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  1. The U-28 has a little more life in it than the statement portends but it is something that should we discuss recap now would be a smart idea. I for one, hope we don’t go with Johns Hopkins to study this again. The platform will have to be very carefully determined because we can’t just generate A-29 or AT-6 pilots at a 1:1 replacement. 5 years is 1 year after I retire. I cannot believe I am that old.
  2. Jesus I totally missed that and saw the 15 year supervised release part. What an idiot.
  3. Had a similar situation when I was a commander in Maintenance. Troop had a batshit crazy wife. Went off of her meds. Possessed marijuana in base housing and smoked it to deal with her anxiety to include around some children. We did have to take action on it but neither me, nor the first sergeant or anyone else at the time were about to prefer charges that the drugs were his. Nevertheless I supported NJP and took a stripe for allowing the situation to continue. I would like to think that was the proper course of action. But y’all can judge me accordingly. Hard to judge the situation mentioned without all of the facts but I would like to think that there would have been something to prove that the drugs were his. Say what you want to say but OSI cannot force a commander to prefer charges.
  4. Thread bump. Just attended this course as an O-5 staff MAJCOM Stan/Eval guy. Excellent course, excellent staff, went above and beyond. I’ll put the plug out there that if you are flying FTIP reviewed procedures to really double check the TERPS / MAJCOM A3 review. There are a lot of assumptions on both sides of the table but the BL is you are the PIC and it’s your ass. Just because it is signed doesn’t mean it’s safe.
  5. Well I guess I’m just going to send the billet owners emails and ask if they’ll hire pilot. Can’t hurt right?
  6. Not related to a commander getting fired but I was on Talent Marketplace looking at Ops Officer billets. Have some OSS leadership billets always been sourced from Airfield Ops in the past? My little corner of the USAF (AFSOC) I’ve seen nothing but rated folks. I guess it makes sense because where else is a 13M going to command?
  7. Skitzo

    Latest Movies

    Agreed! Fantastic. I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie where I wasn’t looking at my watch waiting for it to end. I was legit surprised it was over because it just held my attentiont so well I looked at my watch and was surprised how long I had actually been sitting there.
  8. We did shoot one of their airliners down years ago.
  9. Obviously before the officers are commissioned they will be designated “Space Cadets.”
  10. https://www.defensenews.com/air/2019/12/12/congress-may-have-given-the-air-force-an-exit-door-for-the-light-attack-aircraft-program/ The next few months should be telling from my little corner of the world—HQ AFSOC.
  11. Wow went up like 300 for me. Was at the rate protected O4 rate from 2018. Nice bump this year.
  12. Special Ops Fighter Pilots probably.
  13. Wow congrats! Now go crush some snowflakes!
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