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  1. 7 duty days. I believe the PSDM says 04 March is the last day to decline
  2. Does anyone have a good number for the AFPC office in charge of UFT?
  3. @robby8388 You did MFS today!? Wow that was fast. How was it? I received an MFS date of 25 March but I am deployed until next week so that makes sense
  4. RPA Bros: Anyone planning to bring family with to the pipeline (RIQ/IQT) Trying to figure out best living arrangement if anyone has suggestions.
  5. URT Select! 41 PCSM with zero hours 88 pilot AFOQT
  6. Congrats to those selected! Woke up in Afghanistan doubting we would hear anything. Glad to see there is movement. If anyone has access to the list, I would really appreciate a name check as I likely will be delayed for notification due to being out here.
  7. What is a coord piece? Well we definitely know it was a manual upload by the sound of that
  8. I have never been more angry about a stupid winter storm. I wouldn't be surprised if Randolph isn't open tomorrow either with the roads still being iced over
  9. @Weav Nice dude, cheers. I assumed 0900L but wanted to be sure.
  10. Trying to figure out release day timeline--below is AFPCs response to release question: "Once we get the final approval on the PSDM we load it into myPers Secure messaging. At that point it is live and the MPF can pull it. An email will go out to all the FSSs/MPFs that night to let them know it is available to view. They will pass it to the commanders to make notifications" The way I am reading this is that they will post the PSDM to MyPers secure sometime during business hours tomorrow however the email notifying MPF won't be sent until 0230CST Wednesday morning. Seems like thi
  11. I'd like to thank the academy and, most importantly, the air force for never surprising me with extended release dates. I accept this long weekend of waiting award not just for myself--but for all of the UFT 21 applicants 🙏🏆
  12. That is cruel and unusual if they went from a Monday release to by the end of the week to waiting over a long weekend.
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