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  1. So you cited something that says scientists use emerging data to refine hypotheses? As in, scientists follow the scientific method? Cool, we're in agreement. Calling someone a sheep - tell me you're a Southwest first officer, without telling me you're a Southwest first officer. Question: do you wait for the CA to go on break before you "Let's go Brandon" on guard, or just do it at the gate? 😂
  2. "I'm hearing talk of..." "A lot of good people are saying..." "It's been said that..." I was hoping this mealy-mouthed bullshít had said farewell, but it's clearly parasitic. So, go on, where did you hear about mandatory booster shots, and from whom?
  3. United new-hires can hold 777 FO. Mid-summer hires from this year can hold 787. I expect they'll sit reserve for years though, and United's reserve rules aren't great. Worse for global reserve (int'l has a different set of rules, mainly they can fly you into your days off, up to 6 total days a month). United new-hires can (right now) hold a NB line in the junior bases before the finish IOE. So yeah, lots of good reasons to stay NB. First year pay is all the same, and nobody on the WB is breaking reserve guarantee right now, so you'd make more money on NB. Lots of options for people though.
  4. 11F. I'm surprised it worked then for him, but I was there and saw it happen. Worth pushing the button to see if it works!
  5. A friend of mine was in a similar situation. Not that he came into money, only that he wanted to separate and had three years of bonus left. He was otherwise eligible and clear of all other ADSCs. He went on vMPF, and applied for separation. It got approved and he just outprocessed. Not long after his terminal leave was finished, he was contacted to pay back the unearned portions of his bonus. He wrote a check and that was the last he ever dealt with the USAF. So maybe try that route. Try and separate, if it clears AFPC and you come back eligible, then you just solved your own problem without having to receive scrutiny from higher levels of leadership.
  6. Looks like the recall will fail overwhelmingly. Definitely a tale of two Californias. Separately, it's an interesting test run to see if the GOP tactic of sowing uncertainty and disinformation about election integrity, as a hedge against a potential loss, is viable. Sad to see the future of our democracy wagered like this.
  7. That was already agreed upon with the last administration, and it looks as though that will be our foreign policy going forward as well. So, about that fast.
  8. Oh, I'm not arguing this was well executed. It's just that I'm more surprised that people are coming out of the woodwork to feign horror about this, when they were just fine with us freeing the leader of the Taliban and then inviting them to Camp David for cookies. We more or less agreed to hand the country over - poorly executed, yes, but where was the pearl clutching when we set this in motion well over a year ago?
  9. Weird how? When we freed the leader of the Taliban, then invited them to Camp David to discuss the transfer, you were expecting some other outcome? Without dumping tens of thousands back into Afghanistan, to augment the 2,500 we started the year with, I don't see that this was going to end any other way.
  10. For 19+ years the Taliban have claimed civilian casualties for virtually every strike. Interesting to see that their propaganda arm now has Americans doing it for them.
  11. Spoiler alert: ten-minute production, filmed in an abandoned school bus in the woods, where he verbally resigns his commission and talks about all the shít he’s seen in the corps. And to Venmo his wife money. And then that he needs philanthropist support to do what he’s about to do next. Which he later says is to “bring the whole fuçking system down.” And then “we’re just getting started.” Pretty cringey, overall.
  12. "Forcibly injected against their consent?" You know it's an all-volunteer force, right?
  13. Careful, bringing up the fact that zero schools have ever espoused CRT is just one step away from asking them to define it! I'm pretty sure the Tucker talking points don't go that deep.
  14. Agreed, it doesn't belong. But I doubt Crenshaw or Cotton could accurately describe what CRT actually is. And it isn't in our military, or K-12 curriculum anywhere. This is a culture war Boogeyman with as much factual basis behind it as razor blades in Halloween candy, or the "War on Christmas." Media personalities everywhere are giving airtime to politicians trying to build capital based on CRT fear.
  15. I'm genuinely curious, what are the CBP employees doing differently today than they were doing six months ago, that is driving this? I'll have to assume that these accounts are true and correct. So what executive-branch policies are resulting in migrants streaming over the border and then boarding airplanes to other states?
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