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  1. What's the process on trades anyway? Both parties send AFPC an email?
  2. I got all my RIPs today with training dates for my RPA training. Talk with your UTM (unit training manager). Your base finance coding place should send the RIPs to them. Won't be starting until late summer. Gives me lots of time to study
  3. Everyone will have to go TDY to wright patt AFB to finish their MFS. Medical Flight Screening. Before going to IFS or UPT. myPers has all the PSDMs. If you want to plan out your career locations try your ADP (airman devopment plan). Or if your family has special needs children you can only get certain bases based on the accommodations there, but of course AFPC needs to know.
  4. I suspect they are number crunching right now to see how many they are going to need? Not sure, just a guess. I would send up my triple S now but I'm afraid without the official announcement they will kick it back. Patiently awaiting the PSDM without calling AFPC.
  5. For 13N's, 18X has been added to the Crossflow board. This means that every VML, Officers will Crossflow to 18X. This is a huge opportunity because an application is not needed for the November board. No AF 215, but a PCSM of 60 is needed and a current certified Flight Class Physical. Also, your TCSFD must line up. I'm not aware of how Crossflow is offered to non-13N's, but I would think this opportunity would be available elsewhere as well. A PCSM of 60 is very competitive if you do not have a PPL or hours. In comparison to the November board, a PCSM of 10 is the minimum requirement.
  6. They just added 18X to the Crossflow! This means you don't need to have a traditional application to the board if you desire 18X. I expect to see the PSDM in August as usual. If you do a little research you'll note that heavies are seriously undermanned in certain year groups and they are also creating incentives for fighter pilots to stay longer. 18X is still required to be at 65 CAP (Combat Air Patrols) this year. Yes, there will likely be a slight draw-down. The Air Force needs more pilots, so I wouldn't stress about not having a board.
  7. When not at war, morale and sense of purpose are issues that infantry will face as well, not just RPA squadrons. Currently, the United States owns over 8,000 remotely operated aviation systems and over 12,000 robotic ground systems. Obviously, we need operators for these systems. In terms of RPA Pilots, the USAF has over 1,400 and has a forecasted demand of 1,700+ with 65 continuous CAP (Combat Air Patrols) this year. The overall RPA community has grown from 2,100 personnel in 2005 to an expected 9,900 for 2017. With 1,400+ RPA pilots, there are currently 6,500+ airlift/tanker pilots a
  8. Concerning A2/AD, RPAs remain "untested" but not incapable. We have no idea how the RQ-170 is currently being employed nor are we aware of its most formidable capabilities. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that an RPA could be equipped and programmed to react to A2/AD. What we need is an ideal RPA platform that has sensors, speed, and countermeasures to address A2/AD threats. RPAs, when programmed and equipped to do such, could instantly identify threats, employ countermeasures, and adapt strategy in real-time. A simple example would be: An RPA equipped with an AN/ALE 50, faced with
  9. RQ-4's Beale AFB Grand Forks AFB MQ-1's* March ARB Davis-Monthan AFB Hector IAP Ellington Field/Ft Polk Hurlburt Field Whiteman AFB Springfield IAP MQ-9's Ellsworth AFB Berry Field Hancock Field/Ft Drum MQ-1's* & MQ-9's Creech AFB Nellis AFB Holloman AFB Cannon AFB *All Predator pilots will be transitioned to Reaper in the near future
  10. The past decade for RPA mirrors the rapid evolution of combat airpower during World War I: a wave of great ideas, tactics, and technology, brought from air-minded communities flowed in faster than our ability to field them and slower than the land forces would have liked them. But like the Rickenbackers and Lufberys of their day, it was the RPA lieutenants and captains, staff sergeants, and senior airmen who took these new instruments of airpower, as imperfect as they were, and integrated them into the evolving fight, transitioning the platforms from reconnaissance-only to true multirole Intel
  11. It's all about ISR/CAS. We need to do whatever helps the boots on the ground and gets the bombs on target. RPA's are changing air power whether we're prepared for it or not. If you want to strap a fighter or heavy to yourself, so be it, but you're in the wrong forum for that.
  12. How many applied this year and got picked up for RPA? Talked to the civilian POC at AFPC in 2013 and he said that 32 RPA slots went unfilled that year. Has anyone heard anything similar this year? What are our numbers this year?
  13. Actually, I bought a $10 book, "The Total Money Makeover" and listen to FREE radio and podcast. Normal in America is perpetual car loans, mortgages, student loans, financing vacations, and credit card debt. I'm sick of normal. Here's his plan http://www.daveramsey.com/new/baby-steps/. (also FREE) The tough part is actually doing it (believe me).
  14. I've talked with my leadership, AFPC for both my careerfield and Pilot, and I've done everything I can do to go for the 2014 board. It's not going to happen, they will not sign my paperwork purely based on not wanting to release me early. I will be on station here for a solid 4 years at the very least until my code 55 expires in December of 2014. AFPC said I would get orders to a new base to crossflow in January of 2015 and this is bad. The 2015 board is my last opportunity as an officer without a waiver to apply. I've been pushing to get "Extended" one VML cycle so I can stay at my base l
  15. Sounds like you've made a few financial mistakes to be in this situation. You need hope and you need a plan. I strongly recommend Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" book. Follow the 7 Baby Steps. Watch this vid, it's only 5 min. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b--HwXE3064
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