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  1. I'm going to bring this thread back, lets keep posting pictures and videos. Here is some loose formation cruising in the middle of nowhere with a buddy.
  2. Never would have thought there were this many RV owners on the forum. I feel like we should start a thread dedicated to posting pictures of GA flying.
  3. I think it used to be only for lt col and up back in the day.
  4. Do it. They are more economical than a certified airplane, you can do as much of the work on it as you like and only need an A&P for the yearly conditional inspection (and if you build it you can sign off the yearly inspection too). Hope to see some of you guys at Oshkosh this year!
  5. I'd say that most guys are interested recreational flying but are too cheap to put up the cash to fly. Here are a few RVs at a fly in, two air force pilots and a Army pilot.
  6. As much as I love the EAA there are some fees that I believe are in the 2-300 dollar range to start a chapter. If the goal is just to get a flying club started AOPA has resources to help you start one. https://www.aopa.org/community/flying-clubs
  7. Good luck with starting it at Cannon. The story that Loach shared just shows how commanders are not willing to take any extra risk. Keep us updated if you make progress, I am sure there are many others of us that would love to get an Aero Club started back up. Our WG/CC kinda blew the idea off when it was discussed. Go buy your own airplane if you love flying.
  8. Sounds like some office linebacker kind of shit.
  9. Damn they really ed up this drop https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=sDo9W_1552726578
  10. I had a buddy that couldn't pass the AFOQT, now hes flying fighters after doing PLC. Keep in mind the difference in how the Marines use their officers compared to the Air Force. They are all Infantrymen first.
  11. I'd love to know if you have ever taken investment advice from reddit wallstreetbets before?
  12. BLUF: LBGTs are checking you out in the bathroom,.
  13. I thought it was a memo authorizing sliding up the sleeves, never an actual change to AFI. Also, we have been told we are not going to buy more FDUs because we need to save money to purchase the Army flight suits. What a waste of money.
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