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  1. Don’t sell yourself short on the pilot opportunity. Depth Perception is not as simple as some test at the eye doctor. It isn’t a black and white, you have it or you don’t case. There are levels to how well your eyes are working together to form binocular depth and you may be at the level good enough for pilot which your civilian optometrist probably doesn’t know the standard for. And that doesn’t even start down the rabbit hole of waivers. Where there is a will there is a waiver. If you search waiver guide on here you may be able to find a more recent link but this is what I got: https://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAF-Waiver-Guide-190417.pdf
  2. Went from a standalone ANG to ARC with AD-owned jets. It isn't even close...
  3. Some data from Texas. A huge chunk of the state pretty much never even went into social distancing if you ask me. I never stopped heading into work, the highways and everything were bustling everyday. Grocery stores ran like normal. Gas stations full of people. Customers certainly were dying to come to our business, frustrated with the quarantine. People were on the trail running every morning (definitely within 6 ft) etc etc. If I somehow avoided the news completely (and man I tried) I would've have never known anything had changed. Anyways from my little slice of the world, like @SocialD said, this shit show won't last the end of the month in Texas. Not here to argue the validity of these choices by any means, just spread some perspective from the good ole lone star state.
  4. SBA just sent out an update email this morning with a little more info but still muddy. It's $1000 per employee so only $1000 for the self employed. But I still haven't heard anything solid and honestly am not counting on it to come to fruition for me either. Texas has made unemployment available for us contractors but it is so over tasked that it is nearly impossible to get a claim through (phone since online isn't equipped for contractors). Would love to get some help with the reduced hours but by the time I'm able to get my claim approved everything will be back to normal. On the bright side, $1200 dropped into the account today 🤑
  5. Recruiters trying to thin out the herd of applicants. Never heard it from anyone but a recruiter. They probably get like 50 calls a day "hey I wanna be a pilot" so this is the quick way to weed a ton of quick to quitters out.
  6. The latter, I think there is a general discord between the public’s perception of this bullshit flu and the media/Corp/govt/whatever organization you can think of. The general public being on the side of “this isn’t a big deal.” So when the public get ahold of an event that actually isn’t cancelled they will jump on it like wildfire. If every organization in the world didn’t overreact to the extreme already, life would still be normal and no one would’ve noticed or cared. I haven’t met a single person who is worried about catching it, but as a maintainer we take hydraulic fluid baths so take that how you may. edit: people will riot if they cancel Airventure
  7. Odds are good, but I'd take what you can get. Lots of wisdom on here about finding the best times in the least likely of places. Also it can be all about timing so start churning out apps everywhere. Beggars can't be choosers at this point. Also for a second I thought I saw your first hobby listed was pornography...
  8. Nail on the head. I should’ve prefaced it with my 5 years guard (baby years) I never saw any problems and before going reserve everything seemed so efficient and managed properly. The moment I started working with AD all I could think was WTF is going on?! Been a few years since but I’d hope the guard is still holding strong.
  9. No one in mx ever wants to say it but besides crew chiefs all the specialist sections are probably over staffed which leaves, like you said, half the shop doing nothing and getting paid for it. I’m sure its a million times worse in other support functions. But common sense leadership doesn’t seem to exist anymore so we have these completely useless tracking systems that only see fudged work numbers and not the real picture and we make decisions based on bullshit numbers. I only have first hand experience of this type of management in the MX field but I would bet a lot of money this is how decisions are made across the AF as a whole. Over analysis with bullshit data. So in summary, ya a shit ton of the AF is overpaid and the remaining people are underpaid.
  10. If you didnt catch the number before i deleted it message me.
  11. https://www.403wg.afrc.af.mil/Contact/ 228-377-5236 - Reserve Recruiting whew that took me a good 4 seconds.
  12. What would I do? Go for the ETP. Medically this is how I would attack it (I'd consult an optometrist or someone who knows shit about color vision and flying first though). Do your best to reason that operationally with binocular vision you have full functionality and can pass the test. It is a binocular world and they have their reasons for testing it monocular but if it works with two eyes in the test it is going to work with two eyes in the plane (maybe?). To me that is the best argument (only argument?) you have, that it really isn't a crazy risk to let you fly. After that, all that's left is literally selling yourself as the best damn candidate that has ever graced the USAF. You have to convince them why taking BigCat is worth all this extra risk (which hopefully you outlined as over exaggerated risk). You do a good job with both those things and you got a fighting chance if you ask me. In the end, can't hurt since they have already said no. I may be grasping at straws cause it truly may be a big risk to put you in the cockpit and if that's the case then it may be for your own good. Either way that's for them to decide. Still gonna send it.
  13. jonlbs

    F1 Thread

    Yes 100% worth going. Circuit of the Americas has lots of good viewpoints and honestly hearing the sound and seeing the acceleration in person is worth the price of admission. Its like watching an air show on youtube vs seeing it in person where you can feel the compression of the jet engines in your chest. I never cared for the racing part of it but man i like loud n fast shit.
  14. Get one of your two friends at the unit to call the wings training office and schedule with them directly. Its literally as easy as one call and you can go test during the next offering. Doesnt take more than 2 weeks to study for the AFOQT. Once that is done call the ROTC unit and schedule the TBAS, they will take you or at least every detachment ive known does. Shit, tell me what base and I’ll call them up and do it for you 😎
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    Reminded me of this.
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