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  1. go back to parler bro Edit: that was for a now-deleted racist post, not for @VMFA187
  2. the first 2 pages of this thread are worth a look...
  3. solid bump, @disgruntledemployee Old me would have judged, but...
  4. Vandy is winless this season, was scoreless this game, yet their loss is due to a kicker who was on the field for 1 play? Matt Walsh is a joke.
  5. I went to a restaurant last month that required you to keep your mask on at your table until you had been served a drink...one of the more nonsensical rules I have experienced.
  6. ...but i think you mean 'Moderna', not Monsanto
  7. http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/topic/10532-motorcycle-riders-thread/
  8. Day Man


    Really? While a bit less convenient having 2 separate accounts, the CS platform is leaps and bounds above USAAs.
  9. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37131/u-2-spy-plane-got-new-target-recognition-capabilities-in-first-ever-in-flight-software-update
  10. have you been watching the news the last few months?
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