter, and he sent me some generic OTS documents. What really struck me was this: I haven't moved forward with the process, mainly because I don't have a Private Pilot's License. I only have an hour of flight time. I'd like to get my PPL before applying, but is it really necessary? I'm sure it would improve my chances, but I'm wondering how true the "1% chance" thing is. I realize this has been discussed somewhat in other topics, but I haven't seen anyone directly address how OTS is currently dealing with pilot hopefuls who do not have PPLs. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. For 13N's, 18X has been added to the Crossflow board. This means that every VML, Officers will Crossflow to 18X. This is a huge opportunity because an application is not needed for the November board. No AF 215, but a PCSM of 60 is needed and a current certified Flight Class Physical. Also, your TCSFD must line up. I'm not aware of how Crossflow is offered to non-13N's, but I would think this opportunity would be available elsewhere as well. A PCSM of 60 is very competitive if you do not have a PPL or hours. In comparison to the November board, a PCSM of 10 is the minimum requirement.
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