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  1. After you are picked up by a Guard unit, are you expected/required/allowed to come every drill?
  2. Thank you for the reply! This is exactly the kind of insight I was looking for.
  3. Wondering a bit about what career opportunities get closed if you go Guard rather than Active Duty. Are some of the items below still possible if you are in the Guard? - Exchange tour (Navy or foreign) - Test Pilot School - Thunderbirds/Demo Team - Overseas assignment (Europe, Korea, Japan) - Pentagon assignment One of the drawbacks I see to the Guard is being based out of the same place and doing the same thing for 20 years. Is being interested in some of the items above enough to consider Active Duty over the Guard?
  4. Did anybody else reach out to New Orleans F-15s about rushing, submit an app, and then hear nothing back? Trying to get details on rushing.
  5. Got it. So it sounds like only the “yes” notifications were sent out, and nobody has received a “no” yet. Good luck to those selected!
  6. When did you hear this? I haven’t received an email yet even though they confirmed receiving my application.
  7. Congrats to all who got an interview. I got an interview with their last board ~2 years ago, back when my application was much worse than it is now. I’m really curious what kind of scores/hours you need now. If anybody who got an interview would be willing to post their application details it’d be greatly appreciated.
  8. Well I guess that’s it then. Out of 124 applicants, how many got an interview? Edit: Forgot to say good luck!
  9. I’m a bit confused as they just sent an email on Wednesday saying we should expect to hear back by January. Did you get a call or email about the interview?
  10. I heard back today - no luck this time. Looks like they are doing personal emails, so it may take them a bit to get to everyone.
  11. Highest PCSM given the hours and AFOQT that I’ve seen. Is the VTANG visit opportunity posted somewhere? I reached out a few weeks ago and they still said nothing was planned.
  12. I retook. First time I thought I couldn’t have done worse. Second time I thought I couldn’t have done better. No score change (95 in 81-100 bracket).
  13. Just heard back - board is still delayed due to Rona. Plan is to have the board still this Fall.
  14. Did the 121FS in DC ever send out invites? Or are we all still waiting?
  15. The 162nd Wing is asking for a completed DD Form 369 for police record check to be included with the application. Does anybody have experience with this form? Are we supposed to fill out Section I and II and submit? Or do they want us to bring this to a police agency to have it completed entirely? If you read the form, the intention is for it to be completed and sent out by a recruiter. It's not making a ton of sense.
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