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  1. Saw that plane here last summer in KBOI during fire season. Glad the crew is alright.
  2. It takes a minute to Google all those answers. 🙄
  3. That statement will be hilarious when your post is over four hours old 🤣
  4. I thought it was interesting that the NTSB report list this as "Air racing/Air show event" I don't think that was an accidental typo.
  5. RegularJoe

    Gun Talk

    Right with ya!! Picked mine up yesterday
  6. Not sure but it's a little far south to be seal clubbing isn't it? 😆
  7. Any Ospreys going to be at Nellis for static display during the open house?
  8. Ultimate slap in the face to your opponent is when you put meme's directly on your aircraft
  9. RegularJoe

    Gun Talk

    Does 10mm shoot more like a 45 +p or a .40?
  10. Ouch, stuck for a month...planning to rescue with a barge
  11. First rule about Iran is that you don't talk about Iran 😁🤣
  12. I suppose it depends on what type of "flyover" your planning. I flew my 210 over my grandfathers funeral at a national cemetery, it was outside of controlled airspace and I stayed to 1000 feet agl so no issues. I might have made the second pass a bit lower but everyone in attendance knew who it was so no one called to say some maniac buzzing the place.
  13. Just before fire season started there were 14 C130 here for training, flew for a week everyone got certified. I counted 8 different tails. So I think ANG is involved but based on what's here currently we have 4 water bombers, ba146, dc9, dash8 and an Aussie 737 so it would seem ANG is more backup or local area deterrent.
  14. It's the FBI all they know is brown nosing.
  15. Does anyone have any first hand experience with a Rutan Long Ez? I like the idea of 185kt on 8gph, +5.5/-2.5G for 1000 miles
  16. Saw it today in Boise with Mark flying, great machine and a great restoration!
  17. I was thinking they would have TFOA on the inverted pull when the g's exceed the pylon strength ..... but hey..... its a movie 🙄
  18. So here is my question. if we went to (insert company) and said build us an aircraft that does "x,y,z" we need it in two years and needs to cost $x. And we remove DCMA do we get the plane we need on time? Have manufactured for DOD on projects under DCMA I say yes. Thoughts?
  19. Anyone know why ATAC has four Hunters here in Boise?
  20. Remind me again how many years is Orion behind its Original launch date 😉. Latest setback was "humidity" Hahaha Cool factor definitely old school but the new suits seem so much less bulky and cumbersome
  21. Will the U2 crews ever be able to fly with the newer SpaceX type pressure suits? Seems like it would be quite an improvement (not that I would have any direct experience)
  22. Generations and decades change but airlines and the management will always be the same.
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