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  1. Since I separated I haven't logged in here much, so I'm a bit late to answer your questions but I'll give it a shot. 1. AFRC doesn't quite know what to do with us from a deployment standpoint because of the iron availability issue. For TACC taskings, it's no different than if we had tails. That may not technically be accurate based on crew ratios/etc, but from a line flyer perspective it's the same. 2. Standard AFRC deployment cycles. 3. It depends. Married? Spouse have a job? Where? Do you have a job? Are you commuting to an airline gig? PM me if you want to discuss in more detail.
  2. Still valid. I returned from deployment in late May, I’m in TAP this week and starting terminal July 3.
  3. The weapons school is getting ready to place an order for WIC custom Breitlings. Tart Ehlers is the POC in the 8 WPS
  4. The benefit is that the Chinese could just steal it from us and not have to develop it on their own. Then we’ll know what they have?
  5. I’m separating. If I wanted to take the bonus I’d have looked for the info. I thought it was interesting the AF doesn’t push the bonus in a targeted way. No problem to solve here. Just sport bitching.
  6. My UPT ADSC expired yesterday. I’ve learned more about the bonus in this thread than from work. As much as MYPERS spams my inbox about aide and exec jobs, I’m surprised I never got an email with a link to sign up.
  7. Nah, they’ll just further obfuscate who’s in the top 10% like they’ve done by not identifying school selects at the O-4 board. The longer the machine can make people think they’re in the top tier the longer people will try to be in the top tier.
  8. You think you’re being cute. But thinking along those lines is what we need (and some people are doing)
  9. Can you elaborate on the ANG dude who has an ADSC?
  10. I got non-vol’d to a 6 month exec gig for a GO ~45 days after a PCS. Turns out that’s as soon as they can make you deploy post PCS. I had 2.5 weeks’ notice. So no, not an aide job but close. I separate this summer.
  11. Selection bias. We like to bitch about the bro who got passed over who’s a really good/smart:hard working dude and hold that example up as indicative of everyone who got passed over. I know a handful who fit the criteria-shocked that they didn’t make it. Then there are the retards who suck in the jet and at office work. Those are the ones who should have been passed over, but there’s a delta between the number of tards and the total number who get passed over. Those are the stories that are much more dramatic to complain about.
  12. I personally know several WIC guys who didn’t get school. One data point: how many WIC grads are in the 57 WG all competing against each other for that push? I freely admit that I don’t have the comprehensive data to say that 69% do or don’t go in res.
  13. Read the instructions for the 4473. You can buy guns essentially as a resident of 2 states-your home if record and where you’re stationed. Most gun store clerks are idiots. Or their company has more restrictive policies (Dicks).
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