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  1. I’d like to see where a 10 month old vaccine was mandated by the federal government, or one that had almost no effect in children, or one that is not a sterilizing vaccine (sterilizing from the disease)…. I have plenty of friends who weren’t vaccinated and were able to attend public school. National vaccine mandates are the idea I am against and a free society would not have them. It’s all too heavy handed and denies natural immunity. If the vaccine is so great why wouldn’t people voluntarily take? Why would the government even have to force it on people? Or are they all too dumb and can’t interpret the data like the experts can?
  2. I forgot that teachers, healthcare workers, airline travelers and the “couple” million of people you are missing are not “general population”. So you are for a sort-of mandate, which is totally different than a full mandate. What’s the difference between a nation wide mandate and requiring vaccination to travel? To go to school? To go to work? Less people will travel on airlines I guess? More vaccine fraud? More people will homeschool their kids? People will leave their jobs? The fact that you admittedly are “missing a couple” groups where the vaccine mandate “makes sense” is proof that your threshold is gray and if implemented will likely be determined by some person in an office building that doesn’t care about the individuals health nearly as much as that individual cares about theirs (or at least the individual ought to care). Bottom line is free countries don’t entertain this types of ideas. for the record, also against blow darts- though the blow dart scene from get smart comes to mind.
  3. Pawn, you are a proving to be a beacon of hope this morning…..you are at the five yard line— now just use the same logic with COVID vaccines mandates.
  4. 2020 has given me a PhD in tyrannyspeak, I will translate: “the CV19 vaccine is like a seatbelt, but for your immune system. There ARE NO SAFTEY CONCERNS! Every case in VAERS is a lie. isn’t that great news? Do YoU uNeRstanD my nuanced analogy? plus, Our lord and savior, Boe Jiden, even said ”this is not about liberty”. The job of our government is to protect the citizens, not protect its citizens rights. In order for my shot to work— everyone needs to get one. Just give up your rights to bodily autonomy- I promise we won’t take any more of your rights away. Praise be to Fauci, praise be to Pfizer, help us clean the unvaxxed with our immune system seatbelts!” …or at least that’s what I’d imagine it would sound like…
  5. Jesus help us— I mean Fauci help us. There is only one truth— the CV19 Vaccine. It is for EVERYONE. There are only two groups in this world, the vaccinated (pure) and the unaxxed (unclean). There is only one way to save lives!
  6. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html where you getting your nearly 6-9 R0? I seeing 2-4 from the site above, but that might be old info.
  7. Lest we forget the summary of all 105 pages in one paragraph. @busdriver Here is to another 105🍻 lol
  8. Are there only two groups in the discussion? Unvaxed vs vaxed? How about children? How about previously infected people? How about people sub 40 who are healthy?Isn’t it weird how every issue boils down to one group vs the other— almost like the media is fueling division… The infection fatality ratio for children under 12 is 3500X less than those 65 plus according to CDCs best estimates https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html it just seems a little simplistic to boil it down to two group. Also we know the long term risk of smoking, do we know the long term risk of covid or the vaccine? No.
  9. Why isn’t your standard 8 months with a technology that has not been tested in humans? With reported events like this?
  10. @lumberjacka look at the T-detect test to detect Tcell immunity. @FLEA just pipe down and hop on the mandate train. Covid vaccines are just as black and white as polio vaccines and seat belts!!
  11. Seat belt ≠ covid vaccine. See openvaers. this is a thread about covid not seat belts.
  12. Person against a particular vaccine mandate ≈ person against seatbelts = brains on highway! Brilliant!
  13. Everyone knows that because you are against this particular government vaccine mandate therefore you are against all government mandates therefore you are against stop signs and therefore are against wearing your uniform and therefore you are against PT tests. Also you are for drunk driving— how do you sleep at night? (Like how I connected the dots there?) So sit down, shut up and hand over your freedom to choose what you put in your body like a good boy. Happy Friday Mothaa
  14. Stop being so conspiratorial and anti-science, everyone knows big pharma has our best interest in mind… Hail Fauci, praise Pfizer, and help us @pawnman! Thank God they have come to rescue us from us. edit: added authoritarian representative @pawnman
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