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  1. Thank all of you for your input! They called him this morning and had him come in at 8 due to a cancellation in their schedule! No hernia!! Said it could be a varicocele or more probably a muscle strain. Going back in two weeks!
  2. Hey you guys! This is an odd situation. I am posting on behalf of my fiancé, whom has no idea I am posting and would be incredibly embarrassed if he knew I was lol. I am trying to find out how to encourage him and know what steps we should take next. (Also, don't give me crap for being on the forum, because I too am trying to go to the AF as a physician and am not here just as a lurking fiancé lol) My fiancé got a Pilot Slot with his OTS class beginning in June. A month or so ago, we were at the gym and he gave me this look that I knew meant "Oh crap, I screwed up". That night, right above his testicle, more in the fatty pubic region, he had some pain and swelling. We iced it and I had him take some inflammatory medications and they worked (which is weird if it was a hernia). So, we went to the physician, who said he didn't feel a hernia and since it had gotten better with ice and medication, didn't believe it to be one. The swelling was not hard, did not tunnel inside. It felt like the inflammation present when you hurt your knee. A month has passed and he has been working himself back into the gym and jogging slowly. After he jogs or if he stands and walks around for 12 hours a day, he will be a little sore and possibly a little swollen, but is significantly better than the initial injury presented. He has been improving and is able to increase weights and activity. Since he is still sore occasionally, he was referred to a urologist. The appointment is not for about 2 weeks, so you can imagine the stress and anxiety that he is feeling knowing that this may interfere with his Pilot slot. He has no waivers at all from MEPS or the Flight Physical. My question to you is muscle or hernia? If it is a hernia, should he get it repaired or tough it out? Will he lose his class slot? Will he be able to reschedule the class date? If he does have surgery, can he recover in time and still go in June? Are his chances ruined? He worked so hard for this pilot slot, and he is beating himself up as you can imagine. I am looking for any advice or hope that I can give him to help him get through the next few weeks, and even if he has a hernia. Anything will help me be able to help and encourage him through this time! Thank you!
  3. Thank you so much! This was so clarifying and helpful!
  4. All of that sounds fine to me. I know we aren't married, but might as well be and will be when it is time. No rush. Thanks for your insight!
  5. If he doesn't go to Del Rio, and goes to Enid instead, that would be great too! My state's medical school is an hour away! But, I am fine either way!
  6. He's always the DD for the guys lol. Thank you for everything! We don't like to text constantly and talk about nothing! We would both rather talk once about stuff that actually matters! This is his dream and I am not going to stand in his way because we wouldn't talk enough lol
  7. Lol that bad huh? Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
  8. Hello! I am just wanting some "what to expect" information for what it is like to be a Air Force Pilot Wife. My boyfriend (of 5 years) was selected to attend the Air Force's Pilot school. This is WONDERFUL and I could not be more proud of him! We are both civilians, although his brother is a loadmaster in the Air Force. I know the Officer-vs-Enlisted lifestyles is very different. My s/o wants to be a Fighter Pilot, but of course I know that it all depends on his placement in his class and all of that. So any information about that is great! Although he is graduating college in May and entering the DEP program. I do not graduate until next May. I am 22 year old pre-medical major with intentions of going to Medical School (he is 25). I have even considered joining the AF as an ER physician. I think it is a blessing I will still be in school wth my friends while he is doing his trainings before UPT, so I am not incredibly worried about the long-distance thing. We have done the long distance thing and we both make it a point to realize we don't want to make the only time we talk to be bickering about silly, trivial things. I don't have any trust issues with him and we are both very secure in our relationship because we communicate very well. He doesn't drink, but enjoys going out with friends and I am perfectly fine with that! (P.S. we don't want kids anytime soon if that is relevant). I really look forward to all of your insight!
  9. (Posting for S/O) "My recruiter told me the Selection Committee for OTS boards meets up in February, and told me they will call somewhere in March. I was just wondering if anyone that has been selected in the February boards knew about how long it took for them to be notified? Like when exactly they meet and when they decide and notify. Obviously this is a very nerve-wracking month for me and I need a time line lol"
  10. I saw those that had really low PCSM scores and it blew my mind until I talked to my commander and his first PCSM was a 9 and it made me feel so much better about mine lol
  11. My #1 is Pilot, and #2 is CSO. Definitely AD!
  12. When you go through the process of applying for OTS, after you're done with the tests and paperwork, your recruiter sets you up with an interview with the commander of wherever they are located. Mine just happened to be in Nashville at the MEPS station. So, after that interview, the commander filters through their applications and ranks them according from outstanding to not so much. They then send those packets to the board along with the commanders comments and rankings. My recruiter called me to tell me that I was ranked "top of my class", which just means #1 out of all people that commander interviewed.
  13. I am applying for AD boards, but no, I am not currently enlisted.
  14. Thanks guys, I know it is not always a clean cut answer. I was just wondering how much of a sway the commanders' ranking helped me since I know my scores are a little low. I think the entire station is sending upwards of 30 and so that puts me ranking #1/30 something. @bb17 @Kiloalpha
  15. (Posting for S/O) Hello! "I have posted a few months ago about my chances to getting selected for a pilot slot in the rated boards in February. My question now is this: My recruiter called me and told me my commander that I interviewed with put me as top of my class that is going for the same boards. While I am elated, I want to know how much this is going to help my chances to get into the boards? Does this have a lot of pull or is it just a formality? I will attach my last post so you can see my test scores and background." 24 Years old. My degree is a BA in Theology, I have a 3.6 GPA. I have years of experience in managing positions with numerous people under me. I also have a lot of leadership and community service experience. I am NOT ROTC so I am applying for an OTS position. Here are my scores for my AFOQT 78/85/37/57/23. I do not have any flight hours at all, so that puts my PCSM at a 40, of course if I had flight hours it would be in the 70's. Thanks so much!
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