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  1. My brother has had two reversals, one each for wife #2 and wife #3. As far as know they went fine, no more traumatic than getting the original vasectomy.
  2. Give that C-130 crew medals! And new underwear!
  3. I wonder if Big Air Force is thinking that the current downturn in airline hiring will continue forever? Because a Senior Airman new pilot, who works really cheap, would certainly save a lot of bucks. If O-4/O-5 tend to go airlines at the first opportunity, how tempted would an E-6 pay grade be? Unless of course every day is economically like today forever.
  4. I guess flying rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong isn't such a bad deal after all.
  5. Excuse me if this has already been posted, but when I read this the thought occurred to me that if prior flying experience is helpful to new UPT students, perhaps the same concept might apply to post-UPT students as well. “What the study found was in line with what we value already from the PCSM, in that the AFOQT scores, number of previous flight hours and any potential previous aeronautical ratings most positively relate to a successful student,” Dillenburger said. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/02/21/air-force-confirms-effectiveness-of-a-pilot-selection-tool-even-though-it-may-hinder-diversity/
  6. I will say that when I moved from the F-4G to the F/EF-111 I noticed that the Vark WSOs, and the Vark Pilots, had no clue about BFM. I was no air to air God by any means, but I had at least a rudimentary idea as to what to say if I saw Red Air diving down on us from four o'clock. We did DACT with F-5s in my F-4 B course. I had no clue whatsoever what was going on at the time, but once I got to an operational squadron I was taught at least the basics. All any of the Vark crews had was a few hours of BFM 101 at IFF. So you can't really judge people in an activity for which they have never trained.
  7. You are mistaken about that. Trump was acting derisively in January 2020 while Nancy Pelosi was dancing in crowded alleys in San Francisco and Biden was bitching that it was 'Xenophobic' for Trump to restrict travel from Wuhan China. Operation 'Warp Speed' is a real thing, something the Democrats would never have thought of. I tracked this from the beginning. https://consolidatedopinions.blogspot.com/2020/04/covid-19-time-line.html
  8. As a retired EWO, while it does bother me a tad that we'd cripple an F-15EX by flying it with a mere pilot, I have to admit that for intercepting Bears coming down from Russia one guy in the airplane is sufficient.
  9. I wonder if between forums like these and the Movers of the world that the Air Guard is no longer the best kept secret in the country, as it was in the pre-internet days.
  10. Boy is that 10000% true, at least in the IT World. The notion of showing up for a meeting you called on time with your visual aids ready and at least a vague idea of how the meeting should go is almost unheard of in the IT world!!!!!!! I've retired from IT now, which is a great second career. But geeze, there you have guys and gals with an IQ of 200 who have no concept of how to communicate efficiently with other humans. Used to drive me nuts!
  11. As a retired WSO/EWO I suggest pilot or bust. It is really tiring to have to work with people who are eaten up with sadness and jealously towards the guy in the front seat.
  12. Some of the best pilots I flew with in the Air Force were guys who didn't really have the aviation bug at all, they mainly joined AFROTC/OTS to avoid the draft*. Perhaps not having all their hopes and dreams tied up with being a pilot made them more trainable and balanced in a Zen sort of way. In any case, nobody cares about what you did at your last assignment, your peers and chain of command just want to see you serious about growing where you are planted. *Ok - I just dated myself.
  13. Right or wrong, Elon has made it clear he does not want humans operating machinery. He clearly views humans in the Dragon as spam in a can. But if you do want to apply to be a SpaceX astronaut you practice touchscreen flying here: https://iss-sim.spacex.com/ Boeing, for all their faults, still seems to embrace the idea of having human pilots. Boeing Starliner cockpit: At least there is an iPad for touchscreen fans. Credit: @SciGuySpace on Twitter
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