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  1. Also look into UCMJ Article 138. Once I learned about this, I now share it with everyone. Its one of the most powerful tools, you, as the member, have to hold a negligent commander accountable if they are doing something unlawful. May not be vaccine related, can be for anything.
  2. Worth noting that if you've ever been vaccinated for small pox, the small pox vaccine has 85% efficacy against monkey pox. The viruses are in the same family.
  3. The big issue with the Russian collusion crap, outside of influencing an election, was it out a cloud on Trump's presidency that undermined the legitimacy of his official position. In other words, with every policy or effort he put forward, it was dismissed with skepticism his entire presidency because people believed he wasn't even lawfully president. That said, there is a bit of irony because that was the same play with the Obama birther hoax. However, this is a dangerous game to play and one that invites insurgency. Between this and election fraud claims, the trust that Americans have that their leadership is actually elected democratically is very low. When that trust is extinguished, you better believe there will be terrorism, insurgency and civil war by the people in am effort to restore the institution. It's stunningly dangerous to our democracy.
  4. Let's take all of the assumptions in your first paragraph to be true, then that order wouldn't be a lawful order because it lacks military neccesity. All orders have to have military neccesity, regardless of the context.
  5. I mean to some people money is the meaning of life right?
  6. This may be an unpopular opinion but I've switched communities a few times so I think that gives me some insight. If your goal is command, stay Intel. (There are Intel squadrons, you probably already know that.) It won't be impossible if you go rated but believe that when you hit your first line squadron at the 7-8 year mark, your wing will already have it's shiny pennies more or less picked. It doesn't mean you can't break into that, it's just hard...... MAF could help you if you have a positive reputation in your current wing and go back to that community. That said, if your passion is flying, go fly. You will find in the flying world, most aircrew don't have innate respect for those dudes who gun for command from the outset anyway. We prefer competent aviators with a passion for getting the mission done. If that's you, you will excel as a pilot, and laugh all the way to the bank at your snooty command Intel friends when you book off at 20 for Delta or United. Just my 2c.
  7. What hasn't changed is how the Democratic party still strongly believes that race is a person's most important attribute in determining who they are.
  8. Prozac you've made some really phenomenal arguments that we can reduce social spending, back off student debt relieve and not worry about making housing more abundant and affordable. Thanks mate.
  9. Yeah I would agree with that statement. Completely irresponsible for a company to act that way. The FAA has historically given Red Bull a lot of slack to develop air sports. Maybe some of that needs reigned in.
  10. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/red-bull-plane-swap-faa-revokes-licenses-luke-aikins-andy-farrington/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab6a&linkId=164870016 What's even more WTF is the surprising amount of support these people have who believe "what you do with your private property is none of the FAAs business."
  11. Also other organizations have formed to fill that roll including the CSCE, the EU and the Council of Europe.
  12. In what world is societal economic collapse from excessive debt absorption considered security?
  13. Sorry did I miss it? Was a NATO partner attacked by Russia in the last two months?
  14. Opposing Russia is nowhere in the NATO charter. Not all NATO countries are staunchly anti-Russia.
  15. Agree. I don't mind being in NATO if we spend the same as Iceland. Let's do that. We can still help Europe, well just help them as much as they help themselves.
  16. He says as he forgot about WW1s lessons on strung out and complicated alliances with no defined objectives.
  17. You're nitpicking. The idea that support for NATO is a mainstream left opinion over a mainstream right opinion is a 100% fact. 87% would be considered mainstream by any reasonable person.
  18. Why yes actually. That is 100% true.
  19. It's the size that's mostly problematic. Things like FIVEEYES are good because there is a cultural connection that ensures the defense of similar values and the agreement is small enough to keep quagmires small. The problem with NATO is it's too big to succeed. If simply making bigger alliances was the secret to world security we would just ally everyone. But we are not doing that. Turkey may or may not approve the new ascension. I can see them going either way. If they approve it, it would be at cost of a significant quid quo pro. I don't fault Turkey for this. They are acting in their interests. But I think there is a prevailing myth that our interest is directly tied to the size and might of NATO when in fact the alliance offers diminishing returns the larger it gets.
  20. https://www.newsweek.com/turkey-poised-deliver-massive-win-putin-nato-expansion-1706518 Stuff like this is why I feel this alliance is sometimes a waste of time. You have one state that doesn't agree with the other 30 and now your entire strategy is uprooted. Furthermore, there isnt much we can do about it. Even if we were to find the legal mechanism to remove Turkey from the alliance, it would be extraordinarily difficult to do. Turkey has really strategic terrain to the alliance and not all of the 29 remaining states may think they should go. If only one supports Turkey, than Turkey stays. How do you hold resolute and appear resolved when the internal politics of your own organization are in turmoil. This is not the only thing going on with Turkey as well. Turkey's activities in northern Syria and against Syrian Kurds who helped defeat ISIS is extremely troubling.
  21. https://coffeeordie.com/bronze-star-kabul-evacuation/ Phenomenal Navy O-3 I owe some friends lives to. Super happy she was recognized.
  22. https://www.sciencealert.com/transplanting-poo-from-a-younger-mouse-could-help-stave-off-the-effects-of-aging They know about the spice..... The slice melange....
  23. One thing I've found particularly interesting about the recent SCOTUS opinion, the complete LACK of coverage on typically liberal CNN. Seriously, I check CNN daily for headlines and it has not headlined once on their website. When Chris Licht replaced Jeff Zucker as CEO he said CNN would be stepping back from politically polarizing content and I thought "haha, yeah ok." But I'm actually giving them the benefit of the doubt now. The vast majority of their web publishing has been focused and emphasized on Ukraine. There are Roe v Wade articles that generally lean left on CNN but they are down in the footers and usually don't get a photo or bold face. Is it possible some semblance of sanity is coming to the US?
  24. Makes me think of this.... Ever been to the Philippines.... 🤮
  25. I would argue that you could add the current protest at SCOTUS justice homes onto that list since I recently learned it is actually against federal law to protest outside the home of a justice deciding a case. (Considered judicial intimidation, same as jury intimidation) I said I wouldn't wade into a Roe v Wade discussion but I am baffled by the tolerance and even encouragement of this behavior.
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