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  1. Thanks! Out of curiosity, what did it mean in the past?
  2. I thought I read that somewhere, hopefully I'm not mistaken.
  3. Doesn't some FE time count towards the ATP?
  4. Yes, the unedited. I can't find it on YouTube all I get are trailers.
  5. Do you have links or are they both on Amazon?
  6. When I registered to vote it was done electronically and I never signed anything. So what's there to compare my signature to?
  7. One fraudulent vote is a problem.
  8. Thanks, I haven't seen or heard this one yet. It must have not made my Google Play Music playlist, luckily.
  9. What's her latest man hating song this week?
  10. I would, assuming I could sue her afterwards for royalties on the song.
  11. If they’re sold online and you have a link share it and I’ll buy a few as I’m a collector.
  12. Are the Hs only in the Guard and Reserve or are there active units with them?
  13. Thanks! Which active duty units, if any, still fly the C-130H?
  14. Who still has the C-130H or was it ANG/AFRES?
  15. That’s why I am wondering if they change the flight suits configuration. It would have made sense to configure the OCPs the way ACC did instead of AFSOC due to the patch configuration.
  16. Thanks! Since that is the layout for the OCPs now I wonder if they are going to change the flight suit so the patches are in the same location.
  17. Thanks for the correction! I’m curious why it was changed when the OCPs were adopted Air Force wide.
  18. What’s the reason for putting the squadron patch on the left sleeve vs the right sleeve like it is on the flight suit? I think ACC puts the squadron patch on the right sleeve of their OCPs and AFSOC on the left but I am curious why they changed it from the current flight suit? Will the flight suit patches be switched to match the placement on the OCPs?
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