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  1. “An officer of color is not available to respond to your call at this time. Please stay on the line and we will connect you at the earliest convenience. Estimated wait time is: 4 hours.”
  2. Can anyone tell me what separation orders should look like? Specifically, I’m separating from active duty (no guard/reserve) but still have time to go on my IRR commitment. However the orders I have in-hand seem to indicate I’m resigning my commission (which I didn’t think an officer was eligible for until he completes his IRR time?). I’m flagged as a “discharge” under type of separation and “resignation accepted by the Pres” under authority. I would have thought the separation type would be either “Release from Active Duty/transfers to RESAF” or “Release from EAD/Reverts to RESAF”, and th
  3. I promise I’m not, but I can see why you would think that 😆
  4. I already borrowed from a friend. I just think the whole thing is funny.
  5. Found out from a friend that the SQ superintendent saw me not wearing OCP’s and went and complained to the commander, so the CC yielded and said I need to be in OCP’s.
  6. Bought name tapes and borrowed a blouse/pants from an enlisted guy who thinks this is as dumb as I do.
  7. Funny you mention that. Just yesterday our CC and shirt were talking about how they’re very “transparent” and “eager” to hear new ideas from squadron members.
  8. I’ll probably bite the bullet but it’s definitely going to be something I mention in my outbrief with my leadership when they ask me about how to “improve” the unit.
  9. I would but I’m at a small base that doesn’t have any kind of airman’s attic. I’m going to see if I can get away with leaving the tags on the expensive pieces and return them when I’m done.
  10. If they did I certainly didn’t get any. I thought officers always had to buy everything.
  11. I’m not rated so I still have a little time left.
  12. For real. It was actually my leadership that had the problem with it - my supervisor didn’t care. Unfortunately I’m in one of those units that I’m sure would probably article 15 me or withhold a dec if I kept wearing blues.
  13. I’m separating from the AF (not going reserves/guard) within the month, and I planned on just wearing short sleeve blues for my last few days of work/outprocessing instead of shelling out three or four hundred on OCP’s that I’ll wear for two weeks. Got told today that I’ll need to be in OCP’s ASAP and that I can’t wear blues (even though I work in an office type environment every day). Their reason was that you have to have OCP’s in the IRR. I don’t know, perhaps I’m a cheap/stubborn bastard. But it’s almost like leadership has no common sense these days.
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