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  1. Does anyone know if I show my cards and apply for a separation date of 1 Jan 15 under normal conditions (not under one of the FM programs) am I at risk for AFPC looking at that and basically saying "Oh, you want to separate? How about you get out 1 Apr instead." I am a non flyer (ATCer) looking to get out and go FAA. I am not eligible for any VSP money and I want to stay on active duty until the end of the year to minimize my gap in employment.
  2. Wondering the same thing... haven't seen anything announced.
  3. Yea I already read through AFI 36-3003 as I said and couldn't find the info I needed which is why I turned here to see if anyone else knew the protocol for this situation
  4. Im separating late next year and I'm trying to figure out if terminal leave begins the day you depart your duty station or the date you arrival at your HOR. Technically if you don't take terminal leave, you get X number of paid travel days prior to your DOS. Wouldntbuou still get those days and they wouldn't be chargeable leave days correct? Anyone have expwrience with this or can provide a reference. I can't find it in AFI 36-3003 or the JFTR or via Google. Any help appreciated
  5. I saw they put out new force management opportunities for FY '14. I'm an ATC officer and have been considering getting out to jump over to the FAA and this seems like an opportunity which may finalize that decision if the terms are correct. I know this is an ops forum but I was hoping that someone might have more SA. If I apply for this program under the Limited Active Duty Service Commitment (LADSC), does that entitle me to separation pay or is the "benefit" merely the reduction of your required service commitment? If there is no separation pay I'd probably just wait out my PCS ADSC which ends late next year anyways. Thanks
  6. I am an air traffic controller and therefore have a class II medical. I have two CONUS TDYs coming up where I will need to fly across the country. I know it is somewhat ironic but I get very nervous when I fly . I am considering asking the flight doc for something to take the edge off for these flights. I can be DNIC during the TDY as I won't be doing any controlling. I'm just afraid that even being a nervous flier might have some negative impact on my medical. I decided to post this issue here to hopefully get some insight from fliers and medical professionals before deciding to actually bring this up with the flight doc or not. Thanks in advance for any info/opinions. EDIT: BL I would like to bring this up with the doc because I know it works and is a common treatment in the non flyer world but I'm afraid of being labeled as someone with anxiety issues or a drug seeker when this is like a one time isolated situation. I hate having to sneak around with medical issues but I guess that's what you have to do when you are in flight Med.
  7. I recieved this forward as well. Looks real to me. There is also a picture attached which actually goes perfectly with the bio. You look at the picture and automatically think "what a tool", but I'll hold off from posting it here. Almost feel bad for the kid, seems like his toolishness got the best of him and now he is the laughstock of the AF. Good luck to any unit that gets him.
  8. Good point, I forget if the original poster had mentioned being beyond that age, but if so, you can still apply for a DOD position, pay not as good, but still pretty high. True it is getting more difficult as more people apply. Off the street guys really don't have a chance, although I know they are hiring some so it may be worth a chance just to put in an app, non currently open however. Hiring process is slow for those qualified but if you can hold out, it is still worth it in my opinion.
  9. ATC is always an option. I have about 3 years left here and then I'm going to try and make the transition to the FAA. Depending on where you work salaries range anywhere from 60K-180K. It might be difficult without any prior experience. I already have my military ratings so I can apply with a veteran ATC preferance but I know they hire off the streets. Good way to stay in aviation, reliable government job that pays really good. ...just don't fall asleep.
  10. Hey everyone. Just wanted to spread some information about the fact that you need to know the regs yourself because lodging people don't know their own regs. I was TDY for 16 weeks and when I checked into lodging they did not have availability. They told me I could NOT have a non A letter and would have to stay in their contract quarters (Holiday Inn). I told them they were wrong, and they essentially laughed in my face. So I said I'd like to speak with their manager. Long story short, 3 supervisors and 3 days later, I went all the way to the GM of lodging with a copy of their own reg that stated when there isn't availability, member is given the option to have a non A letter or REQUEST contract quarters. A stumped GM gave me the non A letter. Instead of staying in the Holiday Inn for 4 months which by the way cost the full lodging per diem, for the exact same rate, I rented an ocean (Gulf) front condo (2bdrm, 2 bath). SAME COST TO GOVERNMENT! When I told lodging they were getting ripped off by the Holiday Inn, they told me, and I quote "we're not in the business of saving money." That's our tax dollars at work.
  11. So I found a good place for my wife and I that falls under the rate they give me for refusing government quarters ($39/night). It will not be available until a week after I arrive at Keesler. Am I able to stay on base for a week and then decline quarters for the remainder of my TDY or is it once you are on, you have to stay on? Also, if I refuse gov quarters, can I check back periodically to see if I can get a non-A letter or is that option out the door when you refuse on base lodging? Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm heading to school at Keesler and they don't have availability but they are trying to tell me I must stay in one of the hotels on their list. I'm certain I have seen regs stating they cannot force you to stay in their commercial lodging list. My school is 4 months and my wife will be with me most of the time so I'm looking to make sure I have a place that has a kitchen. There are countless options but none on their list and they are giving me a hard time and won't give me the non-A letter unless I book with one of their hotels. Anyone have the reg that says I can pick my own hotel as long as it is under the maximum per diem rate for lodging? Or does anyone know a way around them literally withholding this Non-A letter? Thanks in advance!
  13. I will second Stretch's comments. I currently hold a 20/hr per week job right now and although at times it is challenging, it is all about how you manage your time. In AFROTC you will (or should) learn time management, especially as a junior or senior. With a full class schedule, part time job, and ROTC corps job, things can get tight. I have the girlfriend thing too, but Stretch is off. He must be single. Managing a relationship does add another level of complication but its all how you handle it. To make a long answer short, yes, work away.
  14. Thread Revival. I've read through this thread and got a lot of great information. Something I didn't really find was, what if you want to stay in Hueys? Lets say you get Hueys out of Rucker. Is it fairly typical to do a tour or two in Hueys and then move to -60s? If someone really doesn't have an interest in switching, is it a career killer? How would staying in Hueys affect promotions?
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