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  1. @topdeadcenter I am not sure, I was just researching units. @Marco thanks man, so you mean definitely join in a unit after graduation, or better to just wait it out until I potentially get lucky? I guess it's just opinion
  2. Hey all. I previously had a thread on here about how to get hired non prior to UPT with a unit. From that information, I wonder how that applies specifically to fighter units. Is it enough to have a good GPA, good AFOQT/TBAS scores, all the pre reqs along with a PPL to realistically obtain a job with a unit? I saw units like the 115th of the California ANG are interviewing and hiring for pilots, but I wonder how important it is to be in the unit already? Just trying to gauge the right path to go to pursue this. I will be graduating next May 2016, so the sooner I know the better! Thanks
  3. I mean besides making the mistake of praising WC as a "gold mine", the A-10 Warthogs at the Chiefs game today were badass, so that's nice
  4. Flyer, thanks for the information about formal/informal input. Since that is the specific military unit I will be attached to, the importance of the social aspect makes perfect sense, will consider.
  5. Funny enough, I keep up with the pilot I was referencing on Facebook as we've lost touch over the years, and he was just hired by Delta. Lol
  6. Get PPL, noted. 3K an extremely rough estimate, probably more between 5 and 7 realistically. I actually spoke with a pilot whom I've known for years who flies at Whiteman AFB about 40 miles from here, and he suggested against getting a PPL because "military flying is much different than civilian flying". Out of the several pilots I've heard from though, he is the only one who suggested this. Maybe his view is different since he was Academy commissioned, but who knows.
  7. Haha!! Thanks for the replies.. I get the vibe WC may not be the best source of information? I guess I assumed it to be credible since it was written by "someone who has been through the process personally." Perhaps extensive wasn't extensive as it should have been, and the source could be 'one-sided'.
  8. Good day, aviators. I do not wish to ask extraneous or unnecessary questions, but am looking for some guidance. I want to know how to improve my chances of flying in the ANG/AFRES. I have done extensive research, and found WantsCheck.com to be a gold mine of great info! I have a few more questions for more qualified and personal advice: Lil' background info: about halfway to my undergrad major here in Kansas City. I have a near-impeccable GPA, and am studying English. (Bare with me lol) As of right now, I don't see how I could possibly have the $3K to obtain a PPl. I'm also aware my ch
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