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  1. Have been working through the ETP process the last year and am pretty far along into it (will include a write-up once it is all said and done, approved or denied). With that being said I'm currently looking to set a precedent for my ETP case by finding examples of airmen flying with similar cases to mine. The logic being, "hey this guy/gal is flying with similar issues so it must be safe." So if anyone knows of any people out there flying with excessive refractive error (hyperopia and atigmatism aka the guys/gals with thick glasses) and/or someone that has missed a letter on the 20/20 line but is still flying. I'd be forever in debt if they were willing to talk to me to perhaps help my case. Feel free to message me if need be. Also anyone trolling through the forum looking for info, feel free to message me if you have any questions on the ETP process (medical) and I'll see if I can help.
  2. Letters of Rec need work. An E-4 should not be used for a letter of rec, nor a personal friend from college. Any contacts with old professors? Current boss? I'd recommend getting your pilot license as well(at least start flying). Helps improve your packet and you find out if you really wanna do this. Also will put you in contact with tons of people as you start hanging around the airport and networking. Could even get your flight instructor to write you a letter of rec.
  3. What are your chances? Pretty Good On paper everything seems certainly good to go. Things I think you should focus on (aka things in your control now): COVER LETTER AND RESUME! (custom for each unit you apply to). Seem to get underplayed but when a lot of people go through your package to make a decision these can make or break you if they are crappy. Interview prep. Get ready to answer the questions about your GPA. You get C's in college yet UPT is 10 times more intense and rigorous, why should we believe you are going to make it through the UPT courseload? May not ask that exactly but be ready for something like that. I had a 3.075 GPA and never got asked about it so...Obviously prep for all the standard questions as well. Being yourself. It seems easier said than done but in a strange squadron bar surrounded by 30+ people you never met, half of whom are competing against you and the other half are basically interrogating you, it can be difficult to show your true colors. It's a fine line between trying to show yourself off and being arrogant. And another fine line between being a humble good listener vs being a reclusive quiet weirdo. In my opinion it takes practice and going to interviews will help even if it doesn't work out at that unit. Most importantly, don't get frustrated if you dont get picked. I can't explain how much it is about timing, throw your apps out to every unit possible! One year we had 5 people apply for 3 slots and the next year we had 40 super qualified people apply for 2 slots. From talking to other units that seems to be the norm. Sometimes you are going up against Albert Einstein meets Bob Hoover, and the next year its Sloth from the Goonies. Best of luck and these are just my opinions from my experience so hopefully they can help!
  4. Even if you say you aren't seeing glare/halos they are going to do a slit lamp exam, they basically put a dye in your eye and use a special light and mirror to take a look at any scarring on the cornea from the PRK. Not sure if it is standard for all cases but for my waiver they requested that I used a machine to take a side view to get a more precise picture of the scarring. Hard to say if you will or won't get DQ'ed but best place to start would be reading over your post-op notes and seeing if they marked any corneal haze/opacity/sub-epithelial changes and the location of these "scars" and if they have been resolved. Under Anterior Segment Exam in your notes you want to see Cornea: Clear. You could get a optometrist to do the slit lamp for you if you are that worried but they aren't going to know the AF limits and you are still going to have to find out at your IFS/FC1 anyways. (wouldn't recommend wasting your money but if $60 for an eye exam helps you sleep at night I guess go for it) Feel free to message me if you want any more info or got any questions.
  5. Slit lamp exam probably then a machine to take a better picture of any opacity's on your cornea if need be.
  6. How lenient is the Libyan Mercenary Air Force on vision waivers? Asking for a friend.
  7. They arent RV’s but beats the hell out of bending wrenches for a living. Firm believer all it takes is a good mission/purpose and all pilots would get back into GA (usually involves convincing a student/pilot to plan a X/C to a casino and they are hooked)
  8. You check out the Navy yet? My brother had a very similar injury (knee cartilage issues, not sure if exactly the same though) and with a little grunt work was approved with them. Other option is ETP if you can get the support. Keep with it brotha, it'll be worth it.
  9. They no longer use a minimum uncorrected requirement. (Sorry to be that guy and correct you) https://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAF-Waiver-Guide-190417.pdf Page 722 (scroll farther for Refractive Surgery info) Don't know your case fully and you should discuss it with a USAF doc but it certainly looks like LASIK/PRK (whichever the doc recommends) is a great option for you.
  10. ETP Thread And AFMSA is Air Force Medical Support Agency. ETP thread goes over some of the details and I'm not exactly sure what they do (maybe advise the air force on medical stuff?). If you dig around into the waiver authority AFI's when I last looked they are an approving authority and can therefor approve your waiver. Wouldn't call it overriding but you would end up approved so. I'd read up on the thread in detail as there is lots of good info, though some of it is outdated, most probably still stands.
  11. Its definitely shitty as hell and I’ve been there and feel your pain. But by the looks of it you have a real decent foot to stand on (You did pass the standards). Go check out the ETP thread and see if applying to AFMSA (medical) for a waiver works for your case. They are the other medical approval authority besides AETC. Gonna take a lot of emails and lots of persistence though, cause people are gonna just want you to give up and quit. Shoot me a message if you want to pursue the ETP route at the same time and I can pass along all the info I have accumulated. Also what is your current situation military wise? Active, rotc, guard/reserve, civilian?
  12. I'm no expert on Color Vision stuff, but if you passed in 2015 and 2018 I'm going to assume you got a fighting chance. If you really want it DO NOT GIVE UP. Where there is a will, there is a way and the people on this forum will do their best to help you achieve it. So since you aren't quitting, what is your next step from here?
  13. Not sure if you checked it out but the medical forum has some ETP discussion for reference. I’m in the middle of an ETP in the AF reserve chain and if you do go the ETP route, AETC should not be a signature anywhere in the chain. Message me if you are interested and I can provide a copy of my ETP that I put together for reference. On trying to get approved medically, you can also apply to AFMSA (air force medical support agency) for a medical waiver. Not sure if ACS can help (cant hurt?) in my case they had already reviewed my case before AETC/SG said no. Have no experience with back related stuff as mine was vision related so @stuckindayton may be the source for info on anything medical. www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/topic/6866-exception-to-policy-etp-information/?page=4
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