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  1. As far as what planes end up where..it strikes me as a little free style for now. We have an F-16 unit down the way pretty much sure that they are swapping to the F-35. I wonder how solid that swap is. The maintenance guys mention that the paint shop alone for various reasons is a major operation. Is F-35 the fighter version of the KC-46 ?
  2. Reminds me of when states started making seat belt use mandatory..I can still hear it..."I got my rights" "seat belts can kill you" "blah de blah" ..This from guyz who were forced to wear a seat belt and shoulder harness from release to set...in a vehicle with essentially a zero chance of crashing....but drove on out the gate in a vehicle where safe travel is questionable at best...often with a brewski or three on board.. This bug is turning into the research project from hell..which will be helpful down the line..I guess..pray for the medics...
  3. Reminds me of the fellow who visited his sawbones concerning "certain complaints and embarrassing symptoms"...The doc asks..."well sir, do you have a discharge?" and the fellow answers "Yes Doctor...honorable"
  4. They can bring 'em up to date on the bugshot at out processing...The airlines will get 'em anyway....As far as Guard pilots..that's what happened many moons ago when the sandbox fired up...No one cared..
  5. Now is too late to argue about numbers and masks and vaccines etc...might as well let it run it's course and see what happens..I was talking with a medical type today ( on the phone)who is a hard core vaccine denier..religious I think..that's fine....I will never work near him and would suggest that he be fired. His techs are terrified. If the bug manages to mutate past the present vaccine..then......a learning experience I guess. A riddle....On a light note I had occasion today on a looong drive to drive past the environs of P.P. and N.P. and M.H. pleasant memories of past adventures...
  6. We shall see..If it happens Mother N. will be up with a major human house cleaning...The poor medical dudes and dudettes are getting kicked in the gonnies/gonettes as it is now..
  7. That's how it went with me..never dawned on me that I might have gotten -19 until weeks later when I started hearing about it....and never did get the antibody test...so who knows...If I DID have the real thing I might have spread it globally for weeks. In any case a few months in.. the wife and I got the bugshot...I was just reading the local paper about 60ish years ago when literally everyone raced down to get the Polio vaccine..You had to be deep into devil worship or REALLY slow to pass up that one. Now the local farm supply places are selling horse de-wormer..it's the latest on the interweb...Would you fly with a dude/dudette who rocks with Ivermectin?! We had a squadron reactionary or three..but NOTHING like this...
  8. "Cecil's Track of the Cat" as I recall..I was once in the dump...
  9. I was talking to a gym rat about some t-shirt he had on..turns out he was a Navstar GPS operator. That's a good thing..
  10. It's not really a science experiment..but it's a gold mine for multiple researchers covering subjects from abnormal psych to advanced biochem...statistics..you name it. It's not often that you get a huge cohort that will participate in a refusal of treatment that may save their life..when the endpoint may be death.....(but sooo hard on the medics) BTW my wife reported arm pain for a few weeks and a friend had it for a few days..
  11. Sad as it is..THAT is exactly what I was telling the wife...Hero to bum in one nightmare mission..If Reservists..there might be pushback if such an investigation occurs..
  12. The VFW..Legion and VA are-mailing comprehensive info to try and deal with just the possiblity of badly shaken vets..
  13. Your discussion highlites the scariest part of this nastly little bug. It may be (is?) impossible to get the vaccination rate high enough..fast enough to prevent some really nasty mutation that will render the present vaccine a moot point...i.e. it will stop working...then it may be that ya got the DNA to save yourself or ya don't....Survival of the fittest has always been the rule. If humans have the technology to save themselves and decide that a big pi@@ing contest is more fun...well .....let's see...an aviation example...the worst (and last) nose gear first touch down ya ever made.......
  14. Very interesting in depth article in a recent Vanity Fair (august..it has Dua Lipa in scanty duds on the cover) ......(don't ax)...........Extensive discussion on the evidence that strongly supports an accidental release of -19 ...Ya gotta wade thru it but it's pretty convincing...There will be a test. I never knew who Dua Lipa is....
  15. I'm a Vishnu follower my own self....
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