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  1. “A serious problem in planning against American doctrine is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine.” – Soviet observation during the Cold War
  2. Having just separated and attended like 30 networking events ill say this..... if it bothers you.... don't get out. Because its like 100X worse in the civilian world. Seriously just sat in a meeting with CHRO's from dozens of large companies and DE&I is the new hot sauce. That said, in your benefit, veterans and their families (specifically children and spouses) are now coming under the umbrella of DE&I as an oppressed class.
  3. I mean on the bright side the ambiguity has to have China very WTF!? right now.
  4. All good points and something I learned in my brief run working with contracts and acquisitions was that contractors have a fiduciary interest to their company (forget all of the "were on the same team" crap, it goes right out the window once their EOY line is red) and USG employees have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayer. The problem is USG employees are rarely in their role long enough to become competent at negotiating or insisting on performance in line with the contracts work statement and seeing younger officers get run over by a project manager in his/her mid-late 40s with decades of experience negotiating ends is not an uncommon site. As far as the counterfeit parts go, I think there are strategic implications to that as well that are worth investigating in regards to vulnerabilities in our supply chain and how susceptible it might be to infiltrate them. Cams and rivets is one thing but what happens when firmware starts relying on counterfeit silicon components from China....
  5. I mean this is exactly it. Even if 99% of their forces are incapable, dis-repaired or unwilling....60 nukes is still A LOT to sustain even for the US.
  6. The implosion of the Democratic message over this is stunningly fascinating......it is literally falling into shambles as the narrative can no longer logically outpace it's hypocrisy. I do not think AOC, Lightfoot, Bowser, others realize that as they bash the Republican party for doing this, the majority of Americans believe their message is resentful at the migrants and not at Republicans..... The ONLY way they could have played this and not done that would have been to accept the immigrants graciously, provide services, and not say a word about it. But the Republican governors totally outplayed them here recognizing that politicians can never keep their mouth shut... Personally, I'm very pro immigration. Especially after I spent the last year working with DoS and CIS and recognized what a disaster our immigration channels are. However, border state governor's are 100% correct. This is not only on their states and infrastructure to navigate this issue. It's going to take a whole country approach to it. And Biden is asleep at the wheel to come up with a comprehensive policy.
  7. "Your honor I'd like to call Senior Airman Snuffy to the stand." "Senior Airman Snuffy, can you explain your role to the court." "I was the Wing Sausage Watcher sir. 3 years DDRP duty."
  8. This needs blown up and more attention bought to it.
  9. I mean..... Just to be clear.... Even if that's legal, you're still a fuckhead if you're in you're early 40s sleeping around with teenagers.
  10. I'm going to start poking Congress about this one. It's unacceptable. By the way, last week was suicide prevention awareness week.
  11. Saw this on Reddit this evening and spit my jack out. Do you think the Chinese-Italian-Irish-Americans have beef with the Chinese-Irish-Italian-Americans?
  12. Oh man I didn't notice but now that you said it this whole thing is 100X more hilarious!!! 😂
  13. At least a month since your final paycheck is held for a full pay period to conduct an audit.
  14. I don't believe ICC had jurisdiction though so not sure if this will actually go anywhere.
  15. In all reality I was typing a response I ended up deleting the other day in a different thread; but jist of it was, has anyone else noticed the huge culture gap between younger members who missed GWOT and those who spent significant investments of their life in it? I don't want to call it naivety but the idealistic enthusiasm they project is a bit telling.
  16. I also respect the truth that while the AF was going through some serious force shaping about a decade ago with downsizing and "do more with less" those force cuts fell disproportionately on support fields in a vain attempt to try and preserve Ops to do it's mission during GWOT. So many of the systems that are not customer friendly today were adopted during that era as means to use limited manpower more efficiently.
  17. Probably because the military industrial lobbyist we're still feasting on GWOT until a year ago.
  18. At the tactical level it seems that way and for purpose. I mean if you think about it for a minute, as a CGO your entire purpose is to be singularly guided by your organizations mission and to drive your team to the accomplishment of that mission at any costs and without any regard to the bigger picture. It's very much a mindset adopted from the Army. With rated careers we get the advantage that we are at the tip of the spear and so our mission is often in co-alignment with operational level objectives at the theater level. Makes it very easy for us to see the big picture. However, in theory, that spear doesn't drive itself, but the force comes from the heft at the rear that pushes it, or; all of your support agencies. When you get to the strategic and even the operational level Air Force or joint organization staff, all of that haze tends to disappear for everyone. The support agencies get a better picture of how important it is to ensure crews and aircraft get off the runway and fly toward an objective. Their action officers WILL bend over backwards to make that happen. Meanwhile, from an ops standpoint, we typically get educated on the enormous backend that is super important to sustaining a military but we just never see how it connects. Logistics supply chain, casualty management, force health, engineering, etc.... Much of the support force as it exist in peace time isn't necessarily relevant in current purpose but is there as posturing decision and a way to elicit a feedback loop from lower echelons. It's a bit hokey but at the base level the customer service front of these agencies is a poor reflection of their importance, largely because their actual neccesity isn't really practiced except in war or major exercises. I would like to say your poor customer service is because they spend most of their time actually focused on what that war time mission is but I don't think that's really the case. Rather, both pieces tend to naturally deter from one another. The customer service front gives them the familiarity with the systems and processes that are neccessary to them but short actual conflict they aren't actually managing them in a meaningful manner that generates war power. The last piece to all this, is at the HAF and DoD level, people aren't really concerned with an individual or their outcomes. So your poor experience at finance isn't really that important to anyone. Rather, they are more focused on the overall performance of the machine as it runs. In other words, "if finance gets it right 95% of the time, we are doing well. For the 5% who's pay for fucked, well sorry that happened to you but the force at large is still very capable of combat and that's my bigger concern." All of this resonates as truths you hear throughout your whole career. "Noone cares about your career more than you." Etc.... The further you get from yourself and your immediate supervisor, the more that magnifies. You're a number, with no individual importance or value, other than hitting the baseline expectation of your role. It's why if you're a talented officer or aviator, you absolutely should get out when you get the chance. Because your value will be better recognized and appreciated elsewhere.
  19. Came straight off the US census website fact sheet, which is odd now because now I want to know where the data discrepancy is since this fact sheet was updated for 2020 census. https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/US/PST045221
  20. This isn't a good assessment. Ukraine was the worlds largest source for black marketed ammunition and guns shortly after the Cold War. When the SU collapsed Ukraine was Europe's largest standing Army because Russia left them with the Black Sea Fleet as well as several major Army garrisons and a significant nuclear stockpile that they eventually handed back to Moscow. When their economy collapsed, they black marketed a lot of that equipment to the third world. This was only 20 years ago. Ukraine is far from a first world nation. That behavior persisted until as recently as 2017. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ukraine-crisis-arms-insight/ukraine-after-war-becomes-a-trove-for-black-market-arms-trade-idUSKCN1050ZE I wouldn't classify Ukraine as a first world nation either. Their HDI is high .7's which is good but still significantly lagging the rest of Europe (they are similar to Mexico and Thailand). Only 10 years ago their HDI was where Iraq is today. (High 60s). They made enormous gains largely due to the infusion of western money. They were certainly on their way but I would not really categorize them in the same bin as the US, Japan, Western Europe, etc....
  21. These numbers..... Are not in line with the US census numbers at all..... I can understand wanting a racial makeup similar to the US population but these specifically have inflated numbers for some minority demographics.... Specifically Asians (6.1 to 10%), Pacific Islander (.3 to 1.0%), and multiracial (2.9 to 7%). Whites under represented by ~10% (75.8 to 67.5%). WTF are they aiming to do with this?
  22. Honestly after the clustastrophuck that was the pullout, anyone who received discipline for leaving their sidearm in the shitter deserves a pardon.
  23. For years 11-202 said do not consume alcohol within 12 hours of takeoff and I REALLY wanted to press to test this and see what happens if you never take the plane off..... Think they eventually fixed that glitch though....
  24. Have you read a single SIGARS report? Lol. I'm completely fine sending these aid packages but not acknowledging that we probably don't have accountability of every dollar that is spent is either academically dishonest or naive, whichever one fits. We have a poor track record of tracking foreign aid money. That isn't going to change just because it's Russia now.
  25. There already is the PLSF but that program was equally a disaster and I paid my loans off a year before I would have qualified to have them forgiven under PLSF. To your point though, the real thing that needs addressed is grad school loans. The vast majority of student load debt is graduate debt. The problem is the graduate degree is not worth the paper it's written on. So why are people getting them? Simply put, proffessional gate keeping. Hyper-scholasticism has seeded it's way into nearly every field. The Air Force is complicit in it. How long did we make people get a useless masters to pin on Major? You still need it for O-6. Education is another. A lot of states require educators to have a masters degree within 10 years of licensure to maintain their license. Social work, requires a masters degree. Want to go to the airlines? Almost all of us have a story about our masters degree in God knows what circled on our airline resume..... to be a first pilot. MBAs are being required for all levels of management in all sorts of industry. So take for instance being a retail store manager.... They like to see MBAs now. Even law degrees, which I thought actually held value, really do not. The average law school graduate salary is extremely low when you remove the top 10% of earners. The vast majority of law school graduates actually make less than 70K/year. It's the exceptional JD/MBAs from top 25 schools making 700K a year doing finance jiujutsu for hedge funds that misconstrue the mean wages to look so top heavy. In all of these cases, simply possessing the degree, does not actually give you access to higher earnings. It only gets you access to the field or the ability to stay in it. I don't know how to fix it, bit I know AADs is where we need to start.
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