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  1. It was well-lit and clean for a parking garage. Of course, in the Air Guard the worst I had to deal with was passing out in the old Balboa Yacht Club in Panama.
  2. Interesting article on Affirmative Action in higher education. It can be a lazy way of dealing with a very real problem of inequality. Jordan Peterson talks about equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome. The former is more important than the latter. In fact, equality of outcome is irrelevant, since people make choices as individuals. However, creating true equality of opportunity is really hard work. Municipalities need to carefully examine the resources available to young students and try to level the playing field through careful investment and accountability. That's often to
  3. I agree. Meritocracy should be the overarching criterion. As we all know, however, when it comes to complex roles requiring leadership, intelligence, relationship-building, relationship-leveraging, knowledge, experience, and "street sense" you can't always identify a singular "best candidate". Different people bring different combinations of attributes. In his autobiography Colin Powell writes about the "charm school" he had to attend as a new one-star. The instructor said there were so many good candidates that everyone in the class could be killed and their replacements would be equally
  4. That's a reasonable point...he may have started out that way. The IDW-podcast left is much more willing to self-examine. That imbalance is a problem because political discussion is rapidly moving to the podcast world. It would be great if folks like Crowder, Shapiro, and Peterson truly cast a critical eye on the right. But that rarely, if ever, happens. I may be wrong on that; feel free to share examples to the contrary. While they are fond of saying (correctly) that you can't ignore the 70+ million that voted for Trump, there are legitimate reasons Biden won the electoral college and rece
  5. "Nepotism/favoritism is required in an authoritative government, because it reduces the risk of a coup by filling key positions with those who are loyal to those in power. Helped lead to the downfall of the USSR (party loyalty over talent). Of course, none of that would ever happen in the US, right?" Hmmm, I seem to recall some names....Ivanka, Eric, Jr, Cuck-shner.... Oh wait, maybe they were selected based on their policy experience.
  6. Forgot the (sts). Let's change the subject. I should have just wrote it out: British Broadcasting Corporation. Funny story: there's a restaurant chain in New England called British Beer Company. Great place for a first date, "I'll take you to BBC"
  7. Fox and MSNBC are just mirror images of each other. Same level of partisan BS except one is an acid and the other a base (dim recollection of HS chem) Although I find it interesting that when Fox momentarily pointed out a lack of evidence for election fraud they were immediately branded as unworthy "fake news!" by Trump and many of his supporters. Network news is becoming irrelevant. I also browse BBC frequently. In terms of #consumers, Fox+Newsmax+OAN+talk radio = CNN+MSNBC+networks. The difference is demographics. Conservative viewers tend to be older, liberal younger.
  8. Ah yes, tax advantages for big companies. Who supports those?
  9. I agree Twitter has bias. Facebook much less so. Regardless.... The mainstream media includes Fox, Newsmax, OAN, talk radio, Wash Times, among others. Plenty of exposure for both the left and right. Don't pretend it's 1992 with the NY Times and networks controlling the news. You can make a stronger case for Fox being an extension of the RNC. You can also post on Fox news comments all day - no one is stopping you - except when Fox decides to pause occasionally due to super hot and heavy openly racist comments. Or go to 4chan if you want. If someone decides Facebook is their p
  10. Reminds me of Ricky Gervais comments during the Golden Globes where he lambasted Tim Cook @ Apple and the other electronic media folk. Something to the effect of 'you say you're woke, but if ISIS started a streaming service you'd call your agent.'
  11. True. Amazing how a board member at a small company can send you on a wild goose chase due to some pet project.
  12. So what body enforces what tech companies are allowed to do with their own platforms? The federal government? No thanks. But let's just say it is the government. As a result, companies will lose some of their ability to manage their businesses and thus financial outcomes. Does the government now need to subsidize them as a result? That doesn't sounds great either. What's the penalty if the company refuses to comply? Social media has monopolies for sure, just like any industry. In automobiles, didn't stop Elon Musk re: Tesla. Granted, most of us aren't incredible genius polymaths w
  13. I agree with most of what you said. The initial incident that brought Weinstein to awareness was a classic example of liberal college ridiculousness. Overall, I enjoy listening to folks like Rogan, Harris, Weinsteins, and Peterson. The long-form discussion on the IDW has transformed media and shows that the average citizen is capable of in-depth, nuanced thought. The simpleminded Fox News and MSNBC 30-sec soundbites are frankly insulting to all of us. However, I do think that once some of the supposed moderates and liberals get a taste of IDW attention, they maintain their iconoclast imag
  14. I seem to remember a great deal of social media and news coverage regarding complaints about BLM, Kathy Griffin, and Hunter Biden. Lots of coverage of the details and the reaction from the right. Not sure what media you consume. Even if social media exerts bias on what does and doesn't get posted on their platforms, there are many other currently-available avenues to communicate via the internet. Also, I mentioned in another post that if you have the financial means, technical acumen, and business savvy you can start your own social media platform. You're not beholden to anyone. Go
  15. Well stated. That's the rub that it seems like no one can get past. 'Free speech only applies to things I agree with'. Many of those complaining about Twitter's decision with Trump likely supported removal of artwork considered offensive to Christianity. In fact, I know two people with this perspective, who can't (or aren't willing) to note the inconsistency. And there are equal examples from the opposite political perspective. You also bring up a good point. For years, and maybe still now, minorities were refused mortgages to keep them out of the suburbs. All those nice moms didn'
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