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  1. If you like the Cirrus wait until you discover Lancair, 200kts cruise, glass in front, side stick and only $235k
  2. Maybe thats what Himat was really about.
  3. Personally I like the Pro size but I like to be able to zoom out when I want to see a bigger section, i also think the larger size is nice when dodging weather. I always used to fold my sectionals to this size so kinda what I'm used to. I have flown with folks using the smaller size and all I can suggest is like most aviation things it comes down to personal preference. I used my DC with an adapter for years as I had the single plug version for when flying rotor and used the two prong adapter when flying GA fixed wing. I always thought they were fine and actually preferred them only reason I changed to newer noise canceling DC is due to duration of flights being longer and new materials making the headsets lighter.
  4. I have questions 😁 especially for the Raptor pilot
  5. It's amazing to me how much less bulky and cumbersome the space suits are. I can only imagine some of the U2 guys look at those and thinking wishful thoughts.
  6. Maybe he was the SpecOpsFighterPilot.....ðŸĪŠ
  7. I was able to message with one of the guys who will be flying in the event last night, for anyone interested. Show center will be the WW2 memorial, he said anywhere on the mall will be good viewing, apparently the list of participating aircraft is still growing and is getting larger than what is listed on the website.
  8. I've been to Oshkosh five times flew in myself three of those times, always got the yellow dot 😉. A 250 warbird flyover though would even top Oshkosh
  9. Anyone have any insider info on this event, I know it has been pushed back to September. Generally wondering if it will be worth the trip to DC, possible best viewing locations,etc.. It sounds like a once in a lifetime type event, Oshkosh on steroids https://ww2flyover.org
  10. back when you could see your PW working
  11. Is Shaw far enough away to avoid canceling? May 16-18 Was looking forward to TBirds and Viper demo
  12. Truth about United Airlines finally comes out
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