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  1. Have had a chalazion for a few months now, tried most things. How long of a DNIF should I expect if I go the steroid shot or surgical route? Doesn't affect my vision but I definitely want it removed
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/12/22/covid-omicron-variant-ihme-models-predict-140-m-new-infections-winter/8967421002/ "Researchers found the infection-hospitalization rate of omicron is about 90% to 96% lower than delta, and the infection-fatality rate is about 97% to 99% lower. In the past, we roughly thought that COVID was 10 times worse than flu and now we have a variant that is probably at least 10 times less severe,” Murray said. So, omicron will probably … be less severe than flu but much more transmissible.” Lol the left is shitting on the CDC now, still think they're right. I'm team covid parties now I guess. This variant is basically a super spreader cold now and vaccines are widely available. I'm boosted and I'm pretty sure I have it. Everyone popped where I'm at.
  3. I agree and don't think the line is there, just wanted to give an example of one where mandates would clearly not make any sense since you said nobody had ever given one.
  4. Hospitalization/death rate with no countermeasures less than or equal to the flu rate is an clear line you could point to. Suspect next variant will be there already.
  5. I think it's a generous interpretation of the word 'religious' when I think what you really mean here is ideology. Everyone has an ideology, not everyone follows an organized theistic doctrine, which is what I think most people would agree religion is.
  6. I'm curious: if you're offered the Novavax vaccine, which is a traditional protein vaccine (no mRNA) with no use of fetal tissue at any stage of development or testing, will you take it?
  7. You're assuming there is no long term risk for having COVID either, which we also don't know. What evidence so you have to suggest one has a higher long term risk than the other?
  8. Just read the Israeli study, convincing enough to me that natural immunity should be treated similarly to vaccination if you have the antibodies. If the antibodies were permanent (which they are not) I would support an exemption for mandatory vaccination in the military if you have natural immunity. Though as this transitions to an endemic there will likely be an annual vax requirement similar to the flu.
  9. There are still significant differences that affect my opinion on it but I'll accept the extension just for the sake of not derailing the thread
  10. You're reducing my argument to something I don't agree with. I specified exponential and hospital overloading for a reason, none of those things do that. Not to mention even if they did they don't have a readily available cure/vax/etc you could take. I don't want anyone to die of COVID, and certainly not a policy I would want to happen. This is just a compromise I am willing to accept for the libertarians who want no public health mandates.
  11. Same argument I'll repeat. Those things affect an individual, and don't spread exponentially to others overloading the health system.
  12. I wouldn't say it's more difficult, just less accurate. A test confirming natural immunity would only be 66% accurate or less since a third of cases don't produce antibodies, whereas with a vaccine it's guaranteed.
  13. Tbh I'm privy to this argument as a compromise. I'd be in favor of eliminating all public health mandates as long as all unvaccinated were denied medical services (absent any exceptions) relating to COVID. It's against the spirit of the health profession though so it would never happen.
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