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  1. Not putting it elsewhere as they were too late and low to call it a normal flyover. https://brobible.com/sports/article/auburn-tigers-football-viral-flyover-low-kc-135-jet-plane-reaction/amp/
  2. The BK court docs from 2019 are there, too. So many red flags Matt Rife is gonna use this for stand-up routine material. his best:
  3. Sports scores and a patch to the Frau from Ray in Indiana- fond memories during a long day, over. (Didn't always need to say, "Over", but it still makes me and the frau laugh). God forbid we don't now answer a text in 5 seconds or ACARS or CPDLC, etc.
  4. It's a douche move to Q3 it, but it is likely defendable. As a former 10 year Stan/Eval type, I was able to talk leadership off a few ledges. Never an AETC type, but basics to cover- did you have wx and notams for the field? How non-current are they on the closed weekend? Is Airfield mgmt and met shops manned? Is CFR manned? Is there a marshaller or unneeded marshaller spots open to park? Is there a fire bottle for a tailpipe fire at shutdown? Nearby metar/ATIS useable if met closed? Did he do a runway check/clearing? Is there ZERO active construction projects that impact runway/taxiway/aprons/pads? Simply having no MX to FOD sweep can be used against you. If uncontrolled and no one can hear you call gear down- is that allowed without the field being approved for untowered/uncontrolled ops? If it got the Reservist to his car and home/work, folks will throw darts and you'll know who the enemy are. He left it chalked and covered or got someone to come in and put the jet to bed before leaving? Did he do any form of ASAP/safety forms to avoid the level 3 hurt FEF report? Having every reservist unavailable for XC would be my remedy.
  5. U2 flyby opens the show today.
  6. Vansairforce forum has lots of folks that can give the intel.
  7. Chair fly with a classmate acting as instructor/atc/distractions/other planes in the pattern where they make conflicts- like they normally occur. Keep practicing/chairflying, but not at your own pace- have a classmate check/push you around. Wash, rinse, repeat. Distractions and performance challenges happen- you have to recocognize and accomodate without losing a step.
  8. I think the salient speed and a truer aimpoint is DC-10s, BAE46s and 747 drop retardant at effective speeds. The MAFFS may not work at that high a speed. What speed does the C-130 use?
  9. I would assume the $14k/hr operating cost is a bit steep. I would think 2-3 MAFFS tanks would fit even if they drain fwd most to aft most. Are the pumps utility hydraulic or electric?
  10. They are honest taildraggers with decent crosswind capes, 20 knots doable. The gear will wear outer half of tires, so you can get used to flipping on rim. I like Desser retreads, harder compound. There are upgraded tailwheels and steering links that work great. Current RV-6 owner, have had S1S, Luscombe, Kitfiox, SuperCubs. RV is about as easy as it gets, great visibility. Edit, it is a solid SELLERS market right now. There are some models with either small or big vertical tails and rudders. I have a small tail RV-6, it is rudder limited in slip/crosswinds as much any RV, and it's still dandy. Full 40 degree flaps are fine at any crosswind, no tail interaction or aileron washing out.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-47323045 Good video. Thousands of people cheered a flypast honouring 10 airmen who died when their plane crashed in a park 75 years ago. The US bomber came down in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield on 22 February 1944, killing everyone on board. A campaign for a flypast started after a chance meeting between BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker and Tony Foulds, who tends a park memorial. A tearful Mr Foulds was given a rousing round of applause as the planes flew over. He said: "This is unbelievable." Relatives of the aircrew and thousands of people from across Britain paid their respects as the planes roared over the memorial at about 08:45 GMT. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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