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  1. When I registered to vote it was done electronically and I never signed anything. So what's there to compare my signature to?
  2. One fraudulent vote is a problem.
  3. Thanks, I haven't seen or heard this one yet. It must have not made my Google Play Music playlist, luckily.
  4. What's her latest man hating song this week?
  5. I would, assuming I could sue her afterwards for royalties on the song.
  6. If they’re sold online and you have a link share it and I’ll buy a few as I’m a collector.
  7. Are the Hs only in the Guard and Reserve or are there active units with them?
  8. Thanks! Which active duty units, if any, still fly the C-130H?
  9. Who still has the C-130H or was it ANG/AFRES?
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