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  1. I am confused, why are they testing Disco/hipster bags if they are planning on taking them away? Is this part of the fighter fashion initiative or are heavy pilots getting these too?
  2. Anyone have an example of a good evaluation from a civilian ENT for H2 waiver or bullet points on what letter should include ?
  3. What day is your FC1? Mine is the week of sept 17.
  4. This must be the solution to the pilot shortage.
  5. Age Waivers or all waivers in general? Can you PM me the contact info.
  6. Did you go to an outside optmtrist, make sure you didn’t have a minor astigmatism?
  7. Why did they take afpilotjobs.com off, I really loved that site. I wonder how much bogidope.com paid them.
  8. It looks like a lot of kc-10 guys use single ear headsets. Anyone know the deal?
  9. Thanks for the support. As far as the hearing, I got a full audiological work up by and Ear Nose and Throat doctor with MRI all clear and just plain hearing loss and have letter from Dr saying fit for duty( which I have been told means zero to military). With shoulder, I have to take my surgeons word on it as it is it did not appear on my original MRI and she said she caused it during the procedure. Only way to refute would be to have another surgeon open it up and look visually. Unfortunately, I haze zero military contacts. Yes, I found James Dienst on Linkedin. I have been contemplating wether or not I should try to message/"connect" directly. Another option is trying to befriend someone one linked is of lower rank that might be willing to help out.
  10. Yes, I have been over on that thread but still not sure exactly who I would send an ETP to being that I am a civilian. I also don't have much support from the AFRC recruiter since being disqualified. I googled it, and saw some sent their ETP to AFPC but that was for non medical issues. Do you know exactly the best place to send, AFPC, SG and how do I go about finding good contact info? I have AFPC testing email from the PCSM site but that's about it. My main arguments are 1.Hearing is very minor, and Drs look at it as an anomaly since it only effects one single frequency in one ear. Hearing avg. is still low too. 2. Chondromalacia is mild and is shoulder again, not common and you are not on your shoulder as much as knees (Surgeon said she caused the condromalacia during the surgery). Also asymptomatic and still able to lift heavyweights without pain or joint obstruction. 3. I can still legally fly 200 + passengers by FAA Medical standards( with all licenses/ratings) but cant haul cargo over middle east? 5. DoD is just trying to save money on VA bills. 6. Pilot shortage( I know its 11F shortage, but still)
  11. Anyone have experience or know anyone that successfully contacted a Senator, Congressman or a Surgeon General and revered a decision after getting disqualified medically? I have H2 hearing (35db @ 500hz) in one ear, rest frequencies are perfect and mild chondromalacia in my shoulder which my surgeon said was caused by her doing my labrum repair surgery back from 07. Both of these conditions would not be a problem if I was already trained and still not an issue with FAA. I'm not expecting much, just wanted to make sure I exhausted all resources. Also would anyone know the best way to contact a surgeon general, specifically AFRC?
  12. Did anyone apply to Moffett and heard anything back? Packages were due 16 May with Interviews being this weekend.
  13. Now that I have been officially DQ'd from Reserves, I have to disclose it on the form 24 that all Guard units require in their packages. I feel I will now be an automatic pass.
  14. How does a civilian apply for ETP? I was working with Reserve recruiter for unsponsored board but was not much help after DQ and now I want to apply for Guard boards but Im sure I would be a hard pass with a DQ. I was DQ for grade 2 chondromalacia found during a labrum repair shoulder surgery that healed 100% 7 years ago, with the surgeon recommendation and H2 hearing (35db @500hz, one ear) rest of my frequencies are perfect. Everyone keeps talking about a pilot shortage, at least with regionals, is the Air Force experiencing that as well and will this help candidates enter with minor issues. I'm 25, have PPL 83 Pilot, 79 PCSM. Like someone else said, I have pretty much accepted it. I just wanted to know I exhausted all options before I age out
  15. Cagg011, Let me know how this goes. I got PDQ that I'm trying to fight for a shoulder surgery that was done in 2007, Posterior labral repair and chondoplasty for grade 2 chondromalacia. I was suppose to see a consultant after MEPS but it went straight to DQ. I had my surgeon give a good letter too, saying " no symptoms in right shoulder and full range of motion and strength. Strange thing is, my recruiter is saying it was an automatically disqualifier, but I had to submit all my docs beforehand and get a waiver to even "floor"/ be able to take the physical, so if it was an automatically disqualifier, why would they even let someone go to MEPS if they are just going DQ them. Drs at MEPS don't really check you a whole lot, pretty much just write down what's in your medical files that you provide them.
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