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  1. So...Denying Russia was behind the attack seems to remove any credibility one might have in declaring any type of widespread election fraud.
  2. O-5 promo lists have been approved by the senate as of yesterday 14 Dec.
  3. Is there any new info given the senate is moving forward with SCOTUS pick?
  4. They did the merit based line number allocation.
  5. Sorry I don’t have access to the warfare stats. also, I only have those two stats and not the full list.
  6. Second this. I am at quite the off the beaten path assignment and doubt anyone in my current chain would notify me before the public release. I would appreciate any DMs and in return I’ll upvote your posts so good you will look like a damn admin on this site. 🙂
  7. Just to confirm, results are out now or they will be out 6 Oct?
  8. Any rumors on whether the O-5 list will be out this week?
  9. De-emphasizing records ans re-emphasizing performance literally is how we reach the singularity. All kidding aside, what the hell does that even mean?? How does a board emphasize performance when they literally only have access to records. And please know all my rage is directed against the system.
  10. Isn’t the current O-5 promotee list finishing up this month?
  11. I wonder how many days the average USAF Officer spends waiting for board results ? 🧐
  12. Things seem to be going...swimmingly.
  13. Well...f#%^*. That makes zero sense
  14. Does SDE AWC online count for JPME II credit? Trying to limit pain by not having to go TDY for a separate course. Many thanks.
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