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  1. Spawn, If I were you, I'd just keep riding it out at your regional until you get the offer from your company of choice. It's only a matter of waiting it out. I've given this same advice to the young guys in my Guard unit as well. Keep doing the mil flying, upgrade at your company then wait it out. If F9, B6 or NK (oh snap!) are your target, then absolutely apply. I would not make the move to any of those though simply to fly bigger metal. If AA, DL, UA, WN (shiiiiit) are what you're aiming for, then 121 PIC time at your regional will be your quickest path. Upgrading to AC/IP (if you aren't already) in your MWS is certainly advisable, but if you want to get to a major ASAP then I would argue your regional is the best bet. Good luck!
  2. This wouldn’t happen to be a “well-known” guy from the mobility community, would it? Either way, the efforts against the guy I am talking about were due to extreme douche-baggery outside of his AF career. That’s a clean kill when you fuck over a well-liked bro with a lot of friends at most (if not all) of the majors.


    Popcorn? I’m thinking a couple (three) glasses of scotch will be in order when this story is told. 🥃

    UFO thread

    I’m usually pretty skeptical about this stuff, but this guy’s story gave me chills driving to the airport this morning. Joe’s interview with Bob Lazaar from a few months ago is also very interesting.
  5. Whenever I hear this phase, I love to recount the DOZENS of times I’ve flown a completely empty C-17 across an ocean.
  6. That's called the Air National Guard.
  7. True. "Relatively" would have been a better choice of words. In any case, whoever crafted this idea is a complete assclown
  8. On the plus side, it should still be fairly cool outside at 0530, so you can leave your kids in the car until the scavenger hunt is over and the CDC opens.
  9. I'm banking on it! 🤞 I'll let you know how it turns out in a couple of years.
  10. Stand by for “back to basics” SII. It’s been at least 5 years since management last reminded us to do our fucking jobs.
  11. That’s known as “status quo” when dealing with TACC.
  12. My unit has been lining guys up on a downrange trip first, then they go down and sign the paperwork. It sounds like that was worked out well so far.
  13. I’m guessing there was a theme, but what a shitty choice of fonts. If one of the studs formatted these slides, he/she needs to just skip the FTU and go direct to a junior exec job in the ops squadron. He needs to learn what the AF truly values in its pilots.
  14. “Digital clown show....” It’s got a nice ring, doesn’t it?
  15. If you're not a qualified aircraft commander, then I'd say no.
  16. Our AFE guys would shit a f'ing brick if they saw that. I've had my helmet made "AFI-compliant" so many times in the last 5 years, my pencil has logged more NVG time than my actual eyes have.
  17. I'm an '05 guy and I'm not doing it. I'm in the Guard though, so that probably doesn't help you much. 🍻 I gave up way too many beautiful weekend afternoons while on Active Duty writing useless papers for an even more useless MBA that I really didn't need/want in the first place. I practiced bleeding with SOS in correspondence so that I could go in residence. About the only good that came from that was that I learned that I needed to get off AD ASAP. There's no way in hell I'm going to spend the next few years with that constant nagging of having to do some stupid module for ACSC. For what - an extra $300-$600 a month in 20 years? I've got way to much other fun stuff I need to do when I'm not giving up my days off from the airline to knock out NVG currencies and SABC.
  18. But will they let us roll up our sleeves - or will that require a memo from a 3 star?
  19. My unit (and a few others I've heard from) are working to get bonus-eligible guys on a downrange trip for the tax-free. Not sure if any of them have received the pay-out yet. Less than 15 years time in service.
  20. Thanks for the intel. I'll be shocked if this is just contained within the Guard 11F community. Especially since they seem so disposable at this point... 😳 Pretty shitty state of affairs when the Guard guys start "voting with their feet." I'm ready.
  21. Is this for real? Any Guard guys aware of this happening? Asking for a friend...
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