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  1. It seems possible that the Dems + DOJ have decided that Biden needs to be dumped.
  2. Someone please explain to me how it could possibly be in the best interest of the United States to not give Ukraine really significant military assistance. They are killing Russians and blowing up their stuff. Russia is one of our two near-peer adversaries. The one that is run by a crazy man. What’s the point of being in NATO if just fold our arms and say ‘not our problem, we need the money for dish washer rebates and drag queen shows’. Yes, I know that Ukraine isn’t a member, but all their neighbors are. What will we do if we see Putin dancing down main street Kyiv while the FSB is going door to door kidnapping kids and sending Mom and Dad to Siberia? And why are Republicans suddenly whining about defense spending? Are we now in bizzaro world?
  3. Here in Texas just this week the polls have all swung from almost too close to call to a near landslide for Greg Abbott(R) over darling of the left Beto O’Rourke (D). I think the pollsters were trying to prop up Beto, it now that actual voting starts in two days they have their own credibly to think about.
  4. Full disclosure: After my grandson saw the movie, he asked me if I used to be like Maverick. I answered honestly: "I was really more like Bob". His face fell a bit.
  5. To be fair, isn’t Boeing eating most of the cost overruns on the 46?
  6. My 12 year old grandson saw it twice, once with his DAD, and again with me. That was a few weeks ago. Yesterday he wanted to debrief the F-14 fight with the Felons. Of course he had no idea what a Tomcat even was, so we debriefed with hands and drawings. He thought Hangman was super cool for saving Maverick and Rooster. Eight years from now a bunch of new UPT students are going to show because of this movie.
  7. I wonder if an F-15EX goes too an air to air unit will they fly it single seat? Or put a pissed off pilot in the back as they did in early days of the F-4 and F-111?
  8. That’s EWO to you squid! That’s the Ahole who got the plate I wanted!
  9. I also learned in a J-3. I would suggest starting new tail wheel students on a grass strip.
  10. A lot of the young CFIs might say 'and give up 10 years of seniority, with the risk of washing out of UPT. No thanks'?
  11. Obama owns two waterfront mansions. Biden owns one. The Bush family owns one. I bet Kerry owns one. All of them travel via Gulfstream. I’ll believe I have to give up fossil fuels when these people start living like climate change is real.
  12. I wonder if these CFIs will teach formation flying.
  13. https://thefederalist.com/2022/01/07/8-times-left-wing-protesters-broke-into-government-buildings-and-assaulted-democracy/
  14. That movie was made with the full support of the US Air Force and maximum participation of public affairs. It is a horrible embarrassment to our beloved service.
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