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  1. Yes, select and non-select, myself the latter.
  2. Selective continuation board details posted yesterday for CY22B Major LAF-A,F,I,N,X and CY22B Captain LAF-J.... does not list any Critical AFSCs like previous years.... something to read into there?
  3. What did you end up going with? I recently acquired a restored vintage receiver and had it in my living room for 2 months before I got vetoed by the wife due to no remote control. It now resides in the bedroom.
  4. Depends on when you need the money...within next couple years? Savings account (preferably "hi yield") would likely be your best bet. If you don't really need it for 5-10 years or more, your options are more varied, and many on here and elsewhere would suggest dollar cost averaging (or not who cares) into a low-cost index fund. Alternatively you could go put it on black.
  5. The AF still has to follow federal law (DOPMA), which stipulates the amount of looks officers get. I'm guessing this is part of the reason why the 5 IPZ idea hasn't been implemented.
  6. Request username change to Slow-Smooth-Fast Cheers
  7. Or maybe just an acknowledgement of material reality vs. cost of stealth systems? Do we need an all-stealth force to effect deterrence?
  8. This will likely be the event that causes the civilians to embrace us and toss off their backwards ways.
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