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  1. Guard reserve standard. Yes. Sadly it is. Swear in asap! Might be able to get some days and pay. Sorry that it takes so long. A year or more isn’t unheard of.
  2. Cheers to that! Well said. And on that note, have a great holiday weekend fellas.
  3. How much of that is owed to China? Man that clock is crazy. We literally owe 100,000 more every second.
  4. So that makes it ok? Or am I reading too much into your comment?
  5. Heard an argument once that I haven’t ever heard a valid argument against. You put 100 people on an island 60 women and 40 men.... in 100 years it'll be a populated island. You put 60 trans women and 40 men with the same scenario on same said island, in 100 years you'll find 100 skeletons of 100 men. Feelings don't trump science.
  6. It’s sad they don’t choose to give more of their lives to veterans space? Ever thought to be happy for what the did give and if they choose to give more to be happy? It’s not really sad. It’s awesome that someone has volunteered their service to give to others and the country. Why are you belittling them for not giving more? why not give the people and the radical left a hard time for the trash they peddle that hurts our veterans? Your effort is better spent changing the minds of your liberal colleagues than asking this who have given and sacrificed to give more.
  7. I wish they would make it easier to voluntarily demote.
  8. Guardian

    Gun Talk

    Thanks for all the rec’s. I know the next question will prompt a it depends. Asking anyways. Is there a good go to for conceal carry holsters? Online market or store? Also what about hand gun mods? Thanks in advance.
  9. General Chang is Fingers Goldfien? Finkel is Einhorn
  10. Guardian

    Gun Talk

    Best conceal carry gun for concealment,size, capacity, caliber and sure….throw in cool factor. Go.
  11. Fingers was a douche. Probably still is.
  12. It’s the definition of making it equitable for everyone. This absolutely fits the sexist and racist goals of DEI. 100%
  13. What’s the difference between a Baptist and a catholic? Give up? The Catholics say hi to each other at the liquor store. Everyone on this planet is a hypocrite in some fashion.
  14. You have to strike a difference between what fallible humans believe and what they know their religion believes or teaches for your argument to be sound. To not do so is disingenuous.
  15. It’s my opinion we need more people like you. Let’s hope that’s the way the program is.
  16. Is firing squad still an option? Not even kidding. It should be. Might help turn some things around in this military of ours.
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