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  1. Thanks for the reply Pawnman. Is this something new or has it been like this for years? I saw a few post talking about super scores being something new (starting in 2019).
  2. I saw a couple of forum post on Reddit about the Airforce recently allowing AFOQT Super Scores, meaning that if you do a retake they will take the higher scores between your original attempt and your 2nd attempt. Reddit forums seem to show conflicting information as some say super scores only apply if you fail verbal and/or quant and will only be applied to those sections. Others forums seem to imply that it applies to all sections. Does anybody know how these AFOQT super scores work? Here's a link to the Reddit post for reference: Can the AFOQT be super scored? : airforceots (reddit.com) Thanks!
  3. @elvis: That’s encouraging. Which unit did you get picked up at if you don’t mind me asking? I looked at at one of your previous post and you had 300+ flying hours. I only have about 40 flight hours and no PPL. I’m working on getting one though. Besides your flying hours, what other areas helped you stand out to get an interview? Did you have any additional pilot ratings?
  4. @Kiloalpha: If I was looking at the right post, you seemed to use the same study materials as me when I first took it. So maybe I just need to study/practice harder and focus on conquering one section at a time. I’ll have to look at more GRE/SAT prep stuff too. What about ACT/ASVAB test prep stuff? Do you think they’d help as well? @gatsby: I just downloaded that app and the barons GRE vocab last night too. I hope these will help. Please let us know if they help you when you take the test. @Zoom22: I’m going for Grd/Res fighter units. From what I can tell they seem to be super competitive so I want to make sure my application looks great from all angles.
  5. I took the AFOQT last year and did really well in my Pilot (93) but sucked in every other category (44-Nav, 36-Academic, 28-Verbal and 47- quantitive). I studied for the test using some test prep books and the online practice questions but still managed to underestimate it and score poorly. The hardest part of the test for me was the first 3 sections (Verbal Analogies, Arithmetic Reasoning, and Word Knowledge) I can guarantee that these were the sections that destroyed my scores because everything else seemed relatively easy. The two verbal sections I screwed up on because of my lack of vocabulary and the time constraint. The Arithmetic Reasoning section I scored poorly primarily due to the time constraint. I was expecting a timer to be projected up on a wall to know exactly how much time you have left but instead all we got were random time call outs. I think I managed to get through half of the Arithmetic Reasoning problems due to this. With all that said, what are some pro study/test taking tips that could help me improve my scores particularly in those areas? What are the best ways to tremendously improve my vocabulary for the test? Id like to get everything in the 80s and 90s the next time I take it. I know I could do better but I’m currently not fast enough on the Arithmetic Reasoning and not knowledgeable enough on the vocab.
  6. Tighten up chief. Life is about how many L’s you can take and keep moving forward. Mcbush had great advice. Do a debrief, look for ways to improve your chances next time.
  7. Okay man thanks. I saw that lol, but I see what you are saying. To me it didn’t make sense at first because I interpreted you as if you were saying they weren’t taking any unsponsored candidates at all when on the document it had quite a few. But you’re saying it sounds as if they won’t be taking very many if any in the near future. So I understand you now. So those sponsored guys on the list are guys that applied directly to the unit and got accepted? And btw I’m not really trying to go unsponsored either, I just wanted to learn more about what it is. I’m currently going to push for Guard units first.
  8. Idk what the lastest board FY number was. But I’m looking at the actual documents that have the selection board results for 18-01 and 18-02 sent to me by my recruiter. In it it shows 5 out of the 20 candidates selected were unsponsored in 18-01. And 7 out 23 selected were unsponsored in 18-02. And there was another 11 unsponsored candidates selected as alternates in 18-02. In addition to that the UFT 18-02 results document states: “18-02 was the most competitive to date with extremely high AFOQT/PCSM scores and flying hours. Additionally, board 18-02 reviewed the largest unsponsored pool in nearly two years. Due to the large number of unsponsored and four UFT boards remaining in FY18, 18-02 implemented an alternate list for UPT selects” Not going against the IP, I’m just going based off the document my recruiter sent which appears to be past UFT results. I would post the document here but because it was sent to me personally and it has the names of the selectees on it, I don’t believe it’d be appropriate. P.S What is MAF and LNO?
  9. Thank you for your quick response. However, Iooking at the AFRC 18-01 and 18-02 selection board results it appears that they had a lot of unsponsored selectees for UPT. In fact the 18-02 board states that it had the largest unsponsored pool in nearly 2 years. I will say that several of the unsponsored guys were selected as alternates.
  10. Can you get an Unsponsored UFT slot with the AFR and then pick up a sponsor from an ANG unit at some point in the process? Also when you go unsponsored, will they start your training before you get a sponsorship or they will only let you start training when you get sponsored?
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