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  1. Actually..I do feel pretty bad ..In any case If I had been there and watched him shoot a man with his rifle ..I think that it's probably 75-25 that I would have shot the kid if he didn't instantly comply..esp. if he turned towards me..No video..no hours of analysis....no goofy judges and lawyers...nothing but a kid?..with a rifle..that he just used to drop someone..with me possibly next...well that kid was found not guilty of anything...makes me feel kind of dumb..eh? I apologize for the digression..
  2. Pretty cool....a great analysis if you had a half hour to sort it out....
  3. Ya took too long there Spike Buddy...the kid ran past and just shot another dude...what are your thoughts..ya only got a few seconds if that...Did he shoot in self defense? Was the second victim trying to defend himself ? In any case ya REALLY got to hurry up 'cause the kid just blew the bicep off ANOTHER victim...was it self defense? By who? quick now...Jeeze Spike Buddy...You got THREE victims and still haven't made a decision...A jury of 12 of your peers may be analyzing YOUR action..or lack of ..soon enough..
  4. Let's say you are a patrolman and some rigged up dude comes running down the street in a riot..pointing and aiming and just shot someone...do you shoot the dude who ..by God.. looks like a kid? Your decision time is already up...
  5. You may get a chance to find out...The grade skool where my wife works has at least two boys showing up in drag...with one "pink BOa"?..(i don't want to know )..The principle and gym teacher are..."that way". It's all the rage..coming to a recruiter near you...
  6. Yeah dammit...that's what B-29's are for...now git...
  7. Because guys in the Guard and Reserve usually have real jobs and can tell the big military to naff off as needed..Not unheard of for a say .. staff sergeant to personally know and maybe went to High School with a Senator or Congress critter and those associations can work better than four stars and the big military knows it.. oop's goblins arrive....chow....
  8. I hear that all the dumps in Angeles City are long closed...does that affect the selection of the little woman? Or aren't you choosy?
  9. Not enough employees in the system to make the money to buy the stuff to keep the prices on the stuff to hold the margins and away we go...Time will tell.....Last week I worked with a new grad who told me that "a lot" of his fellow grads in this particular program are taking big salary hits that they never expected...My brother works in lumber distribution..but has a CDL ..they are so short of truck drivers..(see get paid...spend....margins above..) that they wanted to pull him out of his position to drive a semi....'cause he's the only one who can back a truck without crashing into the dock. Does not seem like the set up for inflation...A couple of months ago I paid 85 bucks for an 8 foot 4x4 and a piece of 4x4 wafer board because of a lumber shortage....does that add to the profit line?..Or slam down demand?....I guess we shall see...
  10. Funny you should mention that...My stock guy claims that he sees inflation and a bit of a pull back...I see deflation and a full blown recession.........employers near where the Afghans are camped out should be banging down the CO's door to get at these potential employees..they are gonna need 'em...As to being jumped by camera dudes.. If you anticipate such a thing..carry a small can of red spray paint and coat the lens..
  11. Volunteering to be the non-treated control subjects for a deadly disease is pretty much un-heard of. The sociological, political etc. research will be as fascinating as the medical. For example..will those who have refused a vaccine hold tough to the bitter end? Have regrets? Sail on through? Actually the sky is the limit when studying this event..The PHd's will fly like...I know...re-engined Buffs...
  12. Many moons ago the ATC boyz thought that they had Ronnie Raygun by the cojones and they went on strike..the controller who lived next door at the time ended up running a muffler shop. A lot of laid off pilots got jobs with ATC in various roles like clearance delivery..ground control etc. that they could handle i.e. not approach to KORD for example. Those jobs and alert lines kept them going. It was a goat rope but they (the controllers) all got the bootaroo so best be careful. A lot of pilots headed off active duty? That a rumor or not?
  13. It's starting to appear that your genetic profile is going to be the "expert" on how to deal with a medical emergency like this .. If an organism like C-19 appears again, let it run wild in the population, offer a vaccine, and see what happens. Those that survive will pass on protective genetics for the next time, esp. if (when) it changes shape and needs modified vaccine. For sure this will be the science experiment from hell. But with an incredible amount of medical (and sociological) knowledge gained. As usual, I feel bad for the medics..I got a flu shot and a bug shot today and the nurse said that they are worn out. It could have been prevented. Now I'm going to get lectured by my pal who is convinced that I got a microchip.
  14. The range master..where else?? They booted me out of the zoo..
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