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  1. @MilitaryToFinance, what's your take on FNMA/FMCC now? I personally think there will be a wave of foreclosures in the next 6 months or so, but not sure how that affects these 2.
  2. Just watch this in between sets:
  3. there's a school now? it was just a club back in my day, and we didn't talk about.
  4. Spoiler alert: no one does.
  5. If our enemies already know their own TTPs, why do they need to be heavily classified? 🤔 it's a joke
  6. https://www.aetc.af.mil/News/Article/2085208/pilot-training-next-celebrates-first-solo-flights-on-25th-training-day/
  7. Speaking of... any idea why they are using the (Navy) T-6B for the PTN guys?
  8. Day Man

    VA Claims

    Somewhat related: if you qualify for a VHIC (service connected and enrolled in the VA health system), you can shop at the BX/Commissary/Class Six now. Ops-tested this week good with a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch. 🥃
  9. In this example, the <<, PREV, or 1 button do nothing: However, in a longer thread, they all work fine: Maybe the link info is busted?
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