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  1. nuke conversations lol. Nobody is forcing anyone to participate in the conversation hahah. Daddy stop the bad people from talking bad😢
  2. Is it 10x,100x or 1000x? Just so we are on the same page here…
  3. Not sure what gives you such confidence, when a few days prior we had one scotus justice say there were 100k children in the hospital from covid and many were on ventilators. Another one said we had 750 million cases (understandabley I think he meant 750k). these people are the last nine of defense for our “checks and balances”…. And in the same ruling they approved the CMS (voting 5-4) which does not even offer a testing option. While Joe and his OSHA workaround had their hands slapped, the Federal governments grasp on our nation has increased yet again.
  4. https://rumble.com/vrlv1o-fauci-finally-admits-that-covid-will-not-be-eradicated.html even god disagrees with that.
  5. Remember when our ancestors breathed from their bodies? Those were good times. Social cues and communication derived from bodies are largely unhindered by the wearing of clothes— the same cannot be said about masks. Theater! The show must go on 🤡
  6. There shall be no risk in public!!!
  7. When did SMs take an MRNA vax before? Also the do it for country attitude is IMO an appeal to emotion— ya know pandering to the insecure— ‘real men would roll up their sleeve’. there are no mental black flips required to see that storming a beach is directly related to the mission of the armed forces. It’s honorable, brave, and those men had big brass ones. where you loose people is when you say taking a vaccine is roughly equivalent to storming beaches. Bottom line is the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission so how is this a selfless act anymore? How is this the honorable thing to do on behalf of the mission?— Especially, if you’ve had the rona (pre omicron) and now that the omicron is out it appears to be similar to the seasonal cold. Good news and Hope that remains true with more omicron data coming out. 1.) promote physical activity, and non-pharma low risk preventative measures 2.) get after early treatment 3.) acknowledge natural immunity 4.) avoid having policy that you yourself don’t even follow (I.e. everyone mask, just not me) 5.) tell people not to come to work if they are sick 6.) acknowledge that the military is at extremely low risk 7.) avoid false promises armchair session over. Easier said than done.
  8. Is there a good source to find total tests administered across time? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that there has recently been a large sudden increase in tests done per day…
  9. Can you explain why the CDC is changing this? Why is the test being revoked? This is not a gotcha— like I legitimately do not understand why the change is occurring. The website does not make it apparent or clear...
  10. I didn’t say anything about Trump…. thanks for taking the time to go through a few questions! at the end of the day leaders regardless of their position on the mandate should do their level headed best to speak these “antivaxxers” with empathy, as I think some of the dissent is legitimate, whereas other dissent is fueled but mistrust instituted by FDA, Fauci, Trump, Biden and others ( “y’all aren’t horses”, “we need 55years to release documents”, “I am science”, “ you won’t get sick if you take the vaccine”, “these vaccines are miracles”, “take the vaccine so we can finally defeat covid”)— misleading, condescending comments, straight up lies, poor predictions, low accountability and bad policies have got many SM ready to pull chute. I hope they don’t because I think our military would suffer if there were a substantial step function decrease across all branches at once.
  11. I agree, but it was getting out of hand. Ad hominem on both sides of the argument. Not productive. Hopefully we can stick to more civil, idea (not person) based criticism and dialogue. BO is a great resource to hear differing opinions! Here what seems to be an earnest attempt to ask important question for leaders in the marine corps. Very professional, civil, and advocate for good order and discipline. These are legitimate questions. Hope they get answered before a large exodus from our military.
  12. Is one of these religious people who has documented previous infection from Covid-19 and has fully recovered a threat? Are they causing harm to the military? To anyone? Surely the CDC would have a plethora of evidence of spread of the disease from one of those covid-19 recovered person/antivaxxers/flat earthers/ unenlightened/incapable of critical thoughters, right? Oh wait… https://www.sirillp.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/IR0552-CDC-Reinfection-and-Transmission_FINAL-5.pdf https://www.sirillp.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/21-02152-Final-Response-Letter-Brehm-1.pdf
  13. keep on the watch for those god darn (notice the little “g” in god bahahahah) simpletons of such lowly character and intellect in our military. Pawn has passed the baton of stirring the pot onto a valiant steed. god speed bro. Keep stirrin👍🏼
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