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  1. Sort of agree with you. My biggest agitation with masking though is communication and relationships. I PCS'd just as COVID started and Ive been unable to make very few friends in my new community. Masking really does effect our ability to process empathy and connection. Of course other social distancing measures are doing the same but masking is the one that is driving me nuts. Similarly I'm worried what effect that's going to have long term on children since 90% of your emotional development is complete by age 10. Would not be surprised if we have an incredibly high number of adults with anti social personality order in 10 years because their brains wired them to believe people were objects and had no agency. It's bizarre and with kids mainly, I think we need to pay more attention to it.
  2. Its a lot though. I mean we are already 10% short on pilots. Assuming an equal cut across each AFSC that is going to REALLY hurt.
  3. Ive known several people refuse orders in the military and litigate it. Sometimes it cost them, many times they were successful. Regardless of whether it is a stall tactic or not, the government still has an obligation to prove the order is lawful. Just because you are in the military does not mean you forfeit your personal interest. If the government is going to violate you interest it must demonstrate it is doing so lawfully. This is a basic tenant of rule of law. We should all respect this. And for the record I'm not against the vaccine. On dose 3 myself. I just have enough empathy that I can see where people who are afraid of it are coming from. Ive gone through my own crises of mortality that I don't care to discuss any further. Just recognize these are good people but they legitimately no longer believe their commanders, government or the American people have their interest at heart. That is a problem. That said, full circle, the DoD does have an obligation now to recompense any health problems that emerge from the vaccine now or forever. I do think that substantially weakens most of their cases.
  4. There isnt a political aspect to it. It's a cultural aspect; in regards to the culture war between democrats and republicans. Culturally, Republicans are generally more skeptical of authoritarianism, government, institutions and subversion of individual rights. If Trump were President, there could have been a minor effect but that would have been more due to a hard line republican generally trusting another republican slightly more than a democrat. Otherwise I think the data would be very close. As it is Trump has publicly endorsed the vaccine on several occasions but had little effect. So I think your understanding to what is happening in regards to hesitance is mistaken. A general every day person/republican has nothing to gain by bucking Biden's mandate. The vast majority of the country is already vaccinated. In regards to your later questions, there is no data on an mRNA vaccine causing long term effects because there's never been a study on the long term effects of an mRNA vaccine. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  5. I mean fuck, even Trevor Noah is starting to recognize that all of these pharma CEOs keep recommending more products that cost more money. Weird right?
  6. Unfortunately I just understand this better than you sorry. Orders must be lawful, period. If someone doubts the lawfulness it's their right to litigate it, case example US Navy SEALS vs Lloyd Austin and The State of Oklahoma vs Lloyd Austin. You can hate that as much as you want but you still have an ethical responsibility to do the right thing when you're in uniform, regardless of what you were ordered.
  7. Haha that's my case example. The official statement from the DoD is the Roosevelt was never at a state of reduced readiness and could continue to execute it's important mission in the Pacific at all times. Then they fired the guy that said there was an issue. What are we supposed to make of that?
  8. You can't issue an order (for anything in the military) unless there is a military neccesity for that order. A lot of people would disagree that there is a military neccesity for the CV19 vaccine seeing as how it doesn't impact readiness and doesn't provide an intrinsic health benefit to the force. Regardless, really no reason to call anyone a snow flake over a philosophical difference of opinion. Especially when you don't understand the nuance of another person's perspective.
  9. Shouldn't take any time at all. None of the data is classified and there is a significant public interest in it. Their argument doesn't make sense because they are basically saying they need 55 years to review the data to be released but supposedly this data was all reviewed in a year to approve the vaccines.
  10. Ah shit the hyperlink failed. Let me see if I can find it... https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/air-force-revoke-bronze-star-recipients-retirement-benefits-hot-tub?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter This is a similar article but the info is a bit different. In short, Undersecretary Ortiz sounds like the one who is really pushing to open this can of worms again. The facts are super confusing and the dude sounds like an overall douche so I have little sympathy for him. But it does sound like there is significant concern is rights are being penalized if he already met the obligations of his court martial and was allowed to continue service.
  11. Well low and behold she was in the news today. This story probably belongs in this thread but honestly after reading all of it, Im not sure who is right/wrong. It sounds like the AF fucked up by not kicking this guy out when they had the chance. However, it also sounds like they did try but didnt meet the standards of evidence neccessary to do it. The fact is though, for several years now, they have trampled his rights, which no matter how gross his crimes, is never justified.
  12. The point is her credentials were good enough because there was an invisible hand holding her up. As mentioned, she's been darling'd by the DNC. Her work at DIA is relevant but I'm curious how she was so quickly pulled into the WH division, largely during the Obama presidency mind you. The question you need to ask now though is who does she really work for? The DAF? The USG? I would argue she actually works for the Democratic Party. They are the ones that will continue to ensure she is gainfully employed. I predict she finishes out two years than moves to an undersecretary position within SECDEF or a position within the office of the DNI. When Biden is out of office they will rerun her for Congress or find her more work in a prestigious firm that justifies Democratic policy. This isn't a stab at Democrats, it's happening everywhere. There is clearly a vector to power that is available to some but not many.
  13. Interesting because most Americans, especially males, are D3 deficient. Btw, if you didn't know, D3 has positive correlations on your testosterone levels.
  14. Well, that's one of the differences between the military and civilian sector... Rank don't mean crap after service... Right but experience does and I can't see how someone with less than 4 years of service could REALLY deliver on that.
  15. Perhaps but man... Her whole resume... She went into consulting after 3 years of service. When's the last time anyone asked to consult with a lieutenant on fucking anything? Lol. But you're right. The SJ mentality hurts her more than helps her.
  16. I didn't see the option for the lucrative 6 figure contract job? Did they just forget that one?
  17. I'll never defend nepotism but I have thought a lot about it in the past. Read a prior study that discussed US generals being weaker than their international peers because many were just getting comfortable in their roles when crises happened, where as in a nepotist military their best strategic officers had already had years/decades of experience when their big crises hit them. I also noticed this week the #2 in the AF, is an '03 ROTC grad. In context for a minute, in means a young woman with less than 20 years is now presiding in a position over every AD person over 20 years; which is a critical data point regarding the grooming and selection of career officers and GOs. Certainly someone was taking care of her when as a new hire to the DIA and she went on to work in the Whitehouse. Another common thread with these types though is a foray into politics which often later help them earn a political appointment. At some point you don't really work for the USG anymore you work for your party and then you party finds jobs for you using the USG as a grooming ground. Anyway, I digress. What I've noticed is a lot of people assume when Republicans talk deep state they are talking about coordinated conspiracies where the Washington Deep State club meets every other Thursday in the leader's basement to discuss the plot to take over the world. What they are ACTUALLY referring to is a combination of actual nepotism in the USG, group think, and a pervasive lack of moral courage to upset the status quo when something is clearly wrong. It's the whole "you have to play the game before you can ever change the rules to the game" problem where once you have won the game, the game has had you long enough to corrupt and implicate you beyond your interest to change it.
  18. Or run drugs to Panama for Gordon and Kirby! (See squadron bar thread) 😂😆
  19. For what its worth Negatory, I don't think you're stupid. You're one of the few members on this forum that is capable of examining another side and making an honest admission when you see things differently. I've seen that in the COVID thread. Rather, this is really solid evidence of how strong our echo chambers can be. And while you read an article that convinced you it was a Republican echo chamber propogating a myth, you quickly realized you were actually the one that was unaware of what the narrative was. No big deal, you fessed up to it and we move on. Both sides are guilty of it. You win points because you did 2 things. 1.) You heard something you thoght was wrong so you looked it up. Unfortunately what you looked up was wrong but you still tried due dilligence to get the story straight. 2.) When you recognized its wrong you owned it. In my book that earns you big points and you are the type of dude I would love the share beers with and discuss controversial opinions we don't agree one.
  20. Just keep persistent man. You may need to be patient and wait to leave for the guard but one thing I've found is your repBrotation follows you everywhere and you will be SURPRISED how quickly you get calls if yours is good. Help others! Accept your goals will have to wait and do EVERYTHING you can to help your bros and subordinates reach theirs. It will carry you my friend. They will remember the acts when you are looking for a move.
  21. The biggest consequence isn't creating new terrorist. It is the erosion of trust that if foreign citizens help us in another country they will be protected and taken care of. Any country we go to there is going to be a point where we need local assistance to continue operations and right now the US does not have a very good reputation to sway people to help us.
  22. Report came out last week that said we still had almost 100 US citizens who have not been contacted by DoS and have no way out. Theres also an estimated 1-3000 LPRs, and tens of thousands of SIV qualified individuals. (People who worked for the US government for significant periods) The SIVs will never get out which I think is sad. But the DoS refuses to even consider them. Their answer is that they need to wait for their visa or continue to submit paperwork for it. If you haven't seen how much paperwork the SIV requires it's pretty appalling. But it doesn't matter because there actually is no way to complete the visa since it requires an interview and we no longer have an embassy in Afghanistan. These people are pretty bitter right now because they feel betrayed. If you look at how the evac went down, we largely got out only people that were important to politicians and public figures who spent tons of money to hire fixers.
  23. Fuck. If we could get the people we've still left in Afghanistan first, that would be great....
  24. The AF has denied several thousand religious accomodations but not one has been denied on religious grounds. Every single denial has recognized the Airmen's religious concerns as being genuine, but the MAJCOM commander denies the request anyway due to "operational considerations." A few of the letters are floating on the amn/nco/snco FB. The appeal process goes through the AF/SG, but it must be evaluated in context of the reason of the denial, not in the religious context. So based on the above article and narrative it would sound that the plaintiffs in that case are correct, the DoD never had any intention of allowing religious accomodations which would potentially be in violation of federal laws. Curious if anyone knows, if all the above is true, and you held a letter from your MAJCOM commander that recognized your religious views as genuine, what do you think declaring consciousness objector status would lead to? Seems like a pretty big knot to untangle, especially if you gave 10,000 or so people do it at once.
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