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  1. I have experience but it was a long time ago. Is your ALTRV going to be in one area? If so you can do a Stationary ALTRV. Just a rectangle. If not you are going to need a moving ALTRV which is written in a specific format. If you are in a non radar environment you are going to need two ALTRVs one for yourself as the receiver and a support ALTRV for the tanker. I second the recommendation to get in touch with the CARF and if you have a hookup at TACC XOOX short notice branch they have a lot of knowledge. Don’t call anyone though until you have a winded CFPS flight plan with times lis
  2. This could go in the other thread but the AF did give me, average joe, non shiny penny, IDE via correspondence only a shot at running a squadron a few months back. So far so good. And for the record you have no idea until you take that guidon what it truly is like.
  3. No reason to drag Myron thru the mud. He’s deployed way more than twice. Do you have a better example to illustrate the problem than the cube? I think it’s pretty ballsy of a General to get in front of the world and put himself out there. Esp the story about the shaving waiver.
  4. Yes this. Esp for Colonels and above. Plus spice brown Capt rank is wrong.
  5. Shortly after the “stand down,” Gen Cartier the A3 was reassigned to 19AF/CV, normally an O6. Gen Martin was announced as the new A3 as soon as he could be back from Afg. Gen Martin is Special Warfare by trade. This didn’t happen until May but it was the immediate response.
  6. Slife hit the nail on the head. I was part of the team doing the audit on STS training and evals. The lack of standardization was gross.
  7. The problem with not having pilots on staff is that the positions either go unfilled and the staff makes bad decisions because lack of perspective or they are filled with GS civilians that turn into folks more interested in maintaining the status quo than fixing problems of the units. Worse yet they play good idea fairy on how to solve problems that aren’t problems. I was in Stan/Eval at HQ AFSOC.
  8. I’d like to think it is because we can monitor more than two radios and don’t require mirc although sometimes it helps Also we are “there” in the same way the ground forces are “there”. Can’t describe it but there is a man in the fight attitude that comes with manned ISR. There is a certain tenacity that says “ the C2 element we are staying here for a couple minutes longer this doesn’t feel right..” Sometimes it’s nothing sometimes it’s a GD hornets nest. But to the guy on the ground in either case it’s the gut feeling and connection of the man overhead. Quantify that and you have yo
  9. Do the airlines consider a waiver to an FEB the same as an FEB? I washed out many many moons ago. Single seat was not for me.
  10. I’m set to depart on a 365 command tour. I wish some clear guidance is issued soon regarding deployments. On a side note this pandemic has created great efficiencies in training. I was thrilled that we practiced and qualified on the M4 at the same time and thus were in and out in record time and saved a shit ton of ammo in the process. Also I feel like family sep allowance should be upgraded 250 a month is fine when we aren’t dealing with a pandemic.
  11. I love that pic so much that I quoted you just to see it again
  12. But he’s actually Bradley Whitford so it’s all good.
  13. This is just a rolling ETIC anyway you slice it.
  14. Huge shoutout to Jon. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak he was able to lock me in at 2.75 for an initial purchase. Also he advised me extensively for free while he was working along side of me at HQ. I’m sure that the rates will be all over the place in the near future but I am joining the long list of folks who can’t help but recc Jon and Trident higher than any other company we have ever dealt with. Went above and beyond.
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