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  1. The irony of paying an O-6 for 4 months of base pay/TDY/BAH/etc to investigate this wasn't lost on me.
  2. Aren't these 2 planes extremely similar? Why buy both and lose economies of scale?
  3. I feel like a good commander would make hugs available then. I get this is the military; but the military is made up of people...I think Maslow wrote something about all this.
  4. oh shit, you can do that? I thought you had to live in the house to get a VA?
  5. I'm suggesting I don't trust anything I hear WRT the Saudis
  6. if you know of a market today that isn't risky (and can produce returns), please let me know...Lehman Brothers was a Blue Chip at one point too.
  7. Something else to remember is that Aramco is looking to IPO soon, and higher gas prices would benefit them too...
  8. That's what happens when you don't write the requirement correctly.
  9. 2, same...got my original mortgage through Trident and now an IRRRL, and couldn't be happier. I keep thinking there has to be a catch, but it never materializes. Thanks a bunch Jon, Bri, Marty, and the whole Trident team.
  10. But seriously, good on him for making that option available.
  11. didn't Luke stand something like that up?
  12. maybe if that email would have said 'mandatory for all active duty 'personnel' , buttttt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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