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  1. Pretty much the same situation in most full time software development jobs. If you were a consult or just made your own commercial software it would be easier.
  2. https://daily.shared.com/couple-crash-into-home-while-trying-the-69-sex-position-and-driving-simultaneously
  3. 'Greyhound' is based on the book 'The Good Sheppard' by C.S. Forester, he of Horatio Hornblower fame. I read all his books as a kid, they are all excellent, and 'The Good Sheppard' is one of his best. https://www.amazon.com/Good-Shepherd-C-S-Forester/dp/0143134124 While Tom Hanks is way to old to be an American destroyer captain in early 1942, he is one of the few actors who could pull this off. I'm really looking forward to this movie.
  4. Where does the bandwidth for this remote controlled fighter come from? Elon hasn't succeeded in building a fully safe self driving car, and he thinks he can build a fighter? Not yet, Elon, not yet. Disclaimer: Elon is a hero to me, I have even been a social media guest at 2 SpaceX launches. But Elon's reach sometimes outreaches his grasp.
  5. As long as their waist isn't too big I wouldn't really care about hats or beards. Priorities people, priorities.
  6. I'm a former EF-111A EWO, I can easily envision a digital jamming system being carried by an unmanned air vehicle. In the Raven, which used something like an intel 8080 processor for most of its life, we could program the jammers to work automatically. If nothing broke all I had to do is turn on the master radiate switch, hold a banana in front of my chauffeur with one hand, while keeping an eye on the ALQ-99, an eye on the generators, an eye on the nav system, an eye on our paper chart, and an eye out the window. 😁 A jamming drone large enough to accommodate VHF/UHF jamming antennas would seem a logical idea in the modern age.
  7. Ball or waist turret laser cannons.
  8. If you look at the frame capture at the top of the article you will see where the probe impacts the canopy just above the WSO’s head. This is right at the end of the video. It does not look like it did any damage.
  9. KC-46 boom strike: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/31724/watch-the-boom-on-boeings-troubled-kc-46-tanker-smack-into-an-f-15e
  10. It can't be more expensive to operate than the F-111, and I'm sure it's not helpless if caught in the daylight like the Vark was. What is the practical combat radius and realistic weapons load of the Super Hornet compared to the Vark? The Vark could fly a long way, very quickly, with a lot of bombs.
  11. One or two JTR mistakes would not seem to me like a capital crime, but this report paints a picture of consistent bending or breaking of the JTR. Not a good example to set, if nothing else. I can't form a judgement as to the information about her command style, I'm really old (all together now: 'OK Boomer') but what is described was typical leadership styles during the latter years Cold War.
  12. I started Medicare + TFL two years ago. Before that I had private sector employer’s insurance + Tricare standard. The difference is amazing. I feel like I may have won the golden ticket of health insurance. I have none of the problems with Tricare and private insurance finger pointing, never a copay, and no pharmacy problems. I did find that Tricare had a better drug formulary than my company insurance.
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