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  1. I got the first Moderna shot a week ago. Zero side effects.
  2. I was a mere nav, but we did have standups at was then called UNT. We had one guy in class who told us on day one to call him ‘Diamond Jack’. He was from some yankee state, wore lots of jewelry and like to wave his Amex card around while telling us how rich he was. He got stood up on one of our first flights. I don’t recall the question, but I have vivid memory of him shaking like a leaf, stuttering, with a deer in the headlights look. He washed out very quickly out of what was in retrospect notthat tough a course.
  3. That seems so wrong, but I’m prejudiced. My EW school was almost six months long after nav school. What good is a WSO who doesn’t know what a prf is going to be to a growler squadron? Such a person would be almost useless in a Weasel or Raven squadron back in the day.
  4. I had this happen to me in a Cessna 182 at Willy Post. The airport unstuck me with a couple of large airbags.
  5. United States-Trained Afghan Fighter Pilot Is in Hiding After Being Denied Safe Passage
  6. My sister is an RN at Fort Sam. She got the first shot earlier this week. Zero side effects.
  7. JimNtexas

    F1 Thread

    What racing God did Bottas offend to have so much bad luck?
  8. Covid vaccines are two or three weeks away from distribution. The economy is still strong. There is no reason to think that private sector hiring including aviation won’t be back by mid-2021.
  9. My brother has had two reversals, one each for wife #2 and wife #3. As far as know they went fine, no more traumatic than getting the original vasectomy.
  10. Give that C-130 crew medals! And new underwear!
  11. I wonder if Big Air Force is thinking that the current downturn in airline hiring will continue forever? Because a Senior Airman new pilot, who works really cheap, would certainly save a lot of bucks. If O-4/O-5 tend to go airlines at the first opportunity, how tempted would an E-6 pay grade be? Unless of course every day is economically like today forever.
  12. I guess flying rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong isn't such a bad deal after all.
  13. Excuse me if this has already been posted, but when I read this the thought occurred to me that if prior flying experience is helpful to new UPT students, perhaps the same concept might apply to post-UPT students as well. “What the study found was in line with what we value already from the PCSM, in that the AFOQT scores, number of previous flight hours and any potential previous aeronautical ratings most positively relate to a successful student,” Dillenburger said. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/02/21/air-force-confirms-effectiveness-of-a-pilot-selection-too
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