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  1. If you look at the frame capture at the top of the article you will see where the probe impacts the canopy just above the WSO’s head. This is right at the end of the video. It does not look like it did any damage.
  2. KC-46 boom strike: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/31724/watch-the-boom-on-boeings-troubled-kc-46-tanker-smack-into-an-f-15e
  3. It can't be more expensive to operate than the F-111, and I'm sure it's not helpless if caught in the daylight like the Vark was. What is the practical combat radius and realistic weapons load of the Super Hornet compared to the Vark? The Vark could fly a long way, very quickly, with a lot of bombs.
  4. One or two JTR mistakes would not seem to me like a capital crime, but this report paints a picture of consistent bending or breaking of the JTR. Not a good example to set, if nothing else. I can't form a judgement as to the information about her command style, I'm really old (all together now: 'OK Boomer') but what is described was typical leadership styles during the latter years Cold War.
  5. I started Medicare + TFL two years ago. Before that I had private sector employer’s insurance + Tricare standard. The difference is amazing. I feel like I may have won the golden ticket of health insurance. I have none of the problems with Tricare and private insurance finger pointing, never a copay, and no pharmacy problems. I did find that Tricare had a better drug formulary than my company insurance.
  6. JimNtexas

    UFO thread

    It appears that the Aliens have been moved from Groom Lake to Pax River! https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/30256/scientist-behind-the-navys-ufo-patents-has-now-filed-one-for-a-compact-fusion-reactor
  7. JimNtexas


    With respect to lawyers, my wife and I are enrolled agents. She frequently works with lawyers on tax issues related to tax, including many divorce cases. She often finds lawyers who are pretty disorganized, and often are not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. To be fair they tell us that there is little or no training in law school on the practical issues faced by working attorneys, so there is a lot of OJT. My suggestion is look for an ugly lawyer with gray hair and wrinkles.
  8. +1 for ‘War for the hell of it”, Audible edition.
  9. I apologize for my smart ass question. But I am genuinely curious about how UPT next is working out. I saw them flying all the time when they were at Bergstrom, as their trailer was right next to my T-hanger.
  10. Question from the peanut gallery: UPT Next: Threat or menace? https://www.aetc.af.mil/News/Article/1946135/pilot-training-next-graduates-14-in-learning-experiments-second-iteration/
  11. My best friend was in an F-4 accident where he ejected because the plane was on fire, his parachute streamered, and he bounced off the side of a sand dune and survived. He would up finishing his career in EC-130s at 20 years/O-5. He now admits it would have better to have medically retired after the ejection, because he's constant pain and on full VA disability these days. He gets huge jars of methadone every month from the VA.
  12. I'm double retired, 20 years in the Air Force, followed by 20 years in a couple of small Austin software startups. I agree with the commentator that if you are working at a FANG in a technical position you would be crazy to go active duty at age 36. Max out your 401K and do some conservative investing, you'll be fine in your old age! I do understand that tech companies consider people over more or less your age to be 'poor culture fits', but if I could work as a software developer until age 63, you can stay in tech also. But I'm not you, I admit. If you want to go to pilot training or as a non-rated officer, apply for it and make them say no. As an American, I wish the USAF could get more FANG type people into the Cyber and Space related positions. Good thing I'm not Dictator of America or I would probably just draft you to Security Hill in San Antonio! 😉 If I were you I'd look towards the guard or reserve. My understanding is that the big FANG type companies are Guard/Reserve friendly. You can stay in your high paid but maybe a little boring day job, and still live the glamorous life of an active duty officer enough to scratch that itch and earn a nice retirement package at age 60. And you'd be ready to go if Uncle Sam gets his ass in a crack and really needs you! Edited to add: You won't be stationed in the War Room, and 'Fly and Fight' is kind of a thing in the rest of the Air Force. Don't worry about that.
  13. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/8xwgkv/us-military-urgently-seeking-truly-enormous-underground-complex-for-undisclosed-experiments https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=8260d35188c377a0be5bf2ef1ee5ed41&tab=core&_cview=0
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