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  1. Lloyd: Hey, you awake? 🍆 🍑 Me: Yes! SOOO BORED! 😜 Lloyd: Cool. Go get your COVID vaccine. Me: F*ck.
  2. 1.) We can't compare COVID vaccine to other vaccines. It's fundamentally different in chemical structure. 2.) When people talk about long term side effects they are not talking about suddenly waking up sterile one day. They are talking about more nuanced manifestations. Example: over a 10 year study people who had the Moderna vaccine were twice as likely to develop lung cancer. The problem is, the low risk of COVID means that even a low to moderate risk of a nuanced event like this negates the morality of the vaccine.
  3. Dude you sound nothing short of insane in your last 6-9 post. But if I'm understanding you correctly you only believe a right to bodily autonomy exist when it fits your moral narrative and not others? Did heaven ordain your benevolence or did you just decide yourself you were a god?
  4. Didn't even attempt to answer the last question. The more the administration evades answering concerns like these the more suspicion people will generate that something is being hidden from them. What are we to make of this? Refugees from Afghanistan were required to be vaccinated when processed so I'm told. They received MMR, polio and COVID if they didn't have it. So why is that policy not applying to refugees from the southern border? What people who are pro vaccine mandate don't understand is that this isn't an issue about safety or efficacy it's an issue about trust from an administration that is historically opaque and evasive with its intents.
  5. You're fucked. As much as it doesnt make any sense, I had a deep talk with the 11R functional about it last year. Despite the retraction of the bonus and being 130% manned, as he put it, "competing priorities at different levels of staff." In other words, at HAF they saw overmanned and killed the bonus. But at AFPC they see that the manning is all copilots and ACs and IPs are dangerously low to a point of the mission being jeapordized. So from the AFPC perspective they need to retain retain retain. They need to retain ACs to accomplish the mission, they need to retain instructors to continue to make ACs, and they need to retain copilots because they need to keep them long enough to become ACs. I don't have great advice to you. About the only non 11R assignment they'll allow you to take is UPT.
  6. Dude cool it. Guy was very honestly inquiring about the veracity of the story which has been reported by multiple questionable outlets. It's quite clear he had his own suspicions already and was looking for more info, or as you so eloquently put it, was trying to sort through the bullshit. Noone fell for this story but you come off as a total ass hole with the tone of your post.
  7. This video popped on my FB feed and I just can't stop laughing at it. https://fb.watch/7USOdAdx5p/
  8. Where though? I've had unvaccinated friends PCS everywhere. Asia, Europe, Middle East, deploy to Africa. They just need a clean PCR test within 72 hours or arrival. Is that a US stipulated position or a Host Nation? Because I had to move several aircraft across the planet earlier this year and every single country told me that Status of Forces Agreements didn't prevent entry and exit for people on official business. But this is a very US thing to do. "Lets ASSUME this is going to be an issue and then treat it like it is."
  9. Where wouldn't they meet entry requirements? 3G is nearly universally accepted world wide right now. Do you have a specific instance of this or are you just being hypothetical?
  10. I think the problem with your approach Scooter is from the outside looking it, it sounds like your only real interest here is your wife bitching about having to do her job. At the end of the day though, your not in any danger, your wife is not, (presuming you both are vaccinated) so its hard to understand what your frustration is other than you wife doesn't get a 15 minute smoke break anymore. If you want to honestly posit that you feel terrible for the X number people going to the ER with COVID thats fine, but realize you are more worried about this pandemic than those people are. They weren't even worried enough to get the vaccine. So at the end of the day you are empathetically stressing about something that really has no bearing on you. This isn't meant to be a hostile critique but just a recommendation for how you should consider your approach.
  11. Did not know that about FE time. That's awesome. I know some FEs I work with that will be interested to hear that. Is that because historically FEs were second officers in the airlines?
  12. But I'm not.... So you apparently are unable to follow what's going on. I have every vaccine in the DoD inventory, including COVID which I got in February of 21. (One of the earliest) I'm making a stand on ethics and morality and you are simply stuck in a black and white worldview thats selfishly interested in removing bodily autonomy from everyone else so you can go about a normal life again. Get over yourself bro.
  13. Depends on the situation. Neither CRG or STS are an airfield seizure force. The expectation is that someone like 75RR would secure the field in advance and there would be a phased swap out. STS is likely attached to 75RR and would bring in the initial airlift that contains the CRG, or direct them to airdrop. But there is very specific phased force packaging for airfield standup. Recommend you read about PRIME BEEF on SIPR.
  14. Dude we are talking about the medical neccesity of vaccinating people who have already recovered from COVID. This has nothing to do with polio or children. Your arguments make no sense.
  15. Wtf are you talking about dude? Do you even know anymore?
  16. Nope. I want protected from polio. Polio sucks and if I got it, it would probably kill me. It's necessary for my survival to inoculate against it, especially since it's still widespread in many countries the US operates in. If I am a recovered COVID patient, you can't make the same argument for necessity. I am likely already possessing immunity equal to one greater than what the vaccine alone can provide. The vaccine isn't necessary to save my life or protect me in anyway.
  17. Furthermore they are directing a medical procedure without being able to demonstrate medical neccesity. This is potentially in violation of most health ethics.
  18. We haven't had that issue yet though. I'm fact nearly every country we work routinely in has exceptions for movements of military forces under status agreements. We are still regularly PCSing people to Europe and Asia, conducting essential TDYs, and upholding deployment obligations. The US government hurt it's own position on a readiness argument in the fallout from Crozier and the continued narrative that our readiness hasn't suffered.
  19. I'm not sure why you can't answer the question. My point is, if you've done your research, people who have gotten the MMR2 vaccination series have some immunity against covid. My point being if you've received your mmr2 vaccinations in the military over the last decade this may have helped you not get covid even if you're not covid vax'd. The probability of actually getting COVID is also already very low. I posted a calculator on here some time ago, but even unvaccinated your probability in the military was only 17% over 3 years. Let me see if I can find it again.
  20. I've seen this before. There is an established precedent that the DoD can only order a medical procedure if there is a medical necessity. If you are immune there is no neccesity. In other words, in medical ethics it generally advised not to change something on the body unless there is a clear reason to. It's the same ethics case that requires sterilization procedures to follow consultations and stuff.
  21. You do get a choice. The way the guidance reads is that you are required to have the vaccine because at least one option is FDA approved and that option is available to you. However if you get any other option that's under EUA, then you meet the intent.
  22. That was powerful and also very accurate. I've been working for weeks trying to get people who deserve to get out of Afghanistan, out of Afghanistan. There was absolutely no clear method for how a person gets onto HKIA other than winning the fricken lottery. Unless you had the number to someone who was in country, on the ground, and had access to the gate, your people were hosed no matter how great their case. Once we started sending planes back with empty seats, that was telling of how much the system had failed. Say nothing of the C-17 that departed the last day stocked full of supplies like paper towels and napkins, rather than human beings. I want to believe this is a success story guys. But you don't get to sink the titanic and then brag about how many life boats you have. There are THOUSANDS of vulnerable Afghans still in country who may be killed any day now. How in the world will anyone ever trust the USG again?
  23. They aren't going to teach themselves. They will ask another country to come in an assist them. We are not the only country with a capability like the 6 SOS.
  24. This. The nuke thing was the public event that Gates could use but Gates and Mosely fought vigorously over AF investment priorities. Its like when you have that one POS airmen with tons of discipline and you use a sloppy haircut to give him his final LOR.
  25. He has a possibility but he need the right lawyers and ethicist to connect his case. The first thing they're going to ask if he is a consciences objector because he used "thou shalt not kill" and we are in the military. However Thomas Aquinas already justified Thou Shalt Not Kill with military service when he founded double effect doctrine which later went on to create just war theory. So if he has someone well versed in Aquinas he can likely use Aquinas arguments to show that Gods Commandment against murder is not absolute but the use of human fetuses for research is not within the parameters Aquinas outlined as acceptable cases.
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