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  1. ETP Thread And AFMSA is Air Force Medical Support Agency. ETP thread goes over some of the details and I'm not exactly sure what they do (maybe advise the air force on medical stuff?). If you dig around into the waiver authority AFI's when I last looked they are an approving authority and can therefor approve your waiver. Wouldn't call it overriding but you would end up approved so. I'd read up on the thread in detail as there is lots of good info, though some of it is outdated, most probably still stands.
  2. Its definitely shitty as hell and I’ve been there and feel your pain. But by the looks of it you have a real decent foot to stand on (You did pass the standards). Go check out the ETP thread and see if applying to AFMSA (medical) for a waiver works for your case. They are the other medical approval authority besides AETC. Gonna take a lot of emails and lots of persistence though, cause people are gonna just want you to give up and quit. Shoot me a message if you want to pursue the ETP route at the same time and I can pass along all the info I have accumulated. Also what is your current situation military wise? Active, rotc, guard/reserve, civilian?
  3. I'm no expert on Color Vision stuff, but if you passed in 2015 and 2018 I'm going to assume you got a fighting chance. If you really want it DO NOT GIVE UP. Where there is a will, there is a way and the people on this forum will do their best to help you achieve it. So since you aren't quitting, what is your next step from here?
  4. Not sure if you checked it out but the medical forum has some ETP discussion for reference. I’m in the middle of an ETP in the AF reserve chain and if you do go the ETP route, AETC should not be a signature anywhere in the chain. Message me if you are interested and I can provide a copy of my ETP that I put together for reference. On trying to get approved medically, you can also apply to AFMSA (air force medical support agency) for a medical waiver. Not sure if ACS can help (cant hurt?) in my case they had already reviewed my case before AETC/SG said no. Have no experience with back related stuff as mine was vision related so @stuckindayton may be the source for info on anything medical. www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/topic/6866-exception-to-policy-etp-information/?page=4
  5. @stuckindayton Just heard back from USAFSAM that they would not recommend the waiver since its out of limits still (even if its way less). Knew this was coming, but if I’m outside of waiverable limits will AFMSA even bother looking at it or is there a chance they take a look at the whole picture and maybe say ya hes outside the numbers but his actual functionality is pretty good and sign it? My medical personnel believe the ETP is the best chance now but I’m curious if I should push them anymore on the medical cause I know AFSMA is an authority still.
  6. So currently have an ETP in the works, but the waiver-able limits for my condition have changed since my ETP started its routing (still out of limits but only a small amount now). Is there a specific protocol for a rebuttal? My current Flight Surgeon wrote a memo supporting my rebuttal and as of now the plan is to submit it to AFMSA. Or should we go thru AETC again first? And will any of that interfere with the ETP? From what I know, my ETP case gets reviewed medically (to provide solid medical info to the decision makers) and don't want to step on any toes since the ETP is supposed to be a last resort and now I'm trying medically again.
  7. "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine#Israel," Idk. Sounds like a great US rep to me.
  8. My logic says don’t immediately take the AFOQT till you know you can beef the scores up. No point in taking it again if you are just going to get the same results. Do you have a game plan to get the scores up? No hurt in applying though, hiring can be a timing thing so you might get in the right unit at the right time and wow them at the interview and voila. Not like a unit is gonna see your scores and put you on the banned forever list, they will probably be impressed when you come back with higher scores, it shows dedication and commitment, and the ability to improve. Really is no excuse for not applying to every unit at every possible opportunity, except laziness. Best of luck!
  9. https://www.navy.mil/ah_online/ftrStory.asp?id=108102
  10. Did you try it in Microsoft Edge? Only browser that seems to let me access anything related to the portal or email.
  11. Having had paid back a bonus before, beware that when you receive the bonus it will be taxed. When you pay it back, you pay back the pro rated amount before tax. Idk how your bonus works in terms of the payment plan, whether its like 15k up front for the first 3 years then 5k a year for the next 3 or 5k a year for 6 years. But if you are going to be in for 2-3 years enlisted take it. Say you got 15k (lets call it 12k after tax) and only did 2 years. Worst case scenario you owe 5k back and that leaves a free 7k for you. Best case scenario you take the 15k and take the commision right before you get the 5k per year and then you owe nothing. You should be cognizant of what that pay date is though cause if you take the 5k (4k after taxes) then commision the next day you owe 5k back. But that being said if you are doing 2-3 years I would for sure take the bonus. But be responsible so you have the money to pay back or be ready to have it taken from your paycheck.
  12. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/06/27/air-force-colonel-alleged-abuse-two-young-boys/727056002/
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