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  1. Vansairforce forum has lots of folks that can give the intel.
  2. Chair fly with a classmate acting as instructor/atc/distractions/other planes in the pattern where they make conflicts- like they normally occur. Keep practicing/chairflying, but not at your own pace- have a classmate check/push you around. Wash, rinse, repeat. Distractions and performance challenges happen- you have to recocognize and accomodate without losing a step.
  3. I think the salient speed and a truer aimpoint is DC-10s, BAE46s and 747 drop retardant at effective speeds. The MAFFS may not work at that high a speed. What speed does the C-130 use?
  4. I would assume the $14k/hr operating cost is a bit steep. I would think 2-3 MAFFS tanks would fit even if they drain fwd most to aft most. Are the pumps utility hydraulic or electric?
  5. They are honest taildraggers with decent crosswind capes, 20 knots doable. The gear will wear outer half of tires, so you can get used to flipping on rim. I like Desser retreads, harder compound. There are upgraded tailwheels and steering links that work great. Current RV-6 owner, have had S1S, Luscombe, Kitfiox, SuperCubs. RV is about as easy as it gets, great visibility. Edit, it is a solid SELLERS market right now. There are some models with either small or big vertical tails and rudders. I have a small tail RV-6, it is rudder limited in slip/crosswinds as much any RV, and it's still dandy. Full 40 degree flaps are fine at any crosswind, no tail interaction or aileron washing out.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-47323045 Good video. Thousands of people cheered a flypast honouring 10 airmen who died when their plane crashed in a park 75 years ago. The US bomber came down in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield on 22 February 1944, killing everyone on board. A campaign for a flypast started after a chance meeting between BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker and Tony Foulds, who tends a park memorial. A tearful Mr Foulds was given a rousing round of applause as the planes flew over. He said: "This is unbelievable." Relatives of the aircrew and thousands of people from across Britain paid their respects as the planes roared over the memorial at about 08:45 GMT. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  7. If you are an Android tightwad, check Avare. Free. My GRT EFIS bluetooths to their android remote app for non-Garmin installed hardware integration. ADSB-IN easily pipes to installed and portable devices a dozen ways. Fltplan.com is great freeware on iOS, Garmin just announced buying them. FF is the gold standard based on popularity, if you up for are paying, it works. The newest Retina screens are great in daylight, previously the Samsung Androids has several best direct daylight viewing.
  8. Samsung Note3. Avare longtime user on Android. IOS- I use Fltplan. Both free. Both work. Easy to never sweat needing a paper chart or plate. One addition- all platforms display ADSB-in data differently. Different portable hardware may also generate different traffic. Wx seems fine on most all apps, but traffic is just plain odd. Stratus, Stratux, DualAv and Skyradar all seem to have traffic quirks. I pipe my in-data to a GRT EFIS via USB and that works great. As good as the Garmin Hardware users, I'd say. Foreflight and a Stratus seem to still be best for a portable traffic solution. Easy to pipe it into an intercom for voice alerts. Sure beats a Garmin GPS90 and sectional alone back in the day, in all cases.
  9. Always a light moment when taxiing in near view of the tower and announcing that we had our tickets...
  10. Sure, but I can't see the return on investment as either quick nor assured. Omega is only so big for a reason, not because they are King Kong in a cornered market. IL-78 belongs on the north ramp at OAKN... Failed fire bomber conversion turned to a bootleg attempt? http://www.aero-news.net/index.cfm?do=main.textpost&id=0d65bee9-c866-4086-ac8d-17a9ea880f43
  11. It sounded like current off the shelf design would be incorporated. He was a long-time KC-10 type. I was a mx officer on them way back and have just a little knowledge of how the boom and other spares work. I did not think he would get support to tap into or build mirrors of the current systems. If it isn't the same FBW boom, how would the USAF approve its use without new testing? That's what turned me off.
  12. A buddy had worked up an LLC to get Israeli AIA to refit mothballed DC-10-30 freighters at Victorville, CA several years back. The fuel tanks looked easiest, the boom and drouges a bit more interesting. If Omega Air tankers outfit only its present size, I doubt new refits would pay out fast enough, but thinner aviation ventures abound.
  13. In barnstorming rides we call the escort/$ taker/fuel runner, etc, " Scootering", ala the start of, "The Great Waldo Pepper". Turns more folks faster, safely, less extra work for the pilot. Think a hot pit team.
  14. Since starting as a USAF mx officer in 1995 I've had a Pitts S1S, Luscombe 8E, Kitfox 4, Clone of a 135hp SuperCub and now a RV-6. 12 yrs active total, C-9As and C-17s, then AFRC C-17s with part 121 cargo. Gave my AFRC O-5 pledge pin back 5 years early this past Feb as at 23 total they'd pegged the funmeter. More time for GA! Just turned 14 hours of driving into 4.5 of flying. North of Louisville to South of Atlanta, round trip. 180mph at 9 GPH, and mine is a slower one. I've had the same $35k out of pocket in planes, only did a note for a while on the Pitts. I help with the mx, so annuals are about $350, plus parts. Insurance is about $1k a year for 2 seats with enough hours. Plan Fuel burn $ x 2, $50 in the tank, $50 in the fix-it bank, plus hangar and insurance and you'll be close in the right plane. There are no cheap planes. An oops, woops or "what's that" costs about $300 per fist coverage, hopefully including labor. Need a Magneto? 2-3 fists. Carb? Same. Hope you have yuger hands. Mechanics and their schedules can mean huge downtime, which deflates the fun and family support system if you all fly together. Mechanics are slightly easier than finding a good, local hangar. Hangars can be a nightmare, find that first. I split with another RV, $120 each, but it's 35 minutes away and pretty dead. Good for getting work done, not so much for hangar flying and extra hands. If you don't fly 50 hrs/yr, RENT, if you care about the $ side. I do not pretend it makes sense to own, even in partnership. Buy a good one, under 300 hrs and 3 years since overhaul, but not too fresh to avoid infant mortality and A/Ds on defective new parts. Do not buy old panels if you need IFR, pay up for current to MAYBE 1 gen old, if supported. I dig on experimentals, known types that are easier to inspect and check vs. plans and standards. I'm as happy in a cub, door open at sunset or sunrise as flying acro in a Pitts or travelling mad miles with a digital autopilot, good tunes and the frau in the RV. Sure I jumpseat, fly airlines and drive- sometimes a GA plane makes a trip possible, sometimes it's a drag if worrying about weather/hail/FBO hangars/icing, etc. It's not hard to know when the car or airline tickets are best. Think mil space A. It's also about the folks in flying GA, we're ready to make the hangar-home move next. Any background of pilot can yield a great friend, probably similar to many hobbies, good enough for me so far in flying private GA. If it will get you to family, friends, second homes- great, no further people-side needed. But, it's the EAA folks, chapters, fly-ins, Oshkosh, etc that put it over the top for me. Look at a radius calendar on eaa.org or similar and see what happens near you year round. When I was at CHS I met folks that years later put me in touch with the FFO area crowd. At work, trips where I fly with another GA pilot of ANY background go by 9 times in 10 like paid time off. Now, I soloed in gliders at 14, and already knew this is what I was in to. Did not know what I was in for, but the $ in GA has been some of my best spent.
  15. PilotsofAmerica forum might be of more help. Pulling carb heat on a windmilling engine yields only a few seconds of heat. Ram air is bypassing the air filter, flowing over dead exhaust pipes that are only a few hundred degrees and cooling instead of 1000 degrees, then to the carb box A high wing, fuel gravity-fed engine windmilling, with an intact oil system, is likely doing so from pilot error or fuel contamination. The checklist is stepping you through finding a really big, but simple mistake or committing to a proper forced landing.
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