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  1. Probably the Tesla Top speed the vette wins. 0-60 the tesla is almost twice as fast. So if quarter mile time the Tesla wins.
  2. Don't you take my fast food away from me. Go look at the DFAC there is the same shit there that airman snuffy eats. They just have to bring their own sugar free monster to go with the chicken tendies.
  3. Low and slow with the window open. Congrats! Looks like Triple Tree is still going to happen. https://tta.aero/aviation-events/triple-tree-fly-in/ Any other large fly-ins anyone plan on going to?
  4. Wanna fly a formation landing still but big blue cut you off?
  5. Fake news or ahead of the reporting curve? I'll just leave this here. https://www.tmz.com/2020/04/25/north-korea-dictator-kim-jong-un-dead-dies-heart-surgery-reports/?fbclid=IwAR2izg14ovM8Fm4ckB5s2RsSMWi0vI4gyDRJQnFuguqI8UKVTy2ZZx51gzQ
  6. Take a look at RV-4s if you want something lower priced and economical to operate. Unless you are a big dude. You could still fly dogs in the back room is decent if you pull the seat out.
  7. Dewey makes some good flying videos.
  8. The "senior IP core" is a slick wing captain that has no desire to do much other than shoot an ILS to a full stop.
  9. Maybe they are going to give us bonus leave?
  10. Sounds like we might not even get to take any leave for the rest of the year if they are going to let us hold on to that much leave.
  11. No, but I want to. https://www.mdt.mt.gov/aviation/docs/sample-texas-design-guide.pdf
  12. Hopefully the jets are ok
  13. haha yea very true. I was trying to make the point that you can't rent many airplanes with good performance and are just a blast to fly.
  14. We are not allowed to go anywhere off base other than our "primary residence" and everyone in the commissary/BX is required to wear a mask. Is this not the norm for other bases?
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