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  1. Mind pointing out a few of the parallels to some of us who find this interesting but are too lazy to get to deep into it?
  2. Orbit

    Gun Talk

    Yea my last lower had some touch up paint where they must have scraped it up. Not impressed.
  3. They didn’t let you keep a pair after all those years in the duce?
  4. So you are saying that we need to change the rules so the queep stops crushing good things that people enjoy. Might make a small difference with the upward trend in suicides.
  5. When did the Air Force decide it hates airplanes?
  6. Not really sure where to post this, thought it was pretty funny. ADMIN NOTE: Not a motivational poster, so moved to the WTF? thread...
  7. Do I need to call a taxi next time I have been awake for 18+ hours, is the AF going to pay for this after a long shift or flight? Because you can still get arrested if the cop thinks you are impaired. Even though its not illegal to be drowsy they can still charge you if they think you are impaired. Is it safer to drive after being awake for 18 hours or have a beer and drive? Point is this is not a black and white problem and we can not treat it as such. Yes drunk drivers are assholes, i've been hit by one and was lucky that I was not seriously hurt.
  8. Might be drifting the thread off topic a bit. I was wondering what happens when you PCS and they cancel your assignment for a waiver like this. What happens if you don’t want to extend your ADSC for a different location? Are you screwed and already signed away the 2-3 years to PCS and they can just change it or what?
  9. I have heard that they are pushing studs through who get airsick for much longer than before (talking like 6 some weeks). Now we have studs getting sick while flying in the FTU. Never heard of that happening before, but hey maybe they will be fine. I'm concerned that they will be a liability when things get nasty in the jet.
  10. Irregardless, the air force will own you till 20 years.
  11. Orbit

    Gun Talk

    PSA: about PSA, palmetto state armory, they have a good deal on complete ar-15 lowers right now with magpul hardware.
  12. Yup, was up there most of the week camping under the airplane.
  13. I need to make a friend with a T-6.
  14. haha I'm hoping it is all dried out by tomorrow
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