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  1. I'll be almost 32 by my UPT start date as a non prior and a buddy of mine from a Midwest unit who is prior service will be starting UPT at 32. There are definitely units out there that are willing to take a chance, you just have to show them your commitment, have an awesome attitude, and bring some good experience to the table.
  2. You should just look under the road to wings section under the main forum page, there's a number of threads that will give you insight. Honestly there's no magic trick to it. Depending on the unit, someone just out of college without flight experience can get hired, just for appearing to be a stand up guy who would be great to deploy with, On the other end you can have 2000hrs with an ATP and Masters degree. If you want to be a pilot, do everything you can to appear to be the best well rounded pilot. Personally I wouldn't delay years of doing another position, especially with UPT being such an age critical assignment or screwing over the shop your working in.
  3. Order it from AAFES online, should arrive on time, ask for faster shipping if necessary. Cant believe 15-02 is next week already
  4. Can someone from a recent class advise if you can listen to music during the run portion of the PFA at AMS?
  5. Would like to know if anyone has had a waiver approved by NGB recently and what the time frame was? Thank you in advance
  6. With all of the security clearance drama in the news, wanted to know if it would affect the processing of new clearances if I didn't hear anything in a timely fashion.
  7. Can you pass FC1 if your within body fat and weight requirement but don't have a 39in waist? and can you be recommended for discharge?
  8. Can anyone give a more recent experience going through FC1/MFS also specify on body measurements? Thank You
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