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  1. nunya

    Gun Talk

    It's whatever is allowed by the state. At Big Bend, it'd be concealed only because TX doesn't allow open. In the Wyoming part of Yellowstone, you could open carry.
  2. nunya

    Baseops Chat

    I'd be for it. Speaking of - I tried to PM you and it said you couldn't receive them so I emailed you through the forum form instead.
  3. nunya

    Gun Talk

    What I saw @ Elmo was hunting stuff for the long guns, a few revolvers, and the normal Glocks, XDs, tupperware pistols. They had a couple unique muzzleloaders (that aren't even firearms, but that's a different story altogether). I think AAFES charged a 5% surcharge, which effectively made their prices higher than off-base, where it's tax free anyway. Go check out Wild West and the other unique stores up there. If you go to Wild West, ignore the guy they call Ken. He's a real piece of work. Either way, skip the BX.
  4. nunya

    Gun Talk

    Must be a trend item of AAFES idiocy. The Elmo BX also told me it was federal law that they could not sell a long gun to an out-of-state resident.
  5. http://www.flyingsqu...3-non-a-letter/ Done been answered. Edit to add: I'm feeling generous and that's a long thread to wade through, so here's the specific post: http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2973-non-a-letter/page__view__findpost__p__236244
  6. Eh, I made a Nacho Libre joke, but it wasn't as funny in writing as it was in my head, so away it went.
  7. Wait, is that inappropriate? What I meant to say was, I am very sorry to hear of his passing.
  8. No, that is an old law. It's supposed to cover rent and bills "for the median member." http://www.defensetr.../BAH-Primer.pdf
  9. Sheppard Air's database is 460-something now. I'm going to take the MCI test Monday. And for those that plan to take it in the near-ish future, you might want to go ahead and get it done by March 1st. After that, test prices - CATS and Lasergrade - go from $100 to $150.
  10. nunya

    Gun Talk

    Anyone know if Nightforce or US Optics or S&B give a mil discount on their optics like Leupold does? edit: How'd I end up with only 1 post? I haven't been on in a long time - I guess my previous posts went away.
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