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  1. 4 years of "CNN is fake news" and people still argue there's a huge perception gap with the public that doesn't exist.
  2. I never said Trump admin doesn't get credit for vaccine rollout, Afghan policy, and stimulus bill. I don't see what's wrong with saying it's a plus the current admin is continuing to accomplish these and also get credit for what they've done so far. Why? I wasn't and can elaborate if you want to actually discuss without insulting and going off on a tangent about the media. Definitely not. When did I say that? Not sure why many of you here are jittery to attack an argument I'm not making because I'm not in your ideological tribe. Probably easier to admit Presidents don't have the power to affect the economy that much (and shouldn't), but sure if you want to make that argument and be consistent.
  3. Things seem to be going fine. Hard to be hopeful if you're a conservative but: Pulling out of Afghanistan Rejoined Paris Accords Vaccination rollout Cabinet appointees Stimulus Bill Infrastructure Plan https://noahpinion.substack.com/p/bidenomics-explained
  4. Every time you rub one out you are eliminating the lives of millions #NoFap
  5. Forcible suppression of opposition is one of the hallmarks of communism. This is modern day communism. Wait
  6. Never said it's the only source, but yes it is a primary source. Like was said, the government doesn't actually need taxes to fund anything. The reason bitcoin, gold, or any other alternative currency will never take over the dollar is because the government requires taxes to be paid in dollars. Just look at Cuba, the dollar from expat community runs the economy there. They eliminated taxes after the cuban revolution, and the national peso is now essentially worthless there. It got so bad they created an alternative cuban "dollar" pegged to the value of the US dollar to attempt to maintain some level of control. I'd argue part of the reason the peso isn't used in the economy anymore is that they eliminated demand for it by removing taxes.
  7. He's not entirely wrong on that point, but setting it to zero would be problematic because taxes give the dollar its value in modern centralized banking system (and only printing would lead to hyperinflation). It's a primary source of demand for dollars. There are more reasons it's important to have taxes, balancing of economic stratification being one of them, but it's not the sole reason by any means.
  8. To think there is an objective "right" here is the height of arrogance. No doubt the successful should be incentivized, but there are obvious market distortions that don't make it such a simple matter. A fair tax on consumption isn't really fair IMO since it's regressive on income, on average higher earners spend less and invest more as a percentage of income.
  9. Military pay increases have been outpacing or matching inflation, so the hits if there are any will likely be elsewhere as long as public support remains high. In order of likelyhood: Japan can increase productivity through technological investment or increasing immigration, pursue policies that increase birth rates, print money and lower interest rates (at risk of hyperinflation), increase taxes (at the risk of slowing growth), screw over old people, or accept stagnation.
  10. He's right, just looking at the debt numbers doesn't tell you anything since it doesn't really matter if growth rate outpaces interest on the debt. Japan's debt to GDP ratio is over 200% and we're not projected to reach that until 30 years from now. The worst case scenario is hyperinflation, but it remains highly unlikely and there are many other options before it gets there. Japan will be an interesting case study for the world to learn from and again even for them it is not a catastrophic problem with no solutions.
  11. Who? Also hope you weren't one of the ones calling Obama a communist lol. What would you say if I asked you if Trump supporting anti free trade, farmer subsidies, and pro worker policies sounds a bit like he's a socialist? There's policy overlap within all ideologies. The right wing nationalist platform of Trump is clearly closer to facism than Biden's; as is Biden's left wing progressive platform closer to socialism... Doesn't mean either of them are those things, but these cherry picked policy arguments about WhOs ThE ReAl FaScISt/SoCIaliSt are retarded.
  12. Source? Can't find anyone who has said this. I'm pretty sure defense policy writers in the admin would not agree with this even if some clueless figurehead like the press secretary said it lol.
  13. Yeah I know but you seem to imply there will obviously be negative effects with tax raising and that policy makers could be oblivious to this basic fact. It's not as simple as raising taxes -> higher prices, less jobs, less benefits -> bad for economy. Depending on the tax rate and other factors (like elastic demand for the industry being taxed), it can be a net positive on the economy, and there may be a negligible effect on prices.
  14. Great question, it's explained briefly in this video at 10:40. Put (very) simply, it is in fact true the government doesn't need taxes to fund anything within the modern system of centralized banking and money printing; taxes are a means to end. Taxes give the dollar stability and value because it creates demand for it as the primary currency. https://youtu.be/N8HOWh8HPTo Do you think all 'simple' questions should have simple answers? Why do things fall? A simple question. You can start with newtonian theory gravity and get as complicated as Relativistic theory and spacetime curvature. Newtonian gravity was also proved incorrect outside regimes common to our experience, I don't see what's wrong with furthering our understanding of reality with more data and theory, even if it is more complicated in the end. Relativity is far more unintuitive and complicated, but that is no reason to reject it when it is undeniably a more accurate theory. Economics has had and continues to have its own set of issues, but data based empirical research is becoming a bigger part of the field every year. Not that that's relevant for the original point anyways, elastic demand is econ101.
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